Why hype only city’s downtown?


As a Navy vet and 55-year resident of Youngstown, I want to comment about the elected officials here. My concern is not all the outlaws that carry guns, but rather our elected leaders here!

Closing fire stations; hyping only downtown; raising sewer rates for folks who literally cannot afford it; shall I go on?

I’m tired of the shining, smiling performances that elected city officials portray to the media, yet they aren’t saying anything. The mayor and my 1st Ward councilman have not made their way to us from the other side of the tracks. They always are hyping downtown!

How about finding a real decent full-line grocery store or a nearby pharmacy? How about some praise for folks like myself who tackled a glass bottle, trash-strewn empty lot 11 years ago and completely transformed it into a playground. Did I get any exposure? No because the thirsty-for-attention seekers dominate the news!

The bad guys in this town don’t always carry guns.




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