Mill Creek pushes forward on land grab

Mill Creek pushes forward on land grab


The Mill Creek Park administration and park police have complained that park users are not obeying rules and signs which they have posted, and are moving barricades within the park, according to an Aug. 17 Vindicator article.

Recently there have been vehicle break-ins in the park’s parking lots.

Still, the park administration presses forward in a land-grab lawsuit to take private property from Greenford Township residents for a bike trail through their farms.

Who will patrol the bike trail and protect the land owners if they are forced to give up their land and allow strangers to pass through it? What is there to prevent cyclists from taking a cigarette break in a dry field, or relieving themselves behind the nearest building? What guarantee is the park administration going to give the land owners that these trespassers won’t break in to buildings and vehicles, or leave trash and drug paraphernalia behind that could harm children and animals?

A recent item published in “sound off” said that if the bike trail were placed along the side of the road, it would be dangerous for people pushing baby strollers.

That is a perfect example of “misuse of a designated area.” Bike trails are not meant for baby strollers. There are already numerous safe areas within the park for pushing baby strollers.

The park administration is using tax money to pay their lawyers in this eminent-domain land grab. The landowners, in fighting the lawsuit, must use their own money to pay for their lawyers to fight back.

Would you want this to happen to you and your property? Be honest to yourself and remember this the next time the park administration puts a levy on the ballot.


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