Leave our history alone


These know-it-alls want to attack the Indians’ history so they can erase them from our country. They were the first Americans here before anybody that came from other countries took over their land. They were a strong people, who took care of the land and animals.

Since the 1960s, they have been erasing our history when the government took over our education paying for it. No more Christian history. All the African-Americans that came here were Christians from Africa; they became slaves because of it.

These nobodies want people to forget these great people of the Indian tribes, their chiefs and the things they made by hand.

People need to fight for our history, not taking it down because people hate what happened at that time. But people did get their freedom, but the Indians that fought in our wars never did. Indians need their freedom.

Change our history or erase everything will mean the young people won’t know the truth — that we are a great nation and free people.

Leave our history alone — the good, bad and ugly. There is a lot of good. Keep us free.

Renaming things so people will forget who we are. Who are we?


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