An analysis of our 2020 general election


What happened in the 2020 election? Who actually won? Will America become a socialist country or continue to be a capitalistic constitutional republic? The next 40 to 50 days will make this determination.

The bottom line in determining who will become president is votes. As of this writing, Joe Biden reportedly received 74 million votes; Donald Trump received about 71 million. Those numbers only count if they influence the total number of electoral votes, which are used to determine our presidential elections. Until the states’ votes are certified as correct, we will not know who has received the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

Lawsuits by the Trump administration are being filed in eight to 10 states where voter fraud has been charged. There is no debate there has been voter fraud in just these contested states, but in other states as well. The bottom line question is, if the fraudulent votes will change the numbers in the contested states enough to change the overall voter outcome in the election. In order to change the voter outcome, about 2 to 3 million votes would have to be reversed in favor of Trump. Is there adequate voter fraud for this to happen?

Many actions have gone into a four-year Democratic campaign to get Trump out of the White House, including two impeachment attempts in the House of Representatives. The Biden forces also used the pandemic to bash Trump and changed the voting process. Many states chose mail-in ballots, which now are being contested in court. Should mail-in ballots be declared unconstitutional, what would happen in the contested states? One of two results would have to happen: (1) a re-vote in each of the contested states; or (2) re-examining of all votes in each state to disqualify illegitimate votes.


New Castle, Pa.


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