Vote for those who do truly great things


Greatness cannot be claimed by individuals; individuals are claimed by greatness and requires no political affiliation.

Those who thoughtfully do what they believe to be right each time they make an important choice. Should be recognized by history, family, acquaintances and society to be great. Without praise or thanks, though, many thoughtful people still do the right thing. Others thoughtlessly follow blowhards.

Thoughtful actions may be as great as providing life-saving first aid to a stranger, or as minor as removing litter rather than passing it on the street. It may be taking a child’s hand In a crowd or calling a bully’s bluff. Each hour, great acts are performed by people of every gender, race, age and creed. They are the very fabric of a great country and culture.

Sadly, the opposite of great acts often gain fame instead of infamy, and praise when denunciation is deserved. A burlesque-like public fondling of our flag is a pathetic plea for praise, not an expression of patriotism. Refusing to follow expert public health direction is not personal freedom, but a selfish desire for harmful convenience. A senator, evading questions by shouting, “I’m late for lunch,” as he scurries, is not a busy leader, but a political coward. Claiming that exercising First Amendment rights of peaceful protest is sedition, based solely on who is protesting what, is itself seditious.

Looting and burning, vigilante shootings, public homicides by rogue cops are not “law and order.” They are the actions of fools who abuse their First Amendment rights and rights of others to demonstrate. They are vigilantism and not Second Amendment rights of a “regulated militia” to bear arms. They are a racist betrayal of public trust in civil authority. They are the not so great America as governed by Donald Trump and enabled by his unconfirmed and unqualified lackey appointees and a willfully ignorant Senate.

Take your opportunity to vote. Vote for people whose greatness is confirmed by living their oath, not by pandering to greed and violence. Vote for those willing to endure discomfort and danger to serve the well being of all. Vote for those who faithfully execute their oath to serve, preserve and protect the Constitution. Vote for those who do great things, not those boasting false claims of personal greatness while denying any responsibility for failures. You will be doing the right thing, a great thing.




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