Don’t be so quick to cancel Christmas


Sometimes people begrudge God for being generous to others. Protestants wanting to make reparations to black communities for their ancestors’ crimes of slavery is good.

But knowing Jesus, God will most likely apply the “alms giving” for the benefit of their ancestors who sinned. But we shouldn’t be like the son who complained to their father about his generosity. I wouldn’t even want a third of the judgment due to year 2020.

Like in the time of slavery, the present-time laws protect abortion to keep it legal. Perhaps future centuries will be making reparation for our century. Each of us are humble before God when thinking of our past. What’s worse is we can’t seem to stop the abortions. It also took time to stop slavery.

It saddens me to see some want to take down the lights of others. It’s sort of like taking down the glory due to God. For those of us who don’t have much, we give even the little we have to God. It’s like the poor widow in the Gospel. God will say, “see this poor one,” they’ve given more than all the rest. Poor or rich, God’s glory should shine bright in hearts that love him. In heaven there won’t be black or white. There will only be the light of God shining in and through us. Some will shine brighter — but in heaven, there’s only rejoicing in each other’s good.

Have a Merry Christmas.




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