Sammarone’s slap on wrist is vexing


Regarding the recent sentencing of former Youngstown Mayor Charles Sammarone, I can’t tell you how disappointing it was to see him receive a “slap on the wrist” from Judge Maureen Sweeney.

Because many of us are struggling financially, especially now that we have the coronavirus situation to contend with, the increase in our water / sewer rates due to the criminal behavior of Chuck Sammarone has been staggering. He’s cost city residents more via our utility bill, but equally as important, he has promoted a general lack of trust in elected officials, reinforced how criminal behavior among those elected officials is minimally punished and forced us to see that the real criminals of today are in the white collar sector.

Forget those small-time hoodlums frequently jailed in our justice center. They have no impact on losses like those who deliberately deceived us through the electoral process. How about a bit of monetary restitution?

As a recently retired, lifelong resident of the city, I can’t see the history of corruption in Youngstown changing unless we actually have some responsible government in place; I’m just hoping it might take place in my lifetime.




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