Trump record shows too many failures


To get attention for his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump created the racist birther movement. He probably still has investigators in Hawaii looking for former President Obama’s birth certificate.

Next was his southern wall that Mexico was going to pay for. Mexico doesn’t have a dime invested.

Gen. Mike Flynn, his former national security adviser, while campaigning, would talk about Hillary Clinton’s emails. Trump supporters would shout, “Lock her up!” Now Gen. Flynn is awaiting sentencing to be locked up.

Trump said his first move would be to get rid of Obamacare. It’s been to the Supreme Court twice; Trump is taking it there again. If successful, we’ll be stuck with Trump’s health care plan — he has none.

He gave corporate America big tax breaks to bring our mills and plants back from foreign countries. Can anyone name them?

Let’s get into Trump’s refusal to inform the American public about the novel coronavirus, the emissary of death.

In early 2020, Trump said the virus would disappear, but more people died in America from the virus than in the Vietnam War.

You see, corporate America hates safety in “all industries,” because “there is no profit in safety.” Maintenance, equipment and medical supplies cost a lot.

Trump claims in three years he built the biggest economy this world has ever seen. Can you imagine anyone believing that?

These are just a few of Trump’s promises and failures. Remember, in November, vote.


Edinburg, Pa.


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