Costs of drugs remain biggest election issue


As candidates for president and Congress talk about their health care plans leading up to the elections in 2020, I believe it is critical that they focus on prescription drug price reform.

I have multiple sclerosis and take a prescription medication to treat my condition. The drug therapy I depend upon is very expensive, even with good health insurance.

As the cost of MS drug therapies has increased, so have my out-of-pocket expenses, which makes it harder and harder to access the medications I need and to meet other essential expenses. For people living with MS, this is especially true in light of the economic loss millions of Americans will experience in the coming weeks and months as a result of the severe financial impact the novel coronavirus pandemic has had already, and will have in the future.

I know this is not only a growing concern for me, but for tens of thousands of voters in Ohio. There are a lot of important issues to consider in the upcoming elections, but for me, the issue of prescription drug price reform is at the top of the list.




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