Don’t let ‘green virus’ destroy your lives


Do you remember the movie, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas?” In it, one person turns to hate because of a misunderstanding.

In 2020, the biggest attack on the world was a green virus in a tube.

They used this virus to control the world by shutting it down and destroying people’s lives — controlling them by keeping them from their loved ones and not letting them go to work.

Some people used their hate to fix an election so they could put a person in that could destroy everything for others.

We let hate and lies destroy the whole world to pull a Grinch out of the box or a tube, to pull a fast one on millions of people, to use their health against them and mind control to use fear to hide from the green virus, the Grinch from China. We cannot let this Grinch steal our lives and keep us in fear of the unknown. We need faith, love, joy and peace — this keeps us going every day.

Bless you all!


New Middletown


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