2020 election delivers many choices to voters


When I look up and down the Valley, I see miles of reasons to avoid Democratic candidates.

But where were the Republicans when people needed educated on how Democrats’ ideas were bad for business and workers?

Ads are running saying the Democrats abandoned their traditional voters. Why would anyone be a Democrat today? Well, look at the traditional Republican elite. If ever there was a reason to vote Democrat, it is them. Donald Trump is different, and the Republican elite opposed him.

Tim Ryan is a good man. I know his team worked insanely long hours trying to save the Denman Tire Company jobs. However, he is the wrong man for the job. The reason Denman went out of business was its board of directors decided in 1975 not to invest in radial tire equipment. They put a finite limit on the lifetime of the Denman operation.

Where was Tim Ryan helping new tire makers get started? Where is Tim Ryan on costs and uncertainties of future government regulations and product liability laws? He’s right where Democrats are: Silent on the subject and opposed to corrections.

The Republicans have a candidate who might be better than U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, but I haven’t heard any Trump-like sentiments from Christina Hagan.

Therefore, I don’t have enough incentive to split my Libertarian ticket beyond voting for Trump.




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