Craig Beach councilman, 81, runs for mayor

CRAIG BEACH — After 5 1/2 years of living in Craig Beach and after spending two years on village council “with 100 percent attendance” at meetings, Bob Andrea said, he’s ready to be mayor.

He’s 81 but says, “I act like 51. No problems. I’m raring to go. I think that’s why I’m trying to take on this job as mayor.”

His career involved consulting with first responders in Philadelphia, Pa., and and Cuyahoga Falls — and many other types of work that he declined to discuss. Andrea said as mayor, “I want to have an open door policy, where they can come in and discuss things with the mayor.”

He said he wants to be mayor “for the people I’ve met and the problems they’ve had and never had them resolved. So I’m basically volunteering my time. I’ll be in the village office at least three days a week out of the five and available otherwise if they want to call me.”

Andrea, of 17511 Laurel Ave., is married and has three daughters and a son.

The current mayor, Jim Becker, was appointed several months ago after the former mayor, David Spencer, resigned before his term expired. Andrea and Becker are running to fill the last two years of Spencer’s unexpired, four-year term.

Multiple attempts to reach Becker through phone calls to the village hall and a phone number for him on the village web- site over two weeks were unsuccessful.

Andrea said a lot of people don’t really understand how to define the Lake Milton and Craig Beach area, but Craig Beach is a village with a police department and fire department. Lake Milton is what many people call the lake and surrounding areas, but most of that is Milton Township.

Andrea said the village is a mixture of young and old people, retired people and families. People have summer homes in Craig Beach, but most are year-round residents.

The Lake Milton area has seen a dramatic increase in construction of expensive homes in recent years, but Craig Beach has only seen a little bit of that, including one home valued at about $750,000, he said. “We have some very nice houses here,” he said, but there are not a lot of million-dollar homes in the village like there are around other parts of the lake.

“I’m running because I’m a people person, and I want to address some issues,” he said.

Each of Craig Beach’s six council members has an assignment as to his or her duties. Andrea is in charge of the village hall and grounds, he said.


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