Don’t put onus on Dems for upheaval


This is in response to the Youngstown writer who said she could “appreciate how the crowd felt” as they were trashing our national Capitol and killing a U.S. Capitol police officer.

She also said the national media put Donald Trump through torture and claims “Biden admires China.”

There are far too many lies here, especially from a president who said “I love China,” and regarding President Xi, “We love each other.” Also, he admired the massacre and subsequent murders of thousands at Tiananmen Square and praised China multiple times.

How many Trump family goods are from China?

Then, the writer put the onus on the Democrats to restrict movie stars and professional athletes making so much money. Really? If they make too much money, don’t go to their games or movies.

After the last four years of rampant disregard for human values? Where have you been?




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