Support French for Ohio Supreme Court


With so much attention focused on the presidential election, it’s easy to lose sight of other races on the ballot this year. One very important statewide race is Justice Judi French’s campaign for re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court. Judi is my daughter, and I want to tell you about her.

Judi grew up in Sebring and graduated from Sebring McKinley High School. She was a good student, class president and editor of the school newspaper. Her first job was working in the drive-thru at McDonald’s in Alliance. She was active in church activities, too, at the Sebring Nazarene Church and summer camps.

Judi graduated from Ohio State and went on to become a lawyer and a judge. Even so, she has remained involved in communities throughout Ohio, as she has visited all 88 counties many times. As a former teacher and principal, I especially appreciate Judi’s efforts to be part of civic education in Ohio and her willingness to serve as a resource for Ohio’s educators.

Judi believes in applying the law as written and leaving policy making to Ohio’s elected policymakers. It is highly unpredictable when judges take it upon themselves to “legislate from the bench” and create new law. Ohioans need predictability and confidence in our judicial system, and Judi provides that.

But just as important, Judi brings to the bench the Christian values her dad and I helped instill in her: compassion, service, honesty and diligence. Those qualities make her the best choice for re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court. I urge you to vote for Judi French.




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