Trump, protesters must be held accountable


The attack on our country’s Capitol literally was traumatizing to watch and shook me, and I am sure millions of our fellow Americans, to the core.

I watched the horrible spectacle all day. What I saw were angry white men and women who look like rabid followers of Donald Trump — those followers who stand behind him at his rallies and proclaim they want to make America great again, those followers who believe every lie Trump peddles and every conspiracy theory peddled on social media and conservative cable news.

Do not try to peddle the thought that these were antifa and Democrats pretending to be Trump supporters.

Any thugs who rushed into our Capitol building from the Mahoning Valley need to be held accountable for their actions.

How dare these people try to act as though they believe in law and order. These criminals are as pathetic as those people who followed Hitler into infamy.

President Trump is an abomination. He must be held accountable for inciting gullible, angry people to overturn our government and any semblance of democracy he has willfully distorted.




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