Republican hypocrisy infects Vindy cartoon


A recent editorial cartoon appearing in The Vindicator with a headline of “Supreme Court Vacancies” depicts a baby in a high chair bawling out the words “Fill that seat!” The high chair is labeled “Democrats” and the caption is “2016.” The next panel captioned “2020” shows the same baby bawling out “Don’t fill that seat!”

Surely the syndicated cartoonist knows if he were to switch the label on the high chair to “Republicans” and the baby’s cry in the 2016 panel to “Don’t fill that seat!” while changing the 2020 panel to “Fill that seat!” the cartoon would be far more accurate — since it was the Republicans who first took this stance and have now reversed it.

It’s nice to know the cartoonist is no more troubled by his own blatant hypocrisy than the Republicans he supports are by theirs.

I understand The Vindicator runs editorial cartoons with a variety of different political viewpoints — rightfully so. But this particular one was beyond the pale and should have been rejected on the grounds of general idiocy.




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