Soros, Dems have wrong intentions


George Soros, one of the 29 richest men in the world, donated in 2017 80 percent, $18 billion, to his organization called “Open Society Foundation.” Has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it?

But he is known also to fund the group Antifa, who terrorizes people at conservative speaking engagements, causing riots and chaos on our streets. He is under investigation by our government, but they will not do anything! I have written about him before. He is for “One World Government.”

I fear this person more than I fear North Korea. He wants America to be governed by this One World Society and total globalization of the world and take down the Republican Party. To write everything against our democracy and undermine our government and President Trump with mind indoctrination from the Democrats. To engage Americans to erase our history is George Soros’ goal because a country that does not know its history has lost part of its soul, which weakens it. To censor conservative speech, banning books, hiding our statues because they offend someone that have stood for over a hundred years are the weapons to push America into Soros’ New World Order and are now under attack and some millennials are buying into this.

Reminders of America is its strength. Now even being “white” is under attack. This is what is being taught to college students and that they should apologize for being white! This man Soros has funded a 49-page secret war manual to destroy Trump to regain the Democrat Socialist control of Congress, and the two names that keep coming up are Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. To attack Trump by the hostile liberal national media, that has called for the impeachment of President Trump because they hate him is an assault of the presidency, our Constitution and the very people who voted for him.

Notice how Soros hides behind a nonprofit 501(c)3 so it seems he is patriotic. This man and the Democrats have been on an all-out war against Trump since day one, and to fight his agenda. President Trump faces this every day and confronts the media to Make America Great Again. Nothing he has said or done are impeachable offenses. It seems the Democrats have no ethics, morals or standards, the very qualities we expect our children to have.




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