Property transfers

Property transfers recorded March 8-12:


James J. Yankel to Mark D. Holiga and Marianne L. Holiga, 4593 Barrington Drive, $158,000

Entrust Midsouth LLC to Funtulis Property Group LLC, 156 N. Beverly, $102,500

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Michael Ruddy and Angela Ruddy, 6440 Meander Glen Drive, $266,160

Ronald M. and Deborah J. McConahy to Donald J. and Kellie F. Aaron, 6424 Meander Glen Drive, $235,000

Brandon and Olivia Suverison to Joseph R. and Irene A. Calabria, 146 S. Yorkshire Blvd., $115,000

Stephanie M. and Tony Pizzuto to Brandon and Olivia Suverison, 4650 Rita St., $164,900

Viola Sallaz to Sean Michael Harding and Mary Melvina Bentley, 135 Idaho Road, $70,000

Martha S. Padovani to George E. Lanterman Jr., 5138 W. Webb Road, $150,000

George E. Lanterman Jr. to Kyle Brown, 6540 New Road, $155,000

Paula C. Ehrhart to Ronald Echols and Kathleen Obillo Echols, 2382 Penny Lane, $146,000

Kelly L. Lewis to Matthew Christopher McGowan, 5662 Radcliffe Ave., $130,000

Adam P. Fetty to Marcus R. Hoopes, 203 Idlewood Road, $70,000

Lisa Ferguson to Corey R.P. Dame, 4514 Alderwood Drive, $145,000

Jane McDermott to Houses 4 You LLC, 722 W. Wood St., $57,500

Thomas F. Featsent to Jaclyn M. Bionci and Travis Williams, 1921 Birch Trace, $160,000

Frederick J. Russell to Gregory J. Fire, 6480 Fairview Road, $40,000

Estate of Janice C. Sellers to Michael Ross, 6014 Callaway Circle, $108,500


1221 R&R Investments LLC to 2R Enterprises LLC, 1221 W. Western Reserve Road, $400,000

Sonya Rozman to Gerald Allen, 11761 South Ave., $87,000

Hempfield Industries LLC to APL Properties LLC, 14500 South Ave., $1,100,000

William A. Kreidler and Sandra K. Kreidler to Kathleen Kreidler, 11607 Sharrott Road, $170,000

Sebastian Investments LLC to Roy Harris, 550 Maplecroft Road, $600,000

Joseph E. Valko Jr. to Mihaela Mirela Tecuta and Emil Vasile Negrescu, 9278 Woodworth Road, $155,000

Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to Peter R. D’Alesiio, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 404, $278,039


Lee Robert Campbell to John Premec and Jill Dershaw, 14916 W. Western Reserve Road, $230,000


Anita P. Gomez to Elizabeth Hernandez, 191 Washington Blvd., $25,000

Rose Acceptance Inc. to Robert Miller, 4905 Glenwood Ave., $62,500

Terry Farmer, executor to William C. DeChicco, 5200 West Blvd., Unit 304, $49,500

Jacqueline N. Ciavarella to Michael Allen Meuter and Jennifer N. Meuter, 66 Terrace Drive, $114,000

Nancy J. Zurkey to Jeffrey J. Richardson and Patricia Richardson, 905 Auburn Hills Drive, Unit 1, $85,000

Raptis Investments LLC to Christopher Jones and Ta’wana Jones, 6781 Tanglewood Drive, $254,000

Deborah D. Aloia to Certified Culture LLC, 283 Oakley Ave., $65,000

Certified Culture LLC to Mark Kellerman, 283 Oakley Ave., $75,000

Anthony J. Burrus and Marcus Smith to Gregory S. Johnson and Jessica M. Johnson, 5020 Firnley Ave., $93,000

Jessica Decker Johnson and Gregory S. Johnson to Catlin M. Walker, 5929 Stillson Place, $135,000

Gary B. Reynolds Jr. to Mary Zsigmond and Andrew Brooks, 70 S. Cadillac Drive, $165,000

Laura L. Miller to August Seckler and Melissa Seckler, 118 Prestwick Drive, $50,000

William Davis et al. to Mathew T. Gessler, 39 Terrace Drive, $70,000

Susan Coach to U.S. Bank, N.A., 4603 Yarmouth Lane, $69,000

Premier Bank to Steven J. Bellino, 104 N. Cadillac Drive, $82,600

Dana M. Boman to Bruce M. Nelson and Deborah S. Nelson, 5255 Southern Blvd., $61,900


Daniel W. and Kristen L. Nye to Matthew P. Meagher, 522 Cynthia Drive, $171,500

Nikitas N. Grillis to Kevin Walters et al., 745 Coitsville Road, $989,500

Premier Land Management LTC to Travis J. Draa and Britney Draa, 510 Neoka Drive, $102,500


Phyllis J. Porter, trustee to South Range Local School District Board of Education, West Middletown Road, $101,072

William M. Ronci to Todd W. and Jillian M. Ronci, 355 Deer Trail Ave., $130,000

Canfield Township

Premier Real Estate Management LTD to Hannah Wiery, 4361 Lumont Ave., $175,000

Jon Matthew Wickwire to diana M. Vodhanel, 4064 St. Andrews Court, Unit 3, $139,000

Naffah Investments LLC to H. John Lichtefeld and Patricia Lichtefeld, Lot 1 Macy Lane, $63,000

Naffah Investments LLC to Judith Mineo, 10 Macy Lane, $70,000


Alyscam LLC to Marcus J. Horning Jr. and Susan K. Horning, 169 Struthers Liberty Road, $128,700


Gary Frye to Timothy J. Haladay, 137 S. Bayshore Drive, $208,500


Susan M. Thomas to Esquire Property Group LLC, 48 Wilson, $190,000

David T. Bernard to Jane L. Treasic, 966 Villa Place Drive, $141,500

Edward L. Murphy and Cynthia G. Murphy to Timothy W. May, 145 Churchill, $30,000


Christopher J. Ludwig to Jennifer Marie Troyer, 11837 St. Rt. 534, $233,000

Adrea Weaver and Shannon Burt to Craig W. Hull, 9560 S. Salem Warren Road, $167,000

Virginia Lynn Weaver to Roxanne Deckerd, 15936 Fourth St., $69,000


Monte K. Weaver to Linda Sue Liggett, 5494 Knopp Road, $164,000

Robbie Davis IV to Eric F. Strahn, 12855 Beaver Creek Road, $430,000

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee to Jason Lorch, 11760 Green Beaver Road, $101,500

J&M Property and Land Management LLC to Ellis Heslop, 14330 Egypt Road, $117,800


Edward C. Margala to Andrew Connell, Applegate, $66,000


FC201LLC to Daniel L. Wolfe, 11136 Silica Road, $139,500


Edward C. Margala to Edward C. Margala, 2900 Youngstown Hubbard, $66,000

Carol J. Barone to Mathew Lewis, 138 Lewis, 138 Euclid, $108,500


Jiryes LLC to Alyscam LLC, 722 W. Wood St., $22,940


Benchmark Properties of Ohio LTD to Mitco Remodeling and Renovations, 17551 Ellsworth Road, $160,000


Robin and Daniel Nagy to Giorgio DePieri and Jessica L. Goff, 14 Outlook St., $126,500

James H. Anderson to Nathan P. Freed and Cassandra J. Wolowic, 2272 Edgewater Drive, $110,000

UDE of Timber Ridge – Clingan Investments Two LTD to Troy M. Bury and Angela M. Battaglia, Lot #9 Clingan Trails Blvd., $45,000


Joyce L. Whiting to Dale B. Neiswanger III and Ayres Mozzochi, 486 W. Maryland Ave., $82,000


Catherine J. Sanor to Andrew McFerren and Gene Robin, 17842 Park St., $175,000


21st Mortgage Corporation to Lynn Grimm, 2504 E. Garfield Road, $22,000

Hampton Ridge Development Company LTD to Greenheart Companies LLC, $35,000

Wanda Kay Yanchik and Sally Jo Zorzi to Levi Whalen, 12666 S. State Line Road, $175,000


Michael Shiminsky to Christina M. Habbe and Bradley E. Habbe, 193 Creed St., $120,000


Linda Marie Culver to James W. McQuinn, 2727 Robbins, $80,000

Donald Ladd to Strohmeyer Properties LLC, 1290 Depot, $42,000


Melvin Neall to PHH Mortgage Corporation, 159 Maywood Drive, $28,577

Wilcare LLC to Canfield Asset Ownership LLC, 2958 Canfield Road, $1,648,535

Sean Perry to Eros 74 Investments LLC, 229 E. Avondale Ave., $21,000

Estate of Russell J. Siciliano to Valentini Properties LLC, 1754 Ridgelawn Ave., $62,500

Smithville Properties LLC to Keystone Properties of America LLC, 1636 Country Club Ave., $35,000

Frederick J. Didyoung to Village Capital and Investment LLC, 1829 Overlook Ave., $55,334

Charles H. and Mary J. Kettering to Record Holdings LLC, 866 Palmer Ave., $24,000

Eros 74 Investments LLC to Ohio Star LLC, 3166 Pine Hollow Drive, $54,000

Eric Knight and Ryan Knight to Jessica Kuuipo Sina Mativa, 36 Fernwood Ave., $54,500

David Hanus to Andromeda Investments Inc., 111 S. Maryland Ave., $37,250

Shawn Richard Anderson to SemGen Holdings LLC, 28 S. Glenellen Ave., $31,000

Progress Fatch and Annalee Fatch to TFB Properties LLC, 3527 Glenwood Ave., $74,000

Vancestone Hall to Saini Holdings LLC, 344 W. Marion Ave., $23,500

Michael C. Terlecki and Karen L. Terlecki to NEO Group LLC et al., 2465 Gladwae, $47,531

Diana M. Vetter and Logan Luis Vetter to Barbara M. Salus, 4424 Erie St., $69,000

Thomas Julian and Molly Julian to Paul Lettau and Brittany Landsberger, 3149 Sunnybrooke Drive, $105,000

Marjoie Lynn Pipoly to Bradford Dylan Maloney, 1580 Bancroft Ave., $68,000

Gary L. Lissimore to Seventeen Credit Union Inc., 1640 Canfield Road, $56,000

Pipe Barn LLC to Pipe Barn Beaver LLC, 1290 Poland Ave., $1,500,000

Christine Vickers et al., to Valentini Properties LLC, 673 N. Bon Air Ave., $64,000

Mark J. Wenick to Matthew A. Rosile, 2818 Peacock Drive, $123,000

Vincent Fond Jr., administrator to Dimas Molina and Alba Moran De Molina, 480 Bradley Lane, $40,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded March 1-5:


Terra M. McCloskey to Darian M. Hayes, 285 Westminster Ave., $67,000

Joyce P. Felton to Jeremy M. Haddle, 15 N. Turner Road, $77,000

ELPECO LLC to Mendelson RealCo LLC, 650 N. Meridian Road, $2,550,000

Grant A. Walter to Stephen D. Lewis, 5530 Colgate Drive, $30,000

Peter Margiotta to James H. Scheuing, 146 Aldrich Road, $123,900

Donald F. Ladd to Kicia M. Lewis, 1358 Cedarwood Drive, $195,000

Harry G. Stenger and Bridgett A. Pugh to Mark E. Stenger and Connie Stenter, 543 Notre Dame Ave., $60,000

Rodney W. Craver and Sherri L. Craver to WH Land Company LLC, 5594 Madrid Drive, $125,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Jones, 1853 Brockton Drive, $115,001

Mark R. and Autumn E. Pemberton to Michael and Sally Schmidt, 3828 Daytona Drive, $146,000

Stacy M. Lund-Whitney to Builtrite Enterprises LLC, 4482 Fitzgerald Ave., $33,000

Michael J. Corll to Marie Quezada and Ricardo Bustillos Ramos, 428 Southward Drive, $103,000

David J. Loucks to Dennis R. Gagne and Susan E. Gagne, 267 Ohltown Road, $45,000

Benjamin A. Zimmer and Alexandra Zimmer to Rochelle L. Bees, 1850 Woodgate St., $222,050

Rita L. Connors to Bernard J. Fronzaglio Jr., 5701 Tulane Ave., $142,000


Najeed Fazal to Simone Froelich, Longview Circle, $65,000

Anita Chearno to Nancy I. Martauz, 695 E. Western Reserve, Unit 2101, $150,000

Angel Lots LLC to Perry Pogany and Kay Cook, Lot 69, Mallard Landing, $70,000

Joann Quinton, trustee, to Kenneth D. and Cindy K. Guthrie, 3325 W. Garfield Road, $195,000

Mark A. Bolina and Cheryl L. Bolina to Charles E. Lengyel and Chelsea M. Lengyel, 9942 New Buffalo Road, $305,800

Sherman J. Stiles and Lynn Rae Styles to Aaron Stiles and Gayla Marie Styles, 1088 Sharrott Creek Drive, $325,000

George W. Leach to Ronald and Robert Bellino, 4315 W. Western Reserve Road, $42,000


Wayne L. Medlin to Theodore E. and Annette C. Stephens, 5869 Bedell Road, $190,300

Brian W. Srock and Robin A. Anderson to Adam Srock, 15081 Ellsworth Road, $105,000


Kevin R. Ameduri to Chelsea M. Romine, 3932 Lorna Vista Drive, $118,450

TIG Properties LLC to Katherine A. Stutzman and Beth Stutzman, 5223 Old Oxford Lane, $185,000

Homes Community Organization, Inc. to Daniel R. Stahura, 287 Shields Road, $40,000

Huntington Land Company of Canfield LLC to Gorgen Properties LLC, Indian Run Drive and Huntington Drive, $2,400,000

Robert S. Marchionda to Joslyn Harnishfeger, 5266 Glenwood Ave., $67,000

Mala Properties LTD to MYM Properties LLC, 755 Boardman Canfield Road, Bldg. A, Unit 1, $140,000

Patricia A. Benson to Sharon A. Talarico and Timothy Voytilla, 6907 Tippecanoe Road, $106,000

Stepo Land Management LLC to Rasmussen Properties LLC, 230 McClurg Road, $600,000

Holly Testa and Janine M. Hamilton to Sara Bush and Jeff Dunn, 1919 Wingate Road, $110,000

Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC to Warren Frederick Brown, 246 Indianola Road, $132,000

Patricia A. Greene to Lucy B. Reday, 1462 Shields Road, $219,900

Erin McAndrew and Joseph McAndrew to Karen G. Gates and Karla D. Graham, 597 Green Garden Drive, $173,000

Dorothy L. Mentler to Sung Do, 25 Kirk St., $71,000

Zenon Issel to Dennis Alan Yommer Jr., 119 Prestwick Drive, $113,000

Lloyd W. Robertson, trustee, to Robert Baluch and Lauren Baluch, Hickory Hill Drive, $31,000

Robert B. Buckner to Richard K. Giles and Teresa A. Giles, 648 Oakridge Drive, $168,450

James J. Cantelupe to Cory Watts, 817 Wildwood, $103,000

Janine M. Fleming and Michelle L. Snyder to Debra L. Oster, 50 Western Reserve Road, Unit 2, $162,000

Pamela L. Bernadelia to Alyssa M. Lupo and Jason R. Butcher, 5755 Gilbert Drive, $153,000

Richard L. Huff to Richard Knopf et al., 823 Mathews Road, $139,900

James C. Vickers Sr. to Jean Hardy, 806 Woodfield Court, Unit A. $160,000

Jean M. Hardy to Randolph Charles Ebert and Victoria Lynn Rusu, 1827 Alverne Drive, $169,500

NEO Group1 LLC to Sara Chodeda, 138 Clifton Ave., $26,000


Richard G. Barr to William Anthony Smallwood, 671 Robinson Road, $162,000

Velma Bolina to Madeline R. Rosile-Miller and Wyatt J. Miller, 570 Edward Lane, $85,000

Estate of Francisco Pagan to Alvin Pagan, 105 Columbus Ave., $22,000

Toppy Investments LLC to TML Investment Group, 487 Devitt Ave., $40,000

Charles J. Dubos and Jeanette A. Dubos to WD Home Solutions LLC, 81 Piccadilly St., $26,000

Polixeni Kindinis to Patrick Michael Hymes, 78 Bright Ave., $34,995


Barbara Maxim to Samantha Carson, 275 Deer Trail Ave., $225,000

Michelle M. Sadiak to Paul Vantell Ciarniello, 171 Surrey Lane, $45,000

Gina C. Parks to Jonathan M. Simon, 575 Brookpark Drive, $208,000

Canfield Township

Michael W. Dunaway to Markijohn Properties LLC, 5959 Leffingwell Road, $800,000

Laurece Chahine and Nawal Cuddy to Thomas J. Klopta II and Melissa Klopta, 6250 St. Andrews Drive, $330,000

Mary Darlene Fedorisin by Lorraine Fedorisin POA to Barry A. Benchwick and Tresa A. Benchwick, 4270 Adeer Drive, $80,000

K.P.Z. Inc. to Robert A. and Debra A. Russo, Lot 30 Abbey Road, $60,000

Viorel Rebrisorean to Stacy Carcelli, 2115 Redwood Place, $345,000

KPZ Inc. to David and Michele Courtney, Lot 28 Abbey Road, $60,000

Craig Beach

Daniel S. Johnson to David Olson, 1865 Triumph Ave., $52,000


Paul J. Kramer and Joyce Tondo Kramer to Elijah Dwight Jenkins Jr. and Jasmine Winters, 47 Mohawk, $340,900

Shear Venture Corp to Nanci M. Breegle, 514 Ward, $81,000

Timothy J. Britt to Stephen Bates and Samuel Bates, 226 W. Kline, $86,000

Ronald C. Vince to Briarcliff Rentals LLC, 34 Townsend, $56,800

Angela Ferraro to Sheila Louise McConville, Otis, $140,000


Frederick W. Shugart and Vera E. Shugart to Robin W. James and Leisa G. James, 16951 W. Western Reserve Road, $166,000


Colton Gudat and Emily Gudat to Tyler Brown and Lynette Seebacher, $140,000


Jennifer G. Hamilton to Michael Lopuchovsky and Rebecca Lopuchovsky, 3157 Pothour Wheeler, $199,500

Patricia A. Gentilcore to Robert A. Murphy, 834 West Park, $118,000Mary K. OHara to Ashley Mausser, 104 Princeton, $89,500

James R. Carsone Sr. and James R. Carsone to Harry M. Krause, 129 Parish, $55,000

Windsor Road Land LLC to John D. Miller and Dorothy S. Miller, Lon, $50,000


I and E Home Improvement Inc to Samuel Long, 3521 Denver, $185,000

Danna M. Bozick to Theresa Owens, 2605 Homestead, $47,250

Gregory A. Burrows and Lorraine E. Burrows to George D. Summers III and Abbey L. Summers, Appaloosa Lane, $25,000

Paul M. OConnor Jr. and Kevin J. OConnor to Patricia A. Alexander, 374 Colonial, $92,000

David A. Baco Sr. and Paula A. Baco to Randy Matthews, 411 Ravine, $185,000

Sara Pretoka to Austin Snodgrass, 1002 Leslie Lane, $97,600

JHB Enterprises LLC to JHB Enterprises LLC, 6551 Belmont Ave., $67,717

JHB Enterprises LLC to Gregory Shultz, 6551 Belmont Ave., $97,501

Mary Agatha R. Patrick to Axel Garcia and Ashley Garcia Delgado, 340 Goldie, $44,000


Michael W. Dunlap and Randall L. McCoy to Jared Charles DiGiacobbe, 908 Florida, $119,500


Kevin P. McFarland to John Demes and Deandra Demes, 28920 Southeast River Road, $30,000

Top Team Propeties LLC to Daniel A. Butler and Alison M. Butler, 13674 Mahoning Ave., $190,000


Sharon Rich and Elizabeth Mylonas to Alyssa N. Marsh, 2350 Hamilton Ave., $70,000

Robin L. Lancey to Jason M. and Tracy L. McNally, $193,000

Frank C. and Kathleen M. Edwards to Melissa Kaplin, 2500 Lyon Blvd., $99,000

John Ackworth and Mary A. Ackworth to James Kevin Chapman, 3424 Dobbins Road, $179,000


Brad A. Harlan to Gary Kosa and Katie Robinson, 680 W. Georgia Ave., $92,000


Angela N. Stahl to Nicholas A. and Kylie A. Dillon, 13958 Oak Ave., $120,000


Catherine J. Millerleile to Craig M. Ross and Shannon Ross, 3216 S. Range Road, $165,000

Christina J. Long et al. to Joseph Fleeger, 13134 Unity Road, $254,000

Mary D’Amato and Anna D’Amato to Anita E. Chearno, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, No. 3, $184,000

Randall Ohlin and Christine D’Amico to Martin and Wendy Dudai, 6729 E. Calla Road, $330,000


Jessica Tomko, trustee, to Michelle J. Walsh, 363 Overlook Blvd., $95,400

Kenneth H. Bigley Jr. to Robert Durick and Donna Durick, 216 Harvey St., $62,000


Bonnie Ann Webber to Charles B. Ochsenbine and Lesa A. Ochsen, 2289 Crestmont, $245,000

James L. Elbon and Emily J. Elbon to John K. Duemmel and Joanna M. Duemmel, 625 Garland, $260,000

Kicia M. Lewis / Kicia M. Eyster to Darrell Rogers and Jaime L. Pavlik, 3045 Austintown Warren Road, $373,000

Tommy Strickland to Micah Kaufman, Earl, $20,000

John A. Camodeca to Jack W. McRae, 1922 Farmdale, $190,000


Kristin T. Boone to Meesheila N. Murray, 503 W. Princeton Ave., $55,000

Robert F. Bakalik to Robert F. Bakalik Jr., 2841 S. Schenley Ave., $55,000

Yousra M. Hamad to Tarlochan Singh, 718 Belmont Ave., $130,000

CT Crandall II LLC to Trina Soetaert, 2609 Lansdowne Blvd., $35,000

JoAnn Jones to Alive LLC, 106 W. Philadelphia Ave., $21,900

Steven Kish to SemGen Holdings LLC, 2904 Roy St., $22,000

SemGen Holdings LLC to Bita Inc., 3112 Burbank Ave., $54,900

M and F Property Management LLC to Monica Kainrad, 1926 Chapel Hill Drive, $150,000

Ahmad Hosseinipour to Saleh Ali Musaid, 3437 Shelby Road, $36,000

Nathan E. Fields to Michael and Linda Vodhanel, 473 Redondo Road, $220,200

John R. Taylor and Colleen Taylor to Sabrena Grantling, 408 Manchester Ave., $29,000

Jolyn Bush to Raymond E. and Jo Ann Bresnahan, 192 Hilton Ave., $40,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Feb. 22-26:


James B. Driscoll to Times Square REO LLC, 3946 New Road, $95,782

Julia Arnold to Norman Dameal Campbell and Clarise Campbell, 4484 Woodridge Drive, $166,000

Michael Rasor and Cara Rasor to Rachel Beshero and George Beshero, 249 DeHoff Drive, $90,000

Commercial Development Properties LLC to WBE Holdings LLC, 278 Boardman Canfield Road, $175,000

Leonard Grbinick to John Perry III, 4933 Signature Circle, $156,000

Ronald Jongeling to David Frayer and Megan N. Frayer, 3670 Sandburg Drive, $152,000

Patricia A. Ragan to Ericka C. Mejia, 3110 Redgate Lane, $99,000

Michael E. Crean and Brian K. crean to Georgeann Dirando and Ethan M. Diranco, 1398 Northfield Drive, $116,000

Alexis A. Smith to Corey Daniel Watson and Nicole Marie Kowalski, 4533 Burkey Road, $118,500

Paul and Christina L. Antal to Louis Fernandez, 281 S. Inglewood Ave., $103,000

Estate of Paul J. King to Jason L. and Elizabeth R. Himes, 147 Fair Meadow Drive, $158,500

David E. Siembieda and Rochelle M. Siembieda to G.S.N.A. LLC, 540 N. Meridian Road, $180,000


Frank E. Strahin, guardian to Vicki Lynn Martin, 11892 South Ave., $67,500

Joseph Elwood LLC to DACK Investments LLC, 830 E. Middletown Road, $500,000

Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to Diane E. Shermer, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 501, $282,861


Brian S. Huff to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 111 Forest Park Drive, $85,965

John T Murphy II et al. to Richard Rittinger, 286 Wildwood Drive, $130,000

Glomar Properties LLC to Great Lakes House Buyers East LLC, 4005-4009 Glenwood Ave., $370,000

Rosemary Dundon to Michael J. Centofanti and Martha Centofanti, 7637 E. Parkside Drive, $171,000

Mohammed Ali Omran to Saed R. Al-Khatib, 1878 Oles Ave., $85,000

Patricia Watson to Crisann M. Conroy, trustee, 64 Willow Drive, $57,055

J.W. Maxin Ent. LLC to Mark Kellerman, 58 & 70 Carter Circle, $414,000

William A. Custer to Zachary Custer, 5990 Youngstown Poland Road, $100,000

Tina M. Davis to Vahik Yaghob and Helen Gevergiz, trustees, 6691 Lockwood Blvd., $245,000

David A. Crouch and Cari J. Crouch to Samuela C. Fabrizio, 247 Wildwood Drive, $100,000

Debra A. DeMatteo to Daniel M. Bobovnyik and Cheryl A. Kakurai, 226 Waggaman Circle, $150,000

CPFJ Properties to Michele Ann Metzinger, 7357 Eisenhower Drive, Unit 3, $70,000

Marra Properties LLC to Dominic Varacalli, 674 Cook Ave., $200,000

Andrew Guntrum IV and Andrew Guntrum III to Alaynie Wiery, 7386 Southern Blvd., $103,500

Travis and Anne Rosenkranz to Melvan E. Sr. and Connie M. Saunders, 171 S. Cadillac Drive, $140,000

Robert A. Porter and Jamie L. Porter to Wesley E. Johnson Jr., 5512 Southern Blvd., $145,000

Robert A. Porter and Jamie L. Porter to Wesley E. Johnson Jr., 5516 Southern Blvd., $145,000

TMMG Land Company to Trailwood 901 LLC, 901 Trailwood Drive, $525,000

Erdal Dede to Sabrina Olsavsky, 1926 Brandon Ave., $120,000


Tamara M. Pitman to Alan Wackowski and Barbara Wackowski, 316 Porter Ave., $118,000

Thomas D. Tablack to Robert D. Yeager, 756 Porter Ave., $115,400


Arturo Gallegos Vasquez and Carolina Mendez to Saeed George Salameh Hourani and Michelle Lee, 810 Blueberry Hill Drive, $261,000

Lauren Daliman and Robert Rainey to Alexandra Bouchillon, 70 N. Hillside Road, $179,000

Chong Cha Bergrab to Frank Ross, 540 Shadydale Drive, $329,000

Edwin Lan Nass and Rebecca Jane Hille to Matthew J. Beard, 167 Hilltop Blvd., $130,000

James M. Kostelic and Barbara Kostelic to Chiovitti & Simon LLC, 64 Cardinal Drive, $144,000

Canfield Township

Vincent J. Malkovits and Michelle Malkovits to Ali Kooshkabadi and Nicole Kooshkabadi, 7140 St. Urssula Drive, $515,000

Lloyd R. Brenner and Rita Brenner to Emily Katherine Hall and Benjamin Heath Bates, 7303 Youngstown Salem Road, $265,000

Joseph T. Humenick and Patricia M. Humenick to Badlands Holdings LLC, $15,000

George J. Beshara to Janice E. Richardson and Clyde A. Richardson, 6675 Seville Drive, $106,000

The Neff Land Co. to Allson M. Price Revocable Trust, Sugarbush Drive, $279,000

Luke George to Nicholas Moore, 4508 Messerly Road, $130,000

Mary Ann Rovnak, trustee to Megan Marie Shaffer, 4132 Orlando Road, $175,000

Helen A. Modarelli to Jacob Sposetta and Kali Eleanor Sbalbi, 3736 Fairway Drive, $226,900


Premier Real Estate Management LTD to Patrick R. Minnie, 5810 Johnson Road, $139,000


Jessica L. Benton to Nick Watson, 632 Kline, $109,000

Nadeya Dugan to Jennifer M. Latell, 520 Hazel St., $120,000


RLC Real Estate LLC to Emory Dean Anderson, W. South Range Road, $48,000

Lyle J. Hooer and Leanne B. Hoover to Tiffany Foerster and Dana Wolfgang, 13790 Smith Goshen Road, $166,000


Michael Lopuchovsky and Rebecca Kerr to Nicole D. Gibson, 299 Raymond, $190,003

Georgann Rozzo and David Rozzo to Ryan Morgan, 15 Westview, $87,000

Lean M. Ferrara to Sandra M. Emory, 7783 McDowell, $58,000


Arms Development LLC to Edgar G. Toalongo and Nancy Toalongo, 155 Euclid, $100,000

LB-UBS 2006-C7 OH 2 Properties LLC to 4333 Belmont LLC, 4333 Belmont, $530,250


Brigitte Seuffert, trustee to Jeffrey Raymer, Alois Lane, $115,000

Nicholas J. Yochman and Kaityly N. Crees to Kayla M. Goodlin, 520 S. Newton Falls Road, $340,000

Burtscher Enterprises LLC to Vincent G. Pepper and Margaret A. Pepper, Mahoning Ave., $36,500


Chase M. Varish to William R. and Katie J. Corbett, 2781 Howell Drive, $149,000

Sean R. Guerriero, trustee to Marianne Ameen, 5645 Clingan Road, $236,000

John S. Premec to Debra A. Voitus and William J. Dubusker, 8878 Woodland Drive, $110,000


Gerald Brain and Melanie Brain to Roger Hershberger, 1120 N. Johnson Road, $225,000

Kevin L. Schaffer to Kurt A. Snyder, 306 E. Indiana Ave., $50,000


Rinto Family LLC to Shannon T. Dennis, Alliance-Sebring Road, $39,000


Danny J. Richey to Travis J. and Victoria Richey, 14689 Hofmeister Road, $254,000

Stacy Carcelli to Jeremy M. and Kaytlin A. Savaet, 10430 Carrie Drive, $220,000


Marisa A. Litch to Jennifer M. and Raymond C. Greenwood III, 525 Judith Ave., $67,000

Dorothy Kotyuha to Thoma Nuttall, 556 Lincoln St., $70,000

Dorothy Kotyuha to Thoma Nuttall, 554 Lincoln St., $72,500

CSC Perry LLC to Nick Gentile Jr., 182 Perry St., $57,000

Mara M. Frisco, trustee to Bruce R. Bloomberg and David A. Bloomberg, 1136 Runge Ave., $95,000

Stephen A. Miller to Jason Gibson and Desiree Bramer, 400 Spring St., $66,900


David E. Pugh and Nancy B. Pugh to Donald F. Ladd, 1483 Blunt, $39,000


Ali Itayim to Farid Illouf, 1696 Albert St., $35,000

Brian Torok and Tammy D. Torok to Dimas Molina and Alba Moran de Molina, 75 Duncan Lane, $25,000

Eros 74 Investments LLC to GFJ 1972 Inc., 520 W. Glenaven Ave., $36,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Kelvin Xavier Melendez Serrano, 450 Falls, $25,000

Jessica Ruth Reuter to Divvy Homes Warehouse A LLC, 3198 Oran Drive, $110,941

Kelly Kilpatrick, and Patrick P. Burton, trustees to Shaker A. Ali, 1572 Thalia Ave., $54,500

Michael J. Sabol and Pamela J. Sabol to Michael S. George and Jennifer L. George, 54 Milton Ave., $61,000

Devin Whitehouse and Brittney M. Whitehouse to Emilee E. Walsh, 1739 S. Heights Ave., $33,000

James W. Powell to 9091 Properties LLC, 3335 Tangent St., $25,000

Betty L. Nance to Mahoning Valley Homes LLC, 228 Curry Place, $54,000

Samantha R. Cozort to Jose L. Ortiz and Selena Cardoza, 1628 Brownlee Ave., $71,640

Regina A. Skillern to Denise Hightower, 765 Winona Drive, $25,000

Estate of Gail Horvath to Kirk J. Gelntzer and Dorothy J. Glentzer, 684 Wesley Ave., $52,000

Robert S. Gurnak to David A. Gurnak, 1610 Medford Ave., $34,000

Progress F. Fatch and Annalee C. Fatch to Shayne O’Brien, 419 W. Judson Ave., $36,250

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Feb. 15-19:


Pamela Dickerhoof and John LeMarco to Marc Steven Pupino, 961 Kirwan Drive, $125,000

Suzanne L. Pinkerton to Ryan Scott Sheffield and Taylor Sandra Meier, 3521 Almerinda Drive, $160,000

Cathy J. Walters to David Addicott, 67 N. Carnegie Ave., $105,000

Charles E. Miner Jr. and Susan Y. Miner to Dallas C. Root, 2531 Amberly St., $47,615

Paulette McKay to Dale Robert Reynolds, 116 S. Roanoke Ave., $79,000

Dennis L. Gaston to Christine L. Troutman and Stacy E. Troutman, 117 Kleber Ave., $48,000

Ronald H. Diefenderfer and Patricia M. Diefenderfer to John Chechitelli and Tanisha Chechitelli, 5623 London Drive, $162,000

Cristine Glass to Ronald Difenderfer and Patricia M. Difenderfer, 40 Atlanta Ave., Unit 40, $119,500


Jeffrey and Carol Kirschke to Bruce Wright, 286 Maplecroft Road, $173,000


Craig L. Myers and Shirley M. Myers to Adam R. Myers and Courtney L. Myers, 14137 Leffingwell Road, $240,000

Kirk T. Kasten and Emily Kasten to Charles Phipps et al., Mock Road, $130,000


George R. Crawford to Patrick Newman and Peichu Chen, 4312 Chester Drive, $96,000

Margaret L. Sucher to 3446 Rebecca Drive LLC, 3919 Hudson Drive, $65,000

Full House Investment Properties LLC to It’s Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 159 Clifton Drive, $45,000

Michael P. DePerro Jr. to JJT Real Property LLC, 8430 Market St., $312,500

Barbara Yaist to Susan Yaist, 783 Ronlee Lane, $100,000

Timothy W. Zurvitz and Carole A. Zurvitz to Yvonnia Bradshaw, 15 Lake Shore Drive, $142,000

Tabitha L. Notar to Kerry A. Davies, 392 Argyle Ave., $109,000

Mark Kellerman to Michael Gordon Tobey and Alexa Tobey, 76 Southwoods Ave., $235,000

Larry J. Bellito to Excellence Expected Real Estate Investors LLC, 758 Annawan Lane, $55,000

Matthew T. Semach to Imperium Real Estate LLC, 46 Gertrude Ave., $170,000

Christopher Clones and Rae Clones to Michael Broderick and Erin E. Broderick, 404 Garden Gate Court, $183,000

George Taylor Evans III and Peggy J. Evans to Jane E. Clarke, 8059 Forest Lake Drive, $220,000

Daniel A. Benjamin to Alicia Leone, 1310 Fox Run Court Unit D, $117,000


SKXACX LLC to Tavern 26 LLC, 250 12th St., $116,500

Magaly Roman-Andrade to Jose I. Espada, 706 Whipple Ave., $86,200

Raymond Jimenez to Malyssa Lynn Bobic and Charles Ward, 66 Oxford St., $53,500


APCO Construction Inc. to James Rutana, 841 Auburn Hills Drive, Unit 3, $70,000

Canfield Township

Daniel J. Rossi to Lisa M. Mangie, 3749 Joyce Ann Drive, $275,000

Jeff Mirone to Diane Collins Campbell, 3761 Indian Run Drive, Unit 6, $78,000

Robert P. Thomas to Linda Adair, 5110 Tippecanoe Road, $50,000

CTW Development Corporation to John Massie, 4300 Westford Place, Unit 9B, $293,200

CTW Development Corporation to David L. O’Neil and Kathleen V. O’Neil, 4300 Westford Place, Unit 9C, $288,700

Estate of Therese Bott to Melinda A. Rubesa, 3614 Mercedes Place, $128,000

Craig Beach

Margaret M. Pemberton to Richard Kolovich, 2320 Grandview Road, $135,800


APL Properties LLC to James Nalipa and Karen Nalipa, 444 Backbay Drive, Lot No. 42, $60,000

P. Earl Corey to Lakefront Preserve LLC, Eureka Road/Danbury Way, $112, 064

Lakefront Preserve LLC to Donald J. Herman and Deanna N. Mahood, Danbury Way, $70,000


Stephen W. Miller to Jessica D. Kline and Steven A. Kline, 126 Wilson, $52,000

George P. Malactaris to Ryan L. Fisher and Stacy L. Fisher, 1127 Gary, $105,000


Michael P. Amato and Allison B. Amato to Michael J. Amato, 11824 Green Beaver Road, $330,000


Michele Williams to Christopher L. Rankin, 222 Westview, $59,000

James A. Stafford and Stacey K. Stafford to Jason E. Ward and Shawna M. Ward, 626 Wendemere, $157,000

Bonnie K. Brice Forgac to Joseph Smaldino and Amanda Smaldino, 3328 Applegate, $260,000

Mark J. Silvidi to Todd D. Rossi and Jordan L. Pritts, 270 Hager, $97,900

Michael H. Lowery Jr. to Anthony Theofilos Zembillas, 6699 Chestnut Ridge, $177,500


Bonnie K. Brice Forgac to Joseph Smaldino and Amanda Smaldino, 3328 Applegate, $260,000

Home and Land Developers LLC to Denise Wolf, 275 Potters Circle, $237,500

Midfirst Bank to Duane L. Turnage, 1158 Logan Wood, $120,000

Robert M. Walley to US Bank National Association , 4700 Logan Gate, $90,000


Robert DeVita Jr. and Kathy DeVita to Aaron Porter, 747 Oregon, $180,000


Liborio Ricottilli Jr. to Jill Chesney, 2729 Coblentz Drive, $65,000

Harpreet Singh to Paul Miller, 3696 Polo Blvd, $550,000

Debra L. Eckman to Zachariah D. Carr, 2855 Heatherbrae Drive, $161,000

Ernest Patrick to Mary Lee Smith, 7019 Poland Center Drive, $37,500

Maru Ellen Barringer to K&M Specialty Properties LLC, 3140 E. Western Reserve Road, $20,000


Veronica G. England to Kimberly K. MaGill, 13875 Main St., $110,345


Theresa A. Barbey et al. to Daniel Shawn Boerio, 6881 Columbiana Road, $160,000

Patricia K. Greco to James J. Ruana and Maria E. Rutana, 9660 Springfield Road, $665,000

Christine Morrison to Brandon Llewellyn, 12358 Harman Road, $330,000

Dieter Home Construction Inc. to James Shipsky and Kylie Shipsky, 5331 Skye Drive, $269,000


Emma E. Brenoel to Tiffany Carson, 64 Helena Drive, $85,000

John G. Pera and Anna L. Pera to Joshua R. Foor, 396 Elm St., $89,900

Jeffrey D. Huff to Keystone Properties for America LLC, 471 Garfield St., $67,500

Shawn L. Hughes to Luther Thomas Jr. and Lisa Hope Thomas, 27 Wetmore Drive, $120,000

Michael D. Klacik and Linda S. Klacik, 112 Argonne Ave. 1/2, $24,000

Daniel P. Faith to Phillip P. Nunes, 525 Ninth St., $72,000


Thomas J. Borton to Robert White and Amy White, 1738 Shannon Circle, $84,500

Cynthia L. Nadaud to Gheorge Rohland, 1385 Gilbert, $44,000


Ohio Properties Portfolio 2019 Series B LLC to Md Y Rahman, 219 E. Lucius Ave., $24,000

Dennis Moore to Joseph McCabe, 1503 Bancroft Ave., $25,000

Jennie Janczewski to Jose S. Rivera, Cambridge Ave., $45,006

Joann Marquette to Valentini Properties LLC, 686 Winchester Ave. $64,000

August J. Seckler to Samuel D. Mathey, 3607 Arden Blvd., $74,900

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. to Kaytlin D. Felger and Zachary A. Felger, 740 Lake Drive, $80,000

Andrew Hepler and Melissa VanWynsberghe to EROS 74 Investments LLC, 2310 Mount Vernon Ave., $33,000

Nicholas Edward Mock to Austin M. Williams, 3722 Sunset Blvd., $22,000

Christopher Rubino and Monica Gothot to Megan E. Tomei, 209 Beachwood Drive, $131,500

SVC 1 LLC to Kayla N. Vega and Randall S. Snyder Jr., 2698 Rexford Road, $57,000


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