Be educated about socialism before vote


Socialism, really? Those who would vote for an avowed social / communist or those of that leaning better think twice and educate themselves about what our country’s path would be if we went down that road.

Here are some definitions from The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. I earnestly hope and I pray you make the correct decision when you go to vote.

Socialism: “Any of various social systems based on shared or government ownership and administration of the means of products and distribution of goods.”

Get it? Not the voters or the people, but government-run business, and we’ve seen what that has done to countries tanked by socialists.

Communism: “A theory of social organization advocating common ownership of means of production and a distribution of products of industry based on need. A political doctrine based on revolutionary Marxist socialism that was the official ideology of the USSR and some other countries. Also, a system of government in which one party controls state-owned means of production.”

Get it yet? A one-party government? Kiss our wonderful Constitution goodbye that so aptly led us for over 200 years through the incentive system of capitalism, where incentive and hardworking Americans made our country great.

Sure, we’ve had our stumbles, but through our voting process, people made decisions to change where changes were needed, not the government that we duly elected.

Are you ready to have government come in and take over all of our businesses, churches, schools or whatever other institutions they don’t agree with? You are talking of a one-world government under socialist control, where freedom of speech and dissent goes out the window.

Make no mistake; this is what would happen.

Educate yourself before you vote. Go to the library, read about socialism and communism because you won’t find it in your kids’ schoolbooks — the progressives took care of that years ago by rewriting their history books.

Please listen and reason out the empty promises they make, as they will surely destroy this wonderful country, while they hold onto their millions, and no way share their wealth.

God bless America.




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