Facts, truth don’t matter anymore


In my business as an occupational environmental, safety and health consultant, facts, valid information and supported statistics matter. Such attributes are what we in the business rely on to properly enforce, guide and ensure compliance when identifying the proper application and need.

Such qualities are, or should be, considered when making a choice, whether it is buying a product, hiring a new employee for a specific position or electing a representative.

I’ve always considered the “facts” (aka “a thing that is known or proved to be true”) when making such choices. I never allowed “opinions” to sway my decision. Opinions are nothing more than a view of something not supported by the facts. Such decision making based on only opinion usually ends up being the wrong choice.

With that said, it appears that such thinking no longer comes into play when choosing an elected official.

Without getting specific, if one would simply check the facts referenced in many comments made by our elected officials, voters would quickly and easily see such statements, such claims are wrong, not facts.

Statements such as “Best economy ever in the history of the USA,” not so; “It’s just like the flu,” not so; “It was a surprise, nobody saw it coming,” not so. I could support the “untrue” aspect of the above claims and hundreds more, but the letter to the editor policy stipulates a word count, and that would take far too many words.

I urge all of you, simply check the facts, do your due diligence. If facts and the truth matter to you, if truth is a characteristic you see necessary for our elected officials, then allow that to lead you in making the right decision. God bless and help America.




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