Socialism will destroy nation


Aren’t we all just getting a little sick of all the lies some of Democratic candidates spread to garner votes from the naive people who haven’t a clue what socialism — “the equal distribution of wealth” — is all about?

These Communist ideals have never worked, as they destroy initiative among all classes of workers. If these candidates, who are very wealthy themselves think the people in this country who provide jobs, give generously to charities of their choice, are going to allow the federal government to take their wealth redistribute it as they see fit, are smoking something.

Can you see these these wealthy candidates redistributing their own wealth? Not a chance. Who would be in charge of this distribution? Now we are talking wholesale dictatorship, throwing our Constitution under the bus. Our country already is bankrupt, trying desperately just to pay the interest rate on trillions we owe the Chinese. Now these candidates want to heap trillions more on the national debt for free health care, free college tuition and the list goes on.

I ask my fellow Americans, who is behind all of this rubbish to destroy our nation?

So please, when you go to the polls, be realistic in your thinking because it all sounds too good to be true. Even this simple person knows it. God Bless America.




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