Democrats have space for new members


A letter writer in the Feb. 14 Vindicator wrote how embarrassment forced him to leave the Democratic Party after 53 years. To him, I say “Thank you!”

With this new space available, there’s room for others to join. As one of more than 80 million so-called “fools” who voted for President Biden, I believe Democrats will welcome new members, even immigrants (as all non-indigenous or enslaved persons once were). They need all the hands they can get to combat the ignorance the writer feels, correctly given recent Capitol events, is rampant in the land.

There will be standards expected of you, however. For instance, if you take an oath to preserve and protect our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, you will be expected to honor it. No bribes to foreign officials. No threatening election officials to overturn legitimate votes. No lying, especially not to judges who demand factual evidence to “alternative facts.” Absolutely no murderous, insurrectionist mobs threatening our democratic republic.

If that seems too much effort, anyone may join the Republicans whose leaders appear to have relaxed performance-to-oath standards of late. But, boy, will you have your work cut out there! For starters, they are censuring every one of their officials who dared criticize their twice-impeached previous leader. That guy ran up national debt and hollowed out the military like the world had never seen before, plus he lost both houses and the presidency. Usually anathema activities for Republicans.

Gee, Democrats just aren’t that embarrassing.




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