Small business needs you this holiday season

The significance of shopping at small businesses has never been greater than this year.

Frequently, great gifts not seen in many stores can be found at smaller outlets in our communities — and the service, as always, is attentive and personal.

It is always important to support small businesses, which are the very foundation of our economy. Here in our area, they employ thousands of people. The taxes they pay support public services ranging from public schools to law enforcement. And when a worthy cause in the community needs help, small- business owners often are the first people to step up to the plate.

This year has been tough on all of us, but particularly so on small businesses that usually lack the backup capital bigger establishments can rely on to get them through downturns in the economy. Already during the COVID-19 epidemic, a number of local small businesses have had to close their doors. That has been a terrible loss to our communities in many ways.

This year showing our support for small businesses is not just important — it is vital.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in a locally owned business. Carano’s Greenhouse, Thom Duma Fine Jewelers, Everything Buckeye or even Tractor Barn are just to name a few.

Again, in patronizing them throughout the holiday shopping season, Mahoning Valley residents will find great deals on wonderful gifts.

And as you spend time exploring smaller stores in our area, we encourage you to get a bite to eat. Great local restaurants like Belleria’s Boardman, The Market Restaurant and Inner Circle Pizza in Canfield also need our help. If you prefer not to go inside, try takeout — which is more convenient than ever.

For most retailers, the Christmas season is critical to their success year-round. It is no exaggeration to note that this holiday shopping season may be make-or-break months for many businesses in our area. Why not help make this season great for them?



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