Don’t erase our past, just learn from it


Finally, someone found the words to express exactly how I feel about those know-it-alls that want to change our history and erase our past. Don’t they realize this is the way we learn and try to change things in our future? Why? You can’t change our past. As letter writer Lena Fox said: some was good, also some was bad and ugly, but a lot of good came out of our past and kept us free.

Yes, we still have a long way to go when it comes to the race issue, but even the African-American people have a place where they can go to teach their precious children of their past sufferings.

Destroying statues, flags or changing flags is not the way to go about change; it just makes things worse.

I also agree that our Native Americans have been cheated in more ways than one, but through all they went through, they did appreciate the beautiful land and all the animals with which God blessed them and us. And they still take precious care of our beautiful America the way we all should.



Facts, truth don’t


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