Permit CCW for security at YSU


Threats to public safety on educational institutions are more prevalent than ever with mass shootings continuing to rise even though various laws have been passed to help address the epidemic. The safety of students is of the utmost importance a board of trustees must consider, so the implementation of concealed carry on campus may greatly assist in ensuring a secure environment.

A bill signed by Ohio Gov. Kasich in December 2016 made it legal to carry a concealed weapon at Ohio universities, but each school still retains the right to choose if firearms are allowed on campus. Youngstown State University has elected to not allow concealed carry even after the 2018 false alarm active shooter threat which shut down the grounds for a short period of time.

Although police response time for shots fired and other prudent dangers is around three minutes, most of the damage may already be done. By giving students and faculty the option to protect themselves from unseen catastrophes, justice and peace of mind are kept intact.

While Youngstown State University is ranked one of the safest educational facilities in Ohio, there is no telling when a threat to the student body may occur. Having firearms kept in vehicles per university policy is not ideal in a rapid response situation. A law that has no implications in practical use is doing no service to those faced with adversity. An active shooter scenario is rarely predicted and having concealed carry allowed on campus may help to deter another mass shooting.




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