Freedoms guaranteed by Constitution


If ever a publication wanted to prove the new Vindicator is no longer “the peoples’ paper,” one look no further than your Oct. 24 editorial. You took the position that it was a “good” thing that a lawfully circulated petition by the people failed to record enough signatures to be placed on the ballot for the electorate to decide. Not because you opposed the issue, but because apparently you oppose our rights as citizens to petition our government.

Your claim to “believe that we should allow our representatives to do the jobs we elected them to do” illustrates either you are naive, at best, or that the listing on your masthead that you are “a politically independent publication” is not true. The representatives who voted to prop up an electric supplier were well-paid for their votes. I can only surmise that you also think Citizens United is good policy.

Your ink is soaked with the irony that the constitutional freedom you claim as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights to produce your paper does not extend to your subscribers.


North Jackson


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