Postal carriers do not sell ballots


As president of the Ohio State Association­-National Association of Letter Carriers, I was offended and horrified by President Trump’s remarks during the presidential debate in Cleveland. It is amazing that the president of the United States could stand before the American people and make such outlandish proclamations about the United States Postal Service and its employees.

After receiving several calls from carriers, I feel compelled to speak out. Patrons are asking their carrier if they are selling ballots. The 14,000 active and retired city letter carriers I represent do not “sell” ballots!

City letter carriers are proud to work for the USPS and work hard every day delivering on their routes. The president should be concerned with the changes in processing and delivery times made by the postmaster general that he appointed — changes that have had a negative impact on the timely delivery of the mail.

City carriers will continue to serve the American public with pride and diligence. Ohio absentee ballots were mailed (if requested) beginning Oct. 6.

Please continue to support your letter carriers as they continue to provide quality service under difficult circumstances.


President, Ohio

Association of Letter Carriers



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