Leaders responsible for actions, words


The 147 U.S. congressional Representatives who voted in favor of overturning election results are parts and parcels to the insurrection that preceded the certification vote. U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, and the four Ohio representatives who continue to promote unfounded and unproven claims of mass election fraud, bear responsibility for fomenting distrust, fear and hate among Ohioans. Although Rep. Johnson has since taken down his Jan. 5 Twitter post proudly declaring his intent to support overturning the vote, his recent Twitter feed continues to equate the U.S. Capitol sedition attempt with Black Lives Matter protests, and attacks President-elect Joe Biden.

This is not leadership, and certainly not leadership we need now.

Contrast this with Republican Sen. Rob Portman, who stated his support of the certification vote prior to the Capitol attack and later condemned the insurrection, pledging to work together on behalf of the people of this nation. To paraphrase former Sen. Jeff Flake, Republican from Arizona: A politician is someone who tells his constituents what they want to hear because he wants their vote. A leader is someone who tells his constituents the truth, even when they are wrong.




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