Canfield council stands firm on fire district decision

CANFIELD — City council members reaffirmed they are continuing to stand together regarding their position on the proposal to have Boardman join, not merge, with the Cardinal Joint Fire District.

This issue was brought up during council communications at Wednesday’s regular meeting.

Councilman Bruce Neff said he “had a resident take him to task” over the decision to oppose Boardman joining. He said while he stands on his decision, he is willing to look at any new information.

Council President Christine Oliver agreed with Neff and added that she, too, was approached by residents.

“We are still in the dark and that is why we made the decision we did,” she said.

Speaking during public comment, previous fire board member and former city councilman John Morvay said the idea should be explored further.

“We’ve heard it said if it is not broke, don’t fix it,” Morvay said. “I don’t think we should be that shallow in our thinking. I think we have lost sight of the benefits of that merger, but the union, city and township are not giving it a chance.”

He said in the future, a fire truck will cost $4 million and an ambulance over $1 million.

“We’ve made our bed and now we are going to lay in it,” he said.

Neff added that if the fire board is still researching, the city would be open to reviewing those facts. However, he said council is standing firm on the decision made from the facts it had.

On a different matter, Morvay thanked Park Board Secretary Lex Calder for his work on the pump track.

“Sixty residents were concerned about traffic and safety,” Morvay said. “I am in Fair Park with my grandchildren almost every evening and don’t see any problem. To have Lex called out in the newspaper article (from a prior comment made in a meeting) was bullying. Don’t attack him personally. If we are not going to build on our parks, then we might as well shut them down.”

Calder said he didn’t join the park board just for his children. He said he simply wanted to bring new things the entire community could enjoy.

“This (the pump track) will open our parks to a whole new generation of kids,” he said.


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