Ryan follows the socialist agenda


About two years before General Motors Lordstown complex closed, my attorney, who is well known in the Democratic party, knew the plant closing was coming. He told me that a high-level executive at Lordstown told him how it was going to happen.

First, they would go to one shift; then close.

So if he knew, did U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan know. If not, why not?

Ryan does exactly what his party wants and not what the people from his district want. He is more socialist than moderate. It is time to elect someone else from this district. Democrat, Republican or independent, it does not matter, as long as they represent the people.

Ryan could not even stay for the State of the Union address. He had to follow the party, not the people. Eighteen years in Congress, and he is only on subcommittees. Freshman representatives are on full committees such as AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and her followers. The Democratic party is split into three branches: socialist, liberal socialist and moderates. The moderates no longer have a voice because of socialists.

Ask the Delphi hourly retirees. Retirees did nothing for them, but the salaried executives that made more money and took their chances as management want him to fight for them in return. I am sure he gets good political contributions.

He wants more aircraft at the air reserve base. Why? Most of the time, there are only a couple of planes there. We have an airport where people are getting paid a small fortune to sit around and do nothing. Forget about the people in the Valley who are basically financing it.

As long as Ryan is in office, this Valley will be overlooked for any real new jobs. A new battery for a vehicle that will come to life in 20 years? Rep. Ryan should wake up. He is being played like a fine fiddle. Socialism will be met with the card-carrying members defending the Second Amendment. He should go back to being a moderate and stop following the liberals. It will be the Republicans’ turn when a Democratic president is elected. Impeach, impeach and impeach.




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