Election showcases cast of golden oldies


I’ll say the 2020 presidential election shall have the most senior candidates ever. Make sure you set your snooze alarm. On this event. It will host Mr. Daddy Warbucks the incumbent president versus a Democratic party of one, convincing his party that he alone is the chosen one to lead this nation, “Making America Great Again.”

While the Democrats are taking stock in the polygraph industry, voters are wondering who is fighting for the underdog? The party of one showing a smorgasboard of candidates, standing on a stump calling for change. Never before in our elections have we had so many senior candidates to contend with.

The president being age 73, Bernie Sanders at 78, Joe Biden at 76, and Elizabeth Warren, barnstorming at 70. In all reality, the American people should be hoping somehow someone can find the fountain of youth, should a golden oldie take a seat in office.




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