Stop the hate, start forgiving each other


When I saw George Floyd dying at the hands of police, my heart broke for his family.

This is evil working, but we can’t judge all police in our country the same way.

Lots of officers in our country are not like them. They keep the law. They love the people, and they want to serve. They want to keep us safe.

My heart broke when I saw burning cars, burning businesses, break-ins and people stealing, using hate and destroying other people’s livelihood by breaking glass and going into other’s businesses. They had no right to do it.

We can’t judge all African Americans the same way either.

Two wrongs do not make a right. To have someone pay someone to attack our country and destroy people’s dreams — this is evil too.

We are all brothers and sisters. Why do we hate each other?

You shall not steal, shall not kill, shall not lie about someone.

We need to put that book up again everywhere. The young people need to know the law. When you obey these laws, you receive good health and wealth.

Please, stop all the hate. Forgive one another.


New Middletown


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