President wears down all our trust


What great guys Donald Trump and Steve Mnuchin are! How protective of “confidential” information. After their chicken feed distribution to all of us, they distributed $511 billion to a much smaller audience of friends and supporters of their non-government. Their largesse springs directly from the pockets of all taxpayers, yet none of us may know who gets how much of our money in a low interest loan or for what purpose because it’s “confidential.”

This administration is wearing down any semblance of trust. They took your taxes, gave back a pittance to your family of four, and told you it was a wonderful example of how much they care. They were forced to care as you were out of work thanks to their ridiculous notion that their tariffs were money in your treasury.

You had no health insurance for the kids because Trump has relentlessly tried to kill the policies of his predecessor simply because Obama humiliated him at a White House press corps dinner in 2011. They had to do something to distract your attention from a pandemic that has killed more of your fellow citizens than it would have had they not spent three months trying to wish it away while they sought some way to spin the plague to their political advantage.

Your money is gone, your job may be gone, you can’t afford health care or a decent diet or safe home and, if you’re black, you may be strangled to death by rogue cops ordered to “dominate the streets” by the president.

Remember him and his GOP enablers in November, and vote them out before they kill us all.




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