New plan for mall isn’t needed


As we start this new year, we look forward to a prosperous one. But one issue really upsets me.

Why did the people who own the Southern Park Mall move forward with such a ridiculous, money-wasting project as a recreational, green space in place of the former Sears building?

Instead, why didn’t they try to attract new shopping possibilities that would draw people to the mall? Why did we not get a store like Boscov’s here at Southern Park Mall?

We don’t need another recreational area in that part of Boardman. Boardman Park is a stone’s throw away and the Covelli Center is nearby.

Now, the Southern Park Mall owners are asking Boardman Township for all kinds of tax breaks and incentives to help finance this project. Clearly, these people did not do their homework when conceiving this venture. It does not meet the needs of the community.

Come out of the enchanted forest, folks; see what is really needed in the township. It is not what you are proposing.


Beaver Township


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