Congress must hunt ‘witch’ to find truth


Reader(s) who would call the impeachment inquiry a “witch hunt” should know this:

President Trump has given our representatives in Congress no choice. Any citizen who cares about justice, fairness, truth and democracy and any member of Congress who has taken an oath to “support and defend” the Constitution of this great nation knows this.

The president has carelessly and blatantly abused his power, not for the first time, and in doing so has repeatedly compromised our national security, damaged our democracy, and degraded the office of the presidency.

He obviously believes he is above the law, as he has asked others to break the law without shame. He has placed his own self interest and his fever to please his base above the good of our nation and its people.

As our elected officials seek the truth, the future of our country and the future of the presidency are at stake. If Trump has nothing to hide, then why obstruct? No, Schiff didn’t lie, but Trump lies constantly. No, Schiff didn’t fabricate, but Trump fabricates constantly.

If you think this inquiry is unfair, do some research. Seek the truth. The facts are out there. Neither Trump nor his supporters seem interested in facts. It is obvious that the whistleblower report was at the very least somewhat accurate, as it is being corroborated by the various testimonies happening now.

Joe Biden is not the “culprit,” but simply the new attack target of Trump. The facts are that Joe Biden was working to get the Ukrainian prosecutor removed, because the prosecutor himself was seen as corrupt, not because of his own personal interest, not because he was freelancing, but at the behest of our European allies, the IMF, the World Bank and in consensus with the top people in our government.

So, if you say “witch hunt,” I say hunt the witch to the end of the truth, and pray for a president in 2020 who is a patriot that cares about all Americans!




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