Make a difference against local crime


Two state police undercover agents were fired upon while sitting in their unmarked surveillance vehicle. Do we live in Youngstown, Ohio, or Dodge City? When is this enough?

We no longer can allow outlaws to roam our city streets and neighborhoods. It’s time we make a real stand against violence.

Churches hold rallies and speak of peaceful salutations to bring calm to the city, but nothing happens. We gather on the steps of the courthouse to deliver our message of coming together to help the city be a better place to live, but that falls short. We need to become a community of action, not lip service. “We the people can make a difference,” but we must get involved.

It is way past time that the people of Youngstown set aside their differences and come together to work with law enforcement to bring an end to the violence here in our town, the people of Youngstown have gone to enough funerals and seen enough grief, so let’s end the senseless killing and move toward a better way of life. Only you can make a difference; but you must get involved.


Beaver Township


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