Vote John Gamble for Columbiana prosecutor


Having spent 23 years handling serious crimes as a common pleas judge in Columbiana County and 10 years as county prosecuting attorney before that, I know the experience and dedication it takes to be county prosecutor.

John Gamble has spent his entire professional life of over 30 years fighting crime and bringing justice to victims of crime. Gamble appeared in front of me weekly when I was a judge, so I saw his dedication and tenacity, the kind we need as our prosecutor.

Vote for John Gamble for Columbiana County prosecutor in November.

This is not a partisan matter. It is about who is the best qualified by experience to follow Bob Herron in this most important office. Gamble is the best candidate.

This letter was not prompted or drafted by any party or by John. He did not ask me to send it. Thank you.


East Liverpool


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