Christina Hagan is ‘right Hagan’


Tim Ryan is obviously desperate to stay in Congress, and it appears he is willing to go to low depths to accomplish it.

Take the recent ad he created with state Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan, in which residents of the 13th District were instructed not to vote for the “wrong Hagan.” The ad was insulting on two fronts. First, it disparaged Republican candidate Christina Hagan by treating her like some kind of impostor not worthy to be on the ballot. Second, it implied voters are not smart enough to do our own research and decide our political leaders ourselves.

Even more, as reported by the Tribune Chronicle, Tim Ryan failed to disclose who paid for the ad, a violation of federal elections law. He used a state representative to do his bidding while not taking responsibility for who was truly behind it.

I don’t blame Tim Ryan for not wanting to put his name on such a childish piece, but the residents of the 13th District deserve a leader who will at least own up to such desperate mudslinging.

It’s time for Tim Ryan to be replaced in Congress. Christina Hagan is the “right Hagan” for the job.




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