Embrace electric car future in the Valley


The Sept. 29 Tribune article by James Dignan should be taken to heart by everyone in our valley.

His suggestion was to embrace any part of electric vehicle production because it is the transportation of the future.

My own background has been in the scientific R&D, and I know from my findings that the dirtiest electrical plant emissions are cleaner than the emissions of your family gasoline automobile. In the former case, the emissions can make your breathing difficult. In the latter case, the emissions can kill you.

If we are replacing the automobile’s internal combustion engine with an electric motor and battery that recharges from a power plant, we have made a major improvement in our air quality. Once the public-at-large realizes this fact, it will assure the future of electric cars.

If, in our Valley, we can be part of the upcoming electric car future, we should embrace it. We want to get our foot in the door in the early years of electric car production for the sake of our future.




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