Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County May 10-14:


Nancy Flinn et al. to Karen DeLisio and Rocco Antonio DeLisio III, 3814 Artmar Drive, $87,350

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Vincent M. Marks and Richard J. Kalosky, 3542 Starwick Drive, $242,695

Mathew L. Anderson to Timothy M. Shearer JH. and Cassandra Shearer, 3444 Maple Springs Drive, $195,500

Kyle R. and Joellin E. Betts to Joshua Roman, 1333 Cross Cove, $252,000

Andrew L. Duesenberry to Bianca Pressley, 93 S. Raccoon Road, $140,000

Theresa Boyle and Elizabeth Criscione to Luis and Hillary Marconcini, 5115 Raspberry Lane, $250,250

Zackary S. and Olivia N. Hayslett to Deneen L. Haefke, 159 Kleber Ave., $150,000

Mildred and James Dreiling to Anthony and Andrea James, 5206 Saratoga Ave., $319,999

David J. Spurio and Donna J. Spurio to Joseph T. Guzzo and Iesha Guzzo, 5236 S. Saratoga Ave., $330,000

Jeffrey Bowen to Mohammad Asif, 141 S. Main St., Lot 346, $39,000

Austintown Homes LLC to Mountain House LLC, 1751 S. Raccoon Road, $1,050,000

Tibitha A. Matheney, trustee, to Marissa D. Hartman, 62 Kleber Ave., $112,000

Tyler Rusu to Alec V. Greathouse and Crystal S. Kidd, 309 N. Edgehill Ave., $93,000

Wyatt R. Beck to Timothy Moran, 3920 Ayrshire Drive, $145,000

Bryan Gibbs and Ashley Gibbs to Mary B. Gursky and Edmund J. Gursky, 22 Placid Blvd., $195,100

Jeremy G. Kenepp and Jennifer Leigh Kenepp to Joshua Michener Penman, 2358 Breezewood Drive, $170,000

Richard J. Fawcett to Kevin M. Nestor and Melissa A. Nestor, 6851 Berry Blossom Drive, $169,900

NY Realty of Youngstown LLC to Lakisha Bell, 4365 Burkey Road, $54,900


North Lima Industrial Enterprises to Solid Rock Holding Co. LLC, 12130 Market St., $170,000

Jane L. Grahovac by PSO to MidFirst Bank, 11888 Market St., $52,544

Eugene and Julie Wright to Klase Enterprises Inc., 9056 Woodworth Road, $105,000

Thomas F. and Tami J. Carter to David A. Perry III and Danielle B. Strong, 1002 Lincoln Road, $195,000

Catherine K. and Tony G. Stephenson to Patrick and Tracy Higgins, W. Calla Road, $46,000


Richard J. Polchosky and Sharin L. Polchosky to Andrew D. Kolbus and Brittany A. Kolbus, 7734 Duck Creek Road, $285,000


Melvin Hyman to Ben Adam Shapiro, 4337 Chester Drive, $80,000

David White to Megan Constantino, 835 Pearson Circle, Unit 3, $84,750

David Hinkle to Silver Spirit Revocable Trust, 870 Pearson Circle No. 3, $89,500

Anthony P. Fossesco and Joanne Fossesco to Three 18 Ventures LLC, 1951 Wingate Road, $58,000

Jack Cochran Jr. to Perry L. Guido, 7351 Glenwood Ave., $57,700

Dawn M. Milliken to Sean P. Marenkovic and Anne Marenkovic, 4390 Devonshire Drive, $148,000

Swing Management LLC to The J. Arnold Property Management Group, 8040 Market St., $990,000

Carol M. Taraszewski to Charlotte A. Bolyard, 148 Argyle Ave., $75,000

M&N Holdings LLC to Rust Belt Investments LLC, 6911-6915 Market St., $410,000

Sara Elizabeth Williams to Kayley Poschner, 168 Homestead Drive, $62,000

Calko Investment Team LLC to Deshawn A. Crenshaw, 38 Shadyside Drive, $109,900

Stephen A. Ifft to Guy Schooley, 3904 Glenmere Drive, $115,000

Michael Nicholson to Magdalene Shorter, 907 Pearson Circle No. 1, $92,800

Joseph and Victoria Catullo to FAFLM Realty LLC, 4641 Rush Circle, $105,000

Fannie Mae to Annie Robles, 4621 Brookwood Road, $257,500

Daniel J. Fabian and Amy E. Fabian to David P. Liptak, 905 Afton Ave., $104,000

Jean J. Rosati to Amy Fabian and Daniel Fabian, 164 Forest Garden Drive, $235,000

Elsie R. Grieco to Raymond P. Breese, 5021 Firnley Ave., $95,500

Helen C. Hathaway to Louis Salvatore Isabella and Jessica Irene Welsh, 830 Westport Drive, $207,000

James E. Cuzic to Sue A. Carroll, 721 Cheriwood Court, $109,900

Jessica Batley and Chad Batley to John Reeds and Jennifer Reeds, 4718 Euclid Blvd., $115,000

Hien Thi Doan and Minh V. Le to Hien Thi Doan, 533 Berklee Drive, $139,700

Allison N. Douvis and Alexander M. Douvis to Janet N.S. Bair, 4631 Rush Circle, $136,000

Rajashree Krishnasetty, trustee, to Izdihar E. Mansour, 825 Park Harbour Drive, $440,000

Infamous Home Improvements to Jeremy Hernan, 680 Afton Ave., $23,000


Premier Real Estate Management LTD to Alfred B. Cooper et al., 124 Keystone Ave., $80,000


Mark R. Lesnett and Adrienne J. Lesnett to Patrick C. Wright and Virginia Fuller Wright, 401 Greenmont Drive, $286,929

Laura Farr to Bryan M. Renner, 201 S. Broad St., $320,000

Canfield Township

Nicole M. Evans to Catherine Jean Baker, 3803 Mercedes Place, $130,000

Naffah Investments LLC to Joan Ramson and John Ramson, Lot 8, Macy Lane, $71,000

Rosette Hayak to Lisa Mistovich, 3628 Tyler Drive, $289,000

Dicioccio Construction to Richard and Jessica Archer, 4651 One-for-the-Road, $110,000

Craig Beach

Sandra S. Snowden to Jesus Padillo, 17846 Lundys Lane, $60,000


Richard L. Welton and Teresa M. Welton to Direct Industrial Property Investments LLC, 11283 N. Palmyra Road, $119,000

Daniel W. Gregory to Mathew M. Durkin, 5849 S. Duck Creek Road, $225,000


Estate of Ronald L. Zinz to Christian Cirino and Michele Cirino, 12620 W. Pine Lake Road, $42,500


Eagle Boiler Limited Partnership to Jeremy T. Kightlinger et al., 6762 W. Calla Road, $375,000


Adele Lipari, trustee, to Mark Gibbs and Karla Gibbs, 12000 Gladstone Road, $100,000

Bruner Land Co. Inc. to David R. Ramierz Jr., Gladstone Road, $35,900


Leslie and Janice Bell to Bren and Julie Whan, Dock Side Road, $380,000

Deena Everett to Kimberly Veverka and William E. Scott, 2767 N. Pricetown Road, $47,000


OH OLP LLC to KAAR Investments LLC, 7279 North Lima Road, $125,000

Michael J. Testa and Staci Testa to Justin Christoff and Amaya Malloy, 224 Nesbitt St., $155,000

Rosendo Gutierrez and Danielle Gutierrez to Tyler Ocon and Taylor Ocon, 5701 Beechwood Drive, $168,000

Rebecca S. Gump to Lyle Vincent Valentich and Teena Kathleen Valentich, 7743 North Lima, $193,000

Stephen and Stephanie Gage to Samil and Shannon Guliyev, 97 Alverne Drive, $156,000


Miller Real Estate II LTD to Kevin E. Benning, 120 W. Texas Ave., $130,000

KDC Properties LLC to Mark Suman and Lisa Schario, 155 E. Maryland Ave., $30,500


Ohio Property Buyers LLC to Township Homes LTD, 22471 Alden Ave., $32,500

Jeff M. Guildoo and Christine L. Guildoo to Wilmington Trust N.A., 9122 Bandy Road, $96,000


Kelly N. Saverko and Joshua Saverko to Cody Cunningham, 12265 Unity Road, $146,000

Annette DeCesare et al. to Marie C. Musolino, 1805 E. Western Reserve, Unit 26, $175,000

Randy Pavlicko Sr. to Robert A. Boano, 1282 E. South Range Road, $216,000

Joseph A. Frigone to Michael J. Testa and Staci L. Testa, 10495 Carousel Woods Drive, $273,000

The Grantz Family Properties to Dieter Home Construction, 5319 Sky Drive, $22,000

Eugene D. Frankhouser, trustee, to Gregory Haney and Cheri Haney, 11800 Springfield Road, $120,000


It’s Five O’clock Somewhere LLC to Michael W. Sackela, 532 Sexton St., $32,000

Windhorse Holdings LLP to Elias Faris Alexander III, 959 Lanterman Ave., $42,000

Mark W. Bowles to Premier Real Estate Management, 106 Creed St., $37,400

Robert W. Dulick and Patricia L. Dulick to Shawna L. Horvath, 334-336 Center St., $60,000

James P. Tobin and Tracie L. Tobin to Perry M. Rogers and Tammy L. Rogers, 2573 E. Midlothian Blvd., $50,000


Nevada Algo Trading LLC to Willdan Enterprise LLC, 4026 Howard St., $46,500

Michael J. Briceland to Benedict C. Santana, 2009 Lynn Ave., $91,000

TWL Properties LLC to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, 124 N. Hartford Ave., $30,501

Gayle Gillespie to James F. Guy Jr., 231 Gypsy Lane, $150,000

Lisa Jo Hissam to Ngamata Krachandsal, 132 N. Hartford Ave., $36,000

Bruce Greene to KarDon Holdings LLC, 3643 Dover Road, $72,500

Crystal L. Spragling to David D. Huff and Linda A. Huff, 514 and 516 Lee Ave., $35,900

William Christopher to June E. Jagunic, 2043 Felicia Ave., $70,000

Sandra L. Breidenstein to Armadillo Development LLC, 2325 Old Furnace Road, $75,000

John J. Brincko to Rhiannon Brincko, $40,000

489-491 W. Judson Ave. Trust to Theofanis Bassoulos, 489-491 W. Judson Ave., $68,000

Dana L. Peterson to Mario M. Pecchia and Shannon M. Pecchia, 209 Gypsy Lane, $192,500

Thomas E. Huff to Rocco Henderson, 3307 Cricket Drive, $150,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp to Rey A. Martinez Valez and Jennifer Reveron, 1378 Grandview Ave., $40,245

Amy L. Sandel to Tracy Elizabeth Bowser, 124 Wychwood Lane, $40,500

Funtulis Property Group LLC to JABB Homes LLC, 871 Cambridge Ave., $37,000

Faith B. Smith to Rick L. Adams, 52 W. Avondale Ave., $34,000

Kenneth Nesnidol and Suzan Tobin to Ali Ali and Thaer Samad, 274 E. LaClede Ave., $28,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded May 3-7:


Allstate of Youngstown LLC to OMCO Building LLC, 3681 Leharps Road, $270,000

Larson Properties LLC to OMCO Building LLC, 3680-3682 Leharps Road, $1,300,000

James P. Kutsko to Stephen Carouthers, 3453 Bentwillow Lane, $72,000

Thomas A. Crish II to Donald L. Lambert Sr., 2706 Bainbridge St., $82,000

Dale and Regina Cousin to Brandon Shannon, 6967 Kirk Road, $152,000

David M. and Gina M. Sherock to Richard J. Rees III and Jillian Kay Rees, 4227 Claridge Drive, $249,900

Armadillo Development LLC to Lindy Paving Products Inc., N. Meridian Road, $120,000

Sara Hewitt Kupelian to Michaelangelo’s LLC, 5559 Red Apple Drive, $214,900

Gary E. Primavera and Anita R. Primavera to Ronald Ratone, 144-146 Fitch Blvd., $145,000

Tony and Lauren Lambert-Cicero to Erin Fullerman, 32 W. Liberty St., $268,000

Karen L. Finlen et al. to Thomas and Marcie Crish, 4537 Fitzgerald Ave., $162,450

Leah and Kyle Weinstock to George W. Caskey and Rosa T. Sheets, 3395 Black Oak Lane, $144,000

Phyllis J. Ruse to The Victoria A. Benyo Revocable Trust, 6930 Fairview Road, $120,000


Catherine K. and Tony G. Stephenson to Michael C. and Ahsley L. Sheffield, Abbington Drive, $46,000

Gayle Irwin and Todd Balog to JoAnna Stillwagon et al., 601 E. Western Reserve Road #1702, $156,500


Dorothy C. Holtzman to 15000 W. Akron Canfield Road LLC, 15000 W. Akron Canfield Road, $200,000

Ciras Inc. to Justin Cadle and Megan S. Cadle, 4510 S. Duck Creek Road, $128,700


Bruce N. Nevel to Allena Rouse, 6026 Applecrest Court, $42,000

James P. Semple Jr. and Joyce L. Semple to Lucan J. Christy and Melissa Christy, 20 Banbury Drive, $260,000

Mark Brammer Jr. to William Brammer, 7124 Mill Creek Blvd., $145,000

Donald A. Fuller to Wei Dong, 5060 Aravesta Ave., $70,000

Julie A. Cerneka and Dorian Cerneka to Barbara Harvey et al., 1317 Black Friar Lane, $310,000

Mary Lou Ivan to Luis Mateo III and Rachel N. Mateo, 362 Ridgefield Ave., $130,000

Maria C. Manley-Dutton to Larkin Street Homes LLC, 7533 Huntington Drive, $150,000

Albert LaCivita to Michael Schubert, 790 Edenridge Drive, $136,000

Up North Fortunes LLC to Brittney N. Gordon, 123 Shadyside Drive, $99,900

Michael Lee Hudzik to Terrence V. Thomas, 791 Glenbrook Road, $200,000

Susan M. Walsh et al. to The Helen G. Gindro Living Trust, 1 Midwood Circle, $165,000

Empowered Group LLC to Nikita Ventures LLC, 7439 Westview Drive, $87,000

Digital Realty LLC to Ryan McKeown, 8562 Glenwood Ave., Unit 3, $101,500

Cathy Price and Amanda Jean Cummings to Edward Price IV, 3949 Stratmore Ave., $30,000

Ray R. Kiger to Jesus Manueal Rijos Wagner, 935 Afton Ave., $86,000

D’Apolito and Land Co. LLC to Catherine A. Bouma and William A. Bouma, 6917 Mill Creek Blvd., $189,900

Paul L. Martin to Paul M. Harris, 4233 Chester Drive, $90,500

Kathleen E. Cobb to Stephanie Simcox, 835 Pearson Circle, Unit 2, $77,000

Najah Esmail and Ramsey Esmail to Shadetree Holdings LLC, 7263 Glenwood Ave., $70,000

Paul J. Kotch and Adrian N. Marinelli to Mark A. Hanni, 1385 Redtail Hawk Drive #C,$50,000

Camden Molnar to Noah Robert Baun, 25 Melrose Ave., $84,000

Balwinder S. Multani to John M. Bilowus and Patricia A. Bilowus, Lot 148 – 722 Saddlebrook Drive, $64,800


Juan R. and Janice Figueroa to Aaron R. Figueroa, 403 Eastern Ave., $67,000

Voxar LLC to Cherri Huang, 231 Kendall Ave., $185,000


Julie D. Olson to Daniel and Mallory Neumann, 308 Oak St., $315,000

Justin Wolf and Katina Poullas to John Virostko and Danielle Virostko, 158 Callahan Road, $215,000

Izdihar Mansour to Terri and Scott Entzi, 576 Shadydale Drive, $345,000

Carole J. Donaldson to Michael Dunaway, City Lot #119, $30,000

Beth L. Earles to Melissa Lewis, 281 Moreland Drive, $185,000

Preserve Realty Holding LLC to Richard Michael Chambers and Amy Chambers, Lot 2854 Mallard Crossing, $56,900

Harriet Kerchofer to Kameron Kline, 210 Callahan Road, $125,000

Canfield Township

Kailash Sethi to Joshua Steven McGaffic, 3710 Villa Rosa Drive, $385,000

Naffah Investments LLC to Timothy T. Merlin, Lot 2 Macy Lane, $68,000

Hasheen A. Wilson to Joseph Messuri and Beth Earles, 5365 Cloisters Drive, $389,000


Kathleen Talbot to 4900 McGuffey LLC, 4900 McGuffey Road, $62,000


CIM Trust 2018-R3 to Go America LLC, 12601 W. Akron Canfield Road, $61,111

George and Shelly Pauken to William S. Weimer, 11201 Leffingwell Road, $199,900

Daniel H. Johnson et al. to Jerry C. Turney and Kay L. Turney, 10416 N. Palmyra Road, $218,000

Pekarovic Land Company LLC to Timothy W. May, 117 Churchill, $33,500

J. Elyn Summers to 80 4 All Inc., 453 Broadway, $56,000

Kenneth R. Kelley and Victoria J. Kelley to Bridgette Bratton and Christopher Bratton, 443 Taylor, $80,000

Bayview Financial to Community Loan Servicing LLC, 40 Second, $21,000


Daniel C. and Robin A. Anderson to Douglas M. Slanker, West Middletown Road, $86,000


Estate of LeRoy Martin to Joseph Foy, 38 Liberty St., $56,575

William A. Moore and Vicki L. Moore, co-trustees to Sandra A. Lavezzare, portion of Lot #3, $30,000


Anthony C. Davanzo Jr. to BBA Property Restoration LLC, 167 W. Grant St., $35,000


Ralph William Green Jr. and Shirley Marie Green to Mark F. McDonough and Paula L. McDonough, 3064 S. Duck Creek Road, $519,900

New Middletown

Richard Carano to Bryan Murberger, 10297 Main St., $103,000


Steven Van Zuylen and Lisa Van Zuylen to Kevin L. Myers and Stacey M. Myers, 7329 North Lima Road, $80,000

Marion R. Gillette, trustee to Anthony P. Marchionda, 32 Audubon Lane, $232,820

TAAM Properties LLC to Jennine M. Ead, 2417 Lyon Blvd., $134,000

David & Pamela Huffman to Nicholas T. Nolfi et al., 155 Luteran Lane, $800,000

Gary M. Frank and John J. Frank to Frank T. Rondinelli and Bille Rondinelli, 37 Fieldstone, $160,000

Duchess Glaser to Medford B. Mashburn, 550 N. Main St., $212,500

Carolyn Nordgren to Richard and Alexis Hura, 801 Golfview Drive, $176,673

Bradley G. Olson Jr. and Veronica L. Olson to Kimberly Marie Nowicki, 7394 Christopher Drive, $325,000

Joseph L. Colella and Alice A. Colella to Deborah J. Hyman, $410,000

Pamela K. Vas Family Trust to Merva Family Trust, 225 Evergreen Drive, $243,500

Robert W. Sherman and Janis L. Sherman to Joseph L. Colella and Alice A. Colella, 7726 Cliffview Drive, $380,000


Robin Christine Blake to Amanda J. Sarchione, 175 E. Virginia Ave., $90,000

David E. Schmid to Adam Pope, 135 E. Oregon Ave., $35,000

Abram M Gorgy to Big House Investors LLC, 125 E. Maryland Ave., $22,000


Bethany M. Holmes to Carol Yoder and Peter B. Yoder, 22029 N. Benton Road W, $287,500

Hochstetler Bros. Hardwood LLC to Jeffrey Marshall Worley, Oyster Road, $140,000


Nicholas Fajack and Kayla E. Brahler to Nicholas J. Fajack, 1175 Calla Road E, Unit C214, $48,440

Mark R. Brungard and Kori L. Brungard to Joshua R. Baden, 10150 Unity Road, $250,000


Jerry P. Melillo and Debra A. Melillo to Zachary R. Eichelberger and Paula Robinette Nakley, 224 Misty Woods Court, $330,000

Margaret Romano to Robert Jarrell, 2569 E. Midlothian Blvd., $68,000

Monica Skebo to Irene R. Holloman and Gail A. Wisehart, trustees, 1068 Runge Ave., $89,500


Martin Leger to Thomas W. Egolf Jr., 752 Lake Drive, $91,500

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere LLC to Wael Ilayan, 2809 Julian St., $48,000

Christian D. Rinehart to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., 351 Redondo Road, $44,000

Lester Griffin Jr. to First York Financial LLC, 1534 Shehy St., $28,000

Chauncey and Cynthia Hilson to Darlene Miller and Dayna Bank, 1301 Aberdeen Ave., $65,000

Jose E. and Megan Garcia to Jacquelyn Bader, 137 Milton Ave., $100,000

Bruce E. Hughey and Denise S. Becker to Mark Partika, 809 Cornell Ave., $34,000

Susan M. McNeely Little to James M. Dykes and Bonnie Lee Dykes, 3265 Bears Den Road, $104,000

Edward J.Kirsch to Stefanie Otagah, 131 S. Lakeview Ave., $21,500

Stefanie Oragah to J&L Dak LLC, 131 S. Lakeview Ave., $26,500

Kurt Williams to Senater Johnson and Courtni Burton, 190-192 Judson Ave., $37,500

Phyllis Cardinal, administrator to Vincente Turner, 3236 Kirk Road, $69,000

Willie Jones to Eros 74 Investments, 2907 Ridley Ave., $22,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded April 26-30:


Ashley D. Hopkins and Daniel R. Hopkins to Daniel Hopkins, 127 S. Kimberly Ave., $66,343

Thomas Learn Sr. et al., to Daniel and Veronica Dibble, 3950 Crum Road, $125,000

Jody L. West to Jacob M. Majovsky, 124 Evans Ave., $133,000

Andrew J. Albrecht to Michael E. Hoosan and Kimberly M. Hoosan, 6675 Silica Road, $154,000

Daniel and Sabrina Foley to 3772 S. Raccoon Road LLC, 3772 S. Raccoon Road, $58,469

Andrew M. Vrotsos and Clara N. Vrotsos to John H. Barry and Ann F. Barry, 5328 Nashua Drive, $332,100


Mary L. Zimmerman to Roger Lee Churchman and Regina L. Churchman, 14810 New Buffalo Road, $305,000

Paula C. Ciminero to Sandra E. and Neil L. Ciminero, 11025 Sharrott Road and Lot 5 Middletown Road, $25,000

Jeanne Elser to Sandra E. and Neil L. Ciminero, 11025 Sharrott Road and Lot 5 Middletown Road, $25,000

Patricia Ann Gillespie to Sandra E. and Neil L. Ciminero, 11025 Sharrott Road and Lot 5 Middletown Road, $25,000

14151 Eureka LLC to Richard B. Severs, 14151 Eureka Road, $365,000

Mark R. Lysowski to John Adkins, 9424 Woodworth Road, $40,100

Goldhammer Investments LLC to Walnut Trace Development Company LLC, 9528 New Buffalo Road, $48,000

Jordan A. Haybarger and Kathryn J. Haybarger to Jessica L. Tomic, 601 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 1902, $142,000

Anthony J. Burnett to Dominic Dicioccio and Kaitlyn Blackburn, 327 W. Calla Road, $195,000


Mary E. Himes to Richard E. Truit, 13835 W. Akron Canfield Road, $180,000

Shamrock Fields Holdings LLC to Mark A. Joseph and Jana M. Joseph, Weaver Road, $69,000


Rajan Thomas and Thankama Thomas to Carol Ann Gomez and Dennis Jay Gomez, 605 Chestnut Lane, $275,000

Avone Developers LLC to Michelle Renee Clarett, 8086 Sigle Lane, $267,000

Alyssa B. Langenheim to Michael Rocco Ross, 8527 Glenwood Ave., $172,500

Frank and Annette DiVito to Green Meadow Properties LLC, 1867 Massachusetts Ave., $70,000

Richard Heitman and Jane Kenney-Heitman, 1290 Barbie Drive, $250,000

Robert Lynch to Brian Habian, 79 Woodview Ave., $37,000

Margie Vega Beltran and Ricardo Beltran to Devaldae Patterson, 34 Erskine Ave., $90,500

Keith H. and Sheila Timmins to Jesica M. Bellas, 4445 Southern Blvd. $90,000

Victor L. Patterson and Nicole M. Patterson to Seven Seventeen Credit Union, Inc., 382 Mathews Road, $67,100

Charles and Peggie Prystash to Jenna M. Rutz and Samuel Frank Jordan, 7819 Huntington Circle, $288,000

Thomas Nelson to Robert Jarrell, 337 W. Midlothian Blvd., $50,000

Dominic S. Dicioccio to Pamela Testa and Mary P. Pekar, 5054 Friendship Ave., $93,400

Miroslav Puskar and Bozena Puskar to JoAnn C. Stolar, Sheridan Road, $142,000

Heidi M. Peachock and Erik M. Peachock to Alyssa Langeheim, 506 Berklee Drive, $320,000

Nathan Bowers to Shawn M. Chobanian and Tracy Chobanian, 7074 Glendale Ave., $116,000

Douglas M. Goehring and Candace L. Lilley to Michael and Roberta A. McMurray, 4626 Canterbury Lane, $135,000

Fronk & Esmail LLC to Ijaz Khan and Sayra Khan, 4570 Euclid Blvd., $60,000

New Englewood Properties LLC to Case Belle House Management LLC, 147, 157, 167 Shields Road, $415,000

Ihsan A. Judeh to 860 Boardman Canfield Road LLC, 860 Boardman Canfield Road, $800,000

Walter E. Sosnowski to Joseph Catullo Jr. and Kimber A. Catullo, 140 Mayflower Drive, $185,000

Premier Real Estate Management LTD to Day 2 Day Properties LLC, 8535 South Ave., $600,000


Alyssa R. Smith to Matthew and Carrie Lynn Hawke, 630 Devitt Ave., $84,000

Funtulis Property Group LLC to PMD Properties LLC, 268 Tremble Ave., $33,500


Amy L. Pagac to Cynthia R. Horvatich, 424 Hood Drive, $155,000

Jacquelyn L. Haefke to Benjamin and Heather Braslawsce, 32 E. Main St., $190,000

Joseph B. Lucante and Michael B. Rosace to Evelyn Elaine Gere, 225 Sawmill Run Drive, $240,000

Christopher and Heather Reynolds to Gerardo Reyes-Carmona and Sara Reyes-Carmona, 272 Bradford Drive, $200,000

Chad Ryan to Robert & Lisa Feezle, 500 Stoneybrook Lane, $220,000

Canfield Township

The Huntington National Bank to Zachary Logan Weber, 7250 N. Palmyra Road, $135,000

Gene Bellatto and Kimberly J. Bellatto, trustees, to Xiaosheng Zhu, 3729 Joyce Ann Drive, $445,998

Christopher J. Urig and Kimberly P. Urig to Tonya Colette Crowe and Kathleen Ann Crowe, 1610 Gully Top Lane, $415,000

KPZ Inc. to Richard M. Douglass, Lot 24 Abbey Road, $60,000

Karen M. Kreps, trustee, to P-G&P Real Estate LLC, 6120 and 6128 Tippecanoe Road, $400,000

Craig Beach

DCSY LLC to 2048 Grandview LLC, 2048 Grandview Road, $350,000


Clydene Moore to Christina M. Bettura, 501 Forsythe, $110,000

Nancy A. Komlanc to Kara Banks, 301 Second, $92,000

Ronald Nestor and Linda Nestor to Brenda J. Shaffer, Ohio, $42,000

Alva M. Schuster to David C. Bowser and Emma N. Bowser, 200 High, $23,000


James R. Kollat to Charles R. Anderson and Tina L. Miller, 12509 Goshen Road, $30,000


William L. and Carolyn J. Nezbeth to Adam S. and Kristen E. Crist, 8767 W. Pine Lake Road, $315,000


Michael T. Rubenstahl Jr. to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 504 Stewart, $58,110


Bruner Land Company Inc. to Vincent J. Innocent and Kelsey L. Innocent, 1941 N. Lipkey Road, $49,900


Jacob T. Olson and Augusta E. Fronzaglio to Daniel A. Miller and Veronica L. Miller, 384 Secrest Lane, $336,000

Dorothy Basic Harnichar to Garry Bryant Valentine, 1289 Willowood, $181,500


Alexandra B. Watson to Cashaw Youngstown LLC, 798 Youngstown Lowellville Road, $45,046


Ishan A. Judeh to Sharon A. Carrocce, trustee, SE River Road, $285,000

New Middletown

Patricia Klim to Jeffrey P. and Laurie Bartholomew, 31 Foster Ave., $110,000


Estate of Maryan L. Cronin to David S. Eichenlaub and Kathy J. Eichenlaub, 69 Greystone Drive, $237,000

Gerardo Reyes-Carmona to Timothy Conrad, 2437 Bel Aire Lane, $120,000

Wilmington Savings Fund to Green Meadow Properties LLC, 273 N. Main St., $105,500

Brendan Tulko to Melody Christine Montague, 34 Centennial Drive, $177,000

Joseph M. Santisi to Terri V. Grimmett, 1260 Boardman-Canfield Road No. 10, $145,000

Premier Development LTD to Dibo Construction LLC, 3697 St. James Way, $57,000

Joelle Quade to Ashley N. Lara, 2284 Hamilton Ave., $122,000

Orlando P. Cortez Jr. and Harriet P. Cortez to Michael Cratsley and Megan Cratsley, 3693 Polo Blvd., $56,394

Joseph DeNiro to Ronald Edward and Jennifer Lynn Parrish, 7240 N. Lima, $184,000

Ayla A. Kessler and Jason W. Kessler to Roger F. Vandervort, 7650 Locust Lane, $325,000

Jane B. Hassay and Henry Hassay Jr. to Lenard H. Liguore and Amanda M. Liguore, 3162 Dobbins Road, $188,000

Doris E. Turnovsky to state Route 170 Property LLC, 90 Marion Drive, $113,000

Judith Longo Rentals LLC to David and Laurie Deloach, 7 Morse Place, $154,500

Pamela Ann Lilak to Jerrod A. and Margaret R. McQuown, 191 Edna St., $188,000

Donald A. Thomas to John and Heather Shargo, 363 N. Main St., $100,000


Charles R. Beckett Jr. to Charles M. Beckett, 695 S. 15th St., $150,000

Christian L. Roberts to Stephanie N. Spencer, 426 Oregon Ave., $96,500

Ronald and Jeffrey Haupt, co-executor to Allison S. Erisey and Collin G. Diehl, 819 S. 14th St., $117,000


William L. Ellis and Tawna L. Ellis to Kelly J. Vance, 9438 Bandy Road, $124,900


Ann Marie Turner to Ken Sanner and Lavonne Sanner, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, $248,000

Tyler J. Bushee and Emily M. Bushee to Devon T. Donatelli and Jerrod R. Donatelli, 5255 Sycamore Hill Drive, $263,500

Greenheart Companies LLC to Francis J. Stanovcak and Debra A. Stanovcak, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit No. 87, $269,501

Expressway Centers LLC to Kristopher Andrew Lipscomb and Brandy L. Lipscomb, 9897 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $149,000


Sylvester J. Gonda Jr. to Premier Real Estate Management LTD, 165 Renee Drive, $40,100

Janet H. Strycott to Nicholas Ciarniello, 414 Maplewood Ave., $50,000

Benjamin M. McGowan to Diana Ramirez Saki, 35 Grimm Heights Ave., $81,000

Compass Family and Community Services to Karen and John Granchie, 511 Edison Ave., $85,000

Shawna L. Horvath to Adriana Danielle Kelly, 206 Center St., $90,000

Stephen F. Kishel and Thomas J. Koziorynsky Jr., 450 Sexton St., $55,000

Linda L. Deidrick and Lawrence W. Deidrick to Vincent Kurtz and Courtney Kutz, 58 Morrison St., $29,000

Paul Gucwa and Eva Gucwa to Justin J. Rouns, 417 W. Wilson St., $90,000


2 State Properties Inc. to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, 1133 Glenwood Ave., $40,000

Joseph R. Macejko and Melissa M. Macejko, 1135 Cherokee Drive, $135,000

Dean R. Kaplan to Matthew C. Byrd and Ashley N. Byrd, 3302 Bears Den Road, $120,000

Mary Ann Dravecky to Georgette C. Spelich, 244 Wilcox Road, $166,000

Matthew Dunham to Josephine Hays, 19 Illinois Ave., $145,000

MARS Property LLC to AIM Properties Group LLC, 68 S. Osborn Ave., $54,900

NEO Group 1 LLC and Youngstown Lookout LLC to Lawrence Wilson, 2465 Gladwae Drive, $70,500

SemGen Holdings LLC to George Hemingway, 28 S. Glenellen Ave., $47,500

John Thomas Miller to John J. and Heather L. Constantino, 1676 Country Club Ave., $70,500

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation to Ciera Boerio, 929 Woodford Ave., $75,000

John T. Holquist to Panday Mahler and Maria Marin, 47 Hampton Court, $35,000

Johanan Raphael Pandone to Samiya Norflet, 2040 S. Schenley Ave., $36,000

Glenda L. West to Paola Fernandez, 243 Maywood Drive, $85,000

Kenimana LLC to Brennan Baker, 3328 Quentin Drive, $85,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County April 19-23:


Zreh Capital 101 LP to Andrew J. Detchon, 366 Rosemont Ave., $90,000

Alfred J. Hupp and Peggy D. Hupp to Courtney L. Best, 4588 S. Warwick Drive, $102,000

Eric and Angela Cline to Steven and Christine Sigley, 632 Harvard Place, $260,000

Alan L. Lodge to Deserai L. Bailey, 1421 S. Canfield Niles Road, $91,000

Frank Scisinger to Michael T. Vodhanel, 3831-3833 Eigen St., $125,000

BMore Homes LLC to Tayler Rose Yeager and John Raymond Patrick, 125 Aldrich Road, $123,000

Jayne Burks DiBlasio to Thomas and Heather Lewis, 3431 Tall Oaks Lane, $169,450

Scott Booher to Gregory Wess, 252 S. Edgehill Drive, $77,000

Benjamin L. Cleland to Rosie M. Colon, 107 S. Main St., $108,000

Meridian Arms Land LLC, to Austintown Asset Ownership LLC, 650 S. Meridian Road, $1,966,450

Larry Maynard and Cynthia J. Maynard to Hutton Youngstown Mahoning OH ST LLC, 5420 Mahoning Ave., $875,000

M&J Real Estate Inc. to John Chupa Properties LLC, 260 S. Meridian Road, $58,000


Sterling L. Morris Sr. and Latike A. Morris to Kyle Reinke and Ashley Reinke, 1230 Lake Front Blvd., $458,000

Gary C. Crumbacher, trustee, to Erin L. Hatala and Randy C. Hatala, 11149 New Buffalo Road, $65,000

Matthew J. Stellato and Ashley N. Stellato to William M. Nash and Leah D. Nash, 1210 Sageberry Drive, $350,000

Debra Dibiase and Jeffrey Ludwig to Timothy J. Dunlap and Melissa F. Barger, 1980 Renkenberger Road, $87,000


Tami M. Baringer and Glen Scott Bartholow to Linda Moran and Larry Moran, 8140 Cook Road, $70,000

Richard E. Truitt to Christopher Williason and Kristine Willison, 6875 Pricetown Road, $265,500


Debra A. Fuller and William M. Rigley Jr. to Avery J. Andric, 7662 Huntington Drive, $242,000

Colleen Mercado to Alice L. Cashbaugh, 263 Redtail Hawk Drive, Unit 2, $140,000

S A C Inc. to ALJAC LLC, 17 Woodrow Ave., $44,000

Jason M. Walker to Swetha Yelamanchi and Bharat Yelamanchi, 941 Edenridge Drive, $119,000

Tracey L. Petuch to Qwayne Franklin, 442 Annawan Lane, $101,000

Etty LLC to Tate S. Munholand, 1883 Lynn Mar Ave., $110,000

Cynthia R. Hovatich to John Russell Diamond, 757 Wildwood Drive, $162,000

Lindsay A. Castrucci and Timothy R. Brancker Sr. to Phyllis J. Wynard and Michael P. Wynard, 4660 South Ave., $65,000

Garry L. Wallace and Rachel L. Wallace to Laura G. Medina-Lopez, 122 Indianola Road, $139,900

Abdul Samad Mushatat and Enass A. Hassen to Northeast Ohio Management Group LLC, 75 Mayflower Drive, $358,000

Keith E. Bowser to Alexis L. Wallace, 31 Romaine Ave., $50,000

Clarence Covington to Gary Waynne Nichols, 30 Woodrow Ave., $113,000

Roland N. Brothers to Robert R. Reader and Dawn M. Reader, 4494 Green Glen Drive, $215,000

David Erra to Patrick Allen, 3105 Traymore Drive, $124,900

Charles and Clarissa Lewis to Anna Shasteen and Jacob Jarome, 5234 Glenwood Ave., $120,000

William and Catherine Welsh to Thomas and Kathleen Davis, 54 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 2, $179,000

C&J Real Estate and Construction Inc. to Hope E. Lebourgeois and Kyle P. Lebourgeois II, 7564 Glenwood Ave., $158,000

Raymond C. Martin and Kristine L. Martin to Isadore E. LaPorte and Michelle E. LaPorte, 6850 Paxton Road, $145,000

7235 South Avenue LLC to FPG Tango Limited, 7235 South Ave., $905,614

7121 South Avenue LLC to FPG Delta Limited, 7121 South Ave., $1,600,000

1180 Boardman-Poland Road LLC to FPG Alpha Limited, 1180 Boardman-Poland Road, $1,941,176

1128 Boardman-Poland Road LLC to RAF Investments LTD, 1120-1300 Boardman-Poland Road, $10,128,210

1110 Boardman-Poland Road LLC to FPG Victor Limited, 1110 Boardman-Poland Road, $1,925,000

Douglas Charles Hair to Ryan K and Nissa I. Hall, 245 Griswold Drive, $200,000

The Nicole Pastier Family Trust to Anna M. Webster, 294 Shields Road, $100,000


Edward E. Rozum to Nicholas Cameron Daly, 69 Regent St., $85,000


Robert Bernard to Donald Allison, 26 Indian Lake Blvd., $227,000

Ashley Barnett to Timothy and Carson Lisko, 331 Callahan Road, $161,000

Canfield Township

Starr Centre Plaza LLC to Suleiman Holdings Inc., 3620 Starr Center Drive, $780,000

Dicioccio Construction to Robin and Wendy Lees, 4626 One for the Road, $90,000

Dicioccio Construction to Eric and Kristin Caruso, 4576 Bella Jean, $90,000

Dicioccio Construction to Robert L. and Rita M. McIntosh, 4614 One for the Road, $115,000

Todd A. Dauterman and Sandy Dauterman to Tony R. Cicero and Lauran J. Lambert-Cicero, 4160 Timberland Trail, $241,700

Craig Beach

Richard W. Schaefer and Kristina L. Schaefer to K2 Management LLC, 17564 Normandy Road, $81,000


Michael O. Mercer and Michele L. Mercer to Raymond E. Hull and Angela M. Hull, 8648 Gibson Road, $66,118

Daniel K. Tancer and Paula M. Tancer to Russell C. Haddon III and Colleen M. Haddon, 11437 N. Palmyra Road, $225,000


Lakefront Preserve LC to Jonathan Eusanio and Brittny Eusanio, 848 Danbury Way, $65,000


William A. Moore and Vicki L. Moore, trustees, to Armand J. DePaula and Nicole E. Copenhaver, 2805 S. Lipkey Road, $65,000

Bank of New York Mellon to KWA 2021 LLC, 2057 S. Salem Warren Road, Lot 3, $37,100

Aaron Bush, trustee, to Tyler Novak and Mallorey M. Bartch, 2137 Ohltown Road SW, $44,900


Brandie Marrie and Kenneth Mineo to David H. and Betsy Jo Wilson, 510 W. Wood St., $120,000


Black Haus LLC to Kenneth Emerick and Pamela Emerick, 583 Driftwood Drive, $570,000

New Middletown

Cheryl L. Townsend et al. to Francesco and Heather Centofanti, 10666 Main St., $100,000


Melynda Lowry and James Lowry to Dirienzo LLC, 2533 Coblentz Drive, $155,000

Amy K. Lockiec to John and Irene Kefalianos, 3031 Spitler Road, $72,000

Margaret and Jerrod McQuown to Jennifer Jo Kemp, 60 Marion Drive, $180,000

John J. Potkanowicz to Rebecca C. Pfingsti, 2481 Shetland Lane, $161,000

Steven K. Burdrovic and Linda J. Budrovic, 2267 Clyde St., $27,000

Kingstone Properties LLC to Theresa M. Thompson, 3086 Heatherbrae Drive, $231,000

Dean Marantis to Neha Tilton, Lot 52, Miller Road, $155,000

Nicholas T. Nolfi and Amanda L. Nolfi to Rosendo Gutierrez and Danielle Gutierrez, 7305 Forest Hill Ave., $230,000

Andrew J. Kilgore and Prugsa Kilgore to William John Hoffman Sr. and Dianna L. Starr, 8165 North Lima Road, $170,000

Rafael F. Juliano and Melinda K. Morrow to Yuey Moy and Liping Moy, 7648 Mulberry Walk, $420,000


Kevin M. McCann to Dennis Moore and Linda Moore, 9151 Springfield Road, $170,000


Tod R. Tusinac and Mary K. Tusinac, trustees to Jodi Thomas and Joann M. Tokich, 580 Brandon Ave., $58,000

Legacy Valley Properties LLC to Trevor Cardona, 485 5th St., $58,500

Robert D. Wolford to Raelene Diamantes, 40 Katherine St., $79,900

Monica Spatholt to Dylan Spatholt, 20 E. Faith St., $27,910

Entrust Group Inc. to Franco Betancourt, 92 Frank Ave., $28,000

Thomas S. Szalaj and Sandra Lee Hartman to George D. Serrano, 509 Creed St., $95,000


Lee Estates LC to Avis Barrington, 3206 Orrin Ave., $35,000

Susan Thielle to Fabian Whitted Jr., 151 S. Lakeview Ave., $25,000

Carlos A. Herriott Sr. to Deborah Ann Gerak, 527 N. Hartford Ave., $72,000

Moonstone Realty to Rikki & Raven-Alyssa Snair, 3521 Kreiger Lane, $52,000

Ohio Portfolio 2019 Series B LLC to Marco Govoni, 2799 Mariner Ave., $32,000

Iessha Carter to Alive LLC, 710 Park Ave., $137,860

Jeffrey A. Reasey et al. to Megan R. McElhaney, 247 Redondo Road, $60,000

Bryant and Pinkett Properties to Walker Pinkett, Pine Hollow Drive, Parkview Ave., E. Indianola Ave. et al., $63,000

Art Como to William Perkins, 3704 Glenwood Ave., $219,400

Charles J. Moore to Jorge Torres and Maria Torres, 2165 Bott St., $53,500

John Sefcik and Susan Casey to Ellen M. Axel, 2316 Ridgelawn Ave., $82,500

James and Kylie Shipsky to Marilyn and Andrew Delson, 1745 Overlook Ave., $123,000

Mixon Ware to Teny Nguyen, 4007 Sheridan Road, $60,000

Juan Perez to Marisel Rodriquez, 133 S. Jackson St., $25,000

Matthew Don Clear to Mastiff LLC, 2823 Newbern Circle, $40,000

Darrell L. Dandridge to Alexis Millerlelle and Daniel Cox, 823 E. Avondale Ave., $64,900

Estate of Eleanor P. Kunder to Chelsea Chizmar, 2653 Rexford Road, $76,900

Estate of Dorothy E. Losasso to Nano Rambo, 2828 Bears Den Court, $115,501

LTD Investments LTD to SCPB LLC, 837 E. Florida Ave., $27,000

Sherry A. Demar to SCPB LLC, 802 Palmer Ave., $25,000

EROS 74 Investments LLC to CMFI Inc., 164 N. Maryland Ave., $58,900

First National Acceptance Company to Brian Thomas Glenn and Sarah Christian Ballard, 1335 Douglas Ave., $33,000

Margaret J. Carson to Paul J. Peuse and Shari A. Peuse, 1673 Wakefield Ave., $95,000

Wallace R. Dorko to Bmore Homes LLC, 3421 N. Wendover Circle, $71,009


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