Generosity could mean a gift of life


I’m sharing this story of one man’s compassion. It shows a gentleman’s overwhelming kindness.

My father, Jerry Reich, is 90 years old and living in a nursing home due only to macular degeneration. He and I both grew up in Boardman.

Like many, he’s generally confined to his room unless his aide accompanies him outdoors for some fresh air. The nursing home distributed Purell hand sanitizer to all residents. My father called me to ask if I had any and if I could send him some, as I’m always sending care packages. I’m not sure if his roommate overheard our conversation. However, his roommate also receives care packages. In it were a couple of hand disinfectants. He insisted my father take one. When my dad and I spoke, we were surprised and grateful.

This was a gift of life, perhaps, as my father had survived three bouts of pneumonia during the past three years, not to mention this is a nursing home.

The staff last week administered a test to ensure all patients were negative of the virus. But still, hand sanitizers are gold right now, and this gentleman proved he cared about my father and that he gives because that’s what the Lord asks.




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