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Apparently the Mahoning County Fair has been called the Canfield Fair for so long even the Fair Board doesn’t remember. To justify putting the cupola from Salem at the Mahoning County fairgrounds, we are told that many people from Columbiana County attend or take part in the Mahoning County Fair. That is like saying a piece of history from Canfield should be placed in Firestone Park because many people from Canfield visit Firestone Park.

• New Springfield

Diane Dimond’s last column failed to see what the majority of Americans see and what millions of people all over the world see. The problem is bigger than the death of people like George Floyd. It’s also the thousands of innocent people who experienced choke holds who luckily didn’t die; it’s the millions who were thrown against walls during stop and frisk; it’s being jailed indefinitely for crimes you didn’t commit because you couldn’t pay the bond; it’s being traffic stopped 20 percent more often than the majority; it’s escalation verse de-escalation. This systemic racism tears at the fabric of a community and causes fear, anger and distrust of police.

• Campbell

Law and order. We used to hear the phrase back when common sense was common. Now we have lawyers and judges pushing their versions of the law and the result is no order. Hitler, Amin or Hussein weren’t as bad as our homegrown would-be dictators. Better wake up, America.

• Columbiana

Stay home as much as possible. Wear a mask in public. Vote. If we can do these things and hang on until Jan. 20, we can end the greatest threat to the health of our nation. The plague will be done and gone with the colder weather. We may be rid of COVID-19 by then, too.

— Canfield

President Trump claims the U.S. is the envy of the world when it comes to how he is handling COVID-19. If so, why are some countries banning / limiting U.S. citizens into their countries? We lead the world in cases and deaths. I cannot fathom that anyone wants this virus to continue until after the election. Trump and Putin will continue to send “fake news” when it will support their cause and their “base.” No conspiracy here Mr. President, just facts, truth and common sense. Wear masks as often as possible and vote in November.

• Campbell

Many Democratic and Republican leaders blame each other for chronic U.S. problems. Author Margaret Wheatly asserts where we are as a nation is co-created by both parties. She suggests moving away from blame and jointly working creatively on problems to best serve our nation. Instead, the political class joined together in a different endeavor: to prevent President Trump from disrupting the status quo. How sad that so few people see the positive changes since Trump.

• Canfield

A “300 Black Men’s March,” and they didn’t see that as racist? How about a “300 White Men’s March?” And they demand social change? What a joke. Clean up your own act before you demand change in society. This is the kind of stuff that keeps the race card going.

• Poland

OHSAA’s proposal is full of red flags. How can you keep 50 to 80 kids 6 feet apart on the sideline, in the locker room, on buses? Or 22 kids in full contact on the field? Will they play in front of empty stands? What about the band? California and Washington have moved the season to the spring. Moving baseball to the fall is a better candidate for social distancing, wearing masks with less risk of contact. Give science a chance for a vaccine before the spring.

• Hubbard

The federal prison system finally executed three criminals after years of delays. Now it is long overdue for Gov. DeWine to do the same in Ohio. The first should be Danny Hill.

• Girard

Donald Trump said the reason we have so many COVID-19 cases is because we test too much. He’s already had two rallies where he’s fed his supporters the virus. His only concern is re-election, not people’s lives. Now it looks like he may lose in November, and he’s saying vote by mail is rigged. That’s because his buddy Putin can’t get into our mailboxes. There were 32 million mail-in votes in 2016, and no fraud found. He’s now accusing Obama of being a traitor.

• Girard

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