Edit inaccuracies from readers’ letters


The Sept. 6 letters to the editor section in your publication has me struggling to understand your methodology for editing. Shouldn’t facts still have a role in opinions expressed?

Under the headline, “Leave our history alone,” the writer said, “All the African-Americans that came here were Christians from Africa; they became slaves because of it.” I’m guessing the movie “Amistad” is the point of reference. What history book would make such a claim?

While inaccurate history references annoy me, the irresponsible publishing of “Masks may not be the answer” shocked me.

The writer quotes an article from an organization that is widely discredited in the medical community. From the debunked myth of the vaccination / autism link to the causation of HIV, and now the efficacy of masks, this group of doctors proves the adage that not everyone graduates at the top of their class.

In the midst of this pandemic, why did you publish what contradicts best practices?

As consumers of news and information, we count on you to get it right — especially when we have formerly independent government agencies that are bent to the will of forces that want the populace to believe “alternate facts.”


North Jackson


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