Biden, Democrats will raise our cost of living


If Democrats win in November, here is what to expect: higher taxes even on your 401(k)s. First, you lost your pension, now they want more of this. They will change the retirement rules for you in the middle of the game.

The green deal will take the “green” right out of your wallet! No fracking will bring much higher energy costs, especially gasoline for your SUVs and pick-up trucks. The natural gas to heat your home will go through the roof. Remember paying monthly heating bills back in the ’70s and ’80s in the hundreds of dollars? Fracking can be done safely without damaging the environment under proper government supervision.

Stop trying to impeach Donald Trump and do your job, Congress.

Kiss the Second Amendment goodbye. They’re coming after your guns with executive orders.

Many more jobs will go back to China. Do you really think Joe Biden will stand up to China? I don’t. Where will your kids work? Your grandkids? Well, they could probably get a job as a policeman because, thanks to the Democrats and national media, no one wants to do that anymore. So much for law and order.

The economy will falter under red tape and new regulations. Unemployment will increase. The printing of paper money to pay for all the “free” stuff will reduce the value of the dollar. The nation’s higher debt load will rapidly accelerate the decline of the dollar. In other words, the price of everything will go up dramatically.

Please don’t vote based on the candidate’s personality. I don’t like Donald Trump either. He has an abrasive personality and ego and pride like I don’t think I’ve ever seen. I hate his namecalling of anyone who attacks him. But it is a no-brainer that the cost to live in America under this Republican president will be much less than it will be under Joe Biden and Democrats.

If you’re going to vote Democrat across the board, then be ready for a very expensive life and do not complain about it. You have been warned what is coming.



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