Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Sept. 28-Oct. 2:


Go America LC to HPF Holding LLC, 5328 Baker St., $75,000

L. Dorolese Hatfield t o Doris Faye Baugh and James D. Baugh, 5100 Winthrop Drive, $105,000

Ronald S. Deak and Joan D. Deak to Samuel P. Cassano and Stephanie E. Cassano, 4244 Belle Ave., $55,000

Michele Zielinski and Pamela Guerriere Kovach to Nichole Zielinski and Michael Esau, 3244 Meanderwood Drive, $60,000

Jason R. Henik to Sydney Hlifka, 176 Parkgate Ave., $70,000

Samuel F. Barger to Tyler B. Debolt and Kelsie M. Pushay, 3855 Chaucer Lane, $100,000

Michael A. Fonda, trustee, to Donald D. Penrod, 3610 Wendover Ave., $162,000

Shirley H. LaVassaur to Miller Real Estate II LTD, 2585 Vollmer Drive, $75,001

Dale J. Rair and Alice M. Rair to Solomon and Gaum Real Estate Investment, 4891 Woodridge Drive, $65,000

Estate of Mary Ann Tomko to Michael P. Kudlovsky, 178 Wilcox Road, $140,000

Joseph M. Saadey and Joan M. Sabatine, trustees, to Western Reserve Port Authority, 50 Westchester Drive, $1,155,400

Sharon A. Agler and Jerome DeMaiolo to Daniel J. DeMaiolo, 5124 Norquest Blvd., $120,000

Melinda Marks to John Dobrilovic and Christine Dobrilovic, 285 N. Yorkshire Blvd., $45,000


DSG Rentals LLC to Elissa Karin Burkey, 1302 W. Garfield Road, $176,500

Laura R. Witmer and Michael S. Witmer, trustees to Ethan Witmer and Scott Gibson, 3780 Renkenberger Road, $350,000

Charles A. and Michael E. Flohr to Brock and Katie J. Frederick, South Ave., $48,000

Thomas J. Richards and Christine M. Richards to John Guy Petruzzi and Marcella A. Petruzzi, 2881 Grandview Blvd. $180,000

John G. Ball to Ross C. Whitmore and Amanda K. Whitmore, 9701 Detwiler Road, $220,000

Daniel J. Zarlenga Jr. to Rico Devincentis and Tiffany Greene, 9399 Detwiler Road, $76,000

Metropolis Realty Holdings LLC to Douglas D. Sipp and Darlene C. Tepe, 56 W. South Range Road, $129,000

Mark J. and Regina C. Kren to Brian L. and Melissa I. Poland, Lot 11, Mystic Rock Road, $32,000


Vincent J. Malkovits and Michelle M. Marco to Carly Melewski and Dennis Melewski, 5861 Sharon Drive, $245,000

James C. Koehler to 7373 Market Street Realty Holding LLC, 7373 Market St., $800,000

Joseph V. and Rosemary Allegretto to Daniel J. Babyak, 231 Griswold Drive, $150,000

Terry L. Jordan to Kevin Bell, 181 Argyle Ave., $40,000

Patrick Lalama and Marcello Lalama, trustees to Anthony G. Horvath and Christine D. Begalla, 1260 Boardman Canfield Road, Unit 27, $165,000

Wayne W. Wible Jr., trustee to Warren P. Williamson III, trustee, 8425 Tippecanoe Road, $100,000

Marlene J. Horlick to Michael Knott and Lisa Morgan, 159 Creston Drive, $138,500

David W. Toto to Bradford H. and Katrina M. Armstrong, 4554 Euclid Blvd., $102,000

Rajive Adlaka and Rebecca Adlaka to Hartman Joshua 1:8 LLC, 1285 Boardman Canfield Road, $275,000

Kelsey M. DeMart to Blaise K. Stanton and Patricia A. Stanton, 6875 Tippecanoe Road, $119,500

Anthony D’Ambrosio Revocable Trust to Toby Wright and Kelsey Demart, 144 Robin Hood Way, $279,900

Eric Rayl and Angela J. Rayl to Sonja M. Raez and John F. Raez, 8009 Hitchcock Road, $220,000

Mark Cuprik and Charon Cuprik to Eric S. Killian, 1030 Westport Drive, $190,000

Estate of Sean Nestor to Alyscam LLC, 4253 Devonshire Drive, $65,000

Anthony G. Elmo to Anthony James Elmo, 45 Gillian Lane, $116,000

Jessica L. Scheetz to Lisa Andrews, 1904 Cover Drive, $151,000

BEDEX LLC to Dominik Pavetic and Destiny M. Odom, 447 Garden View Drive, $165,000

Doreen Chia to Jyh-Fe Jeff Yeh, 852 Pearson Circle, $55,000

Dorothy Makar to Michael E. Flanagan and Candace Halter, 5680 Sharon Drive, $163,500

Brian J. Slavens Jr. and Mary A. Vinopal to Katherine N. Hughes, 218 Wolcott Drive, $170,000

Robert Bates to Michael Pikago, 771 Orlo Lane, $132,000

Matthew D. and Briana N. Cline to Pamela L. Miokovic, 1803 Halbert Drive, $115,900

Its Five OClock Somewhere LLC to Chanka Bharat et al., 66 Shields Road, $57,400


Stephen J. Sferra to Anthony Penson, 700 Moore Ave., $75,000

Karen Shaker to Brandon Fraley, 463 Blossom Ave., $70,000

Estate of Ronald J. Harris to Elverna King, 615 Dumont Ave., $95,000


Michael Hritz and Marianne Hritz to Kelly Lydon and Richard Lydon, 66 Willow Bend Drive, $312,000

Michael L. Owens to Melinda Toth and John Toth, 21 Stratford Green, Unit 2, $112,000

Gary T. Hubbard, trustee to Minor Group LLC, 33 Talsman Drive, $132,000

Gregory Ferranti et al. to 121 Fairground Blvd. LLC, 121 Fairground Blvd., $124,000

Steve J. and Jennifer Dunn to Glenn M. and Candice L. Steed, 133 Lake Wobegon Drive, $389,900

Tejdeep Singh and Ravinder T. Singh to Cindy N. Vo, 90 Montgomery Drive, $292,000

Blaise Obritz to Christopher L. Clower, 441 Hood Drive, $159,900

Cheryl K. Fell to Paula Marie Clark, 182 Talsman Drive, $205,000

Redlands Corporation to 525 N. Broad St. LLC, 525 N. Broad St., $75,000

Paul S. Kosling and Laura K. Soca to Staci Davidson and Frank Davidson, 275 N. Broad St., $200,000

Canfield Twp.

The Amendolea Revocable Trust to Trent Squire and Cheryl Squire, 4546 Quaker Court, $355,000

Simon Westbury LLC to Matthew J. Stellato and Ashley N. Stellato, Lot 91, Orchard Park Drive, $69,000

Jon Arnold and Jennifer Arnold to Molly C. Schwartz and Edward D. Cornman, 8774 Tippecanoe Road, $600,000

Nicole Palazzo to Nicolette M. Arnoto, 4054 St. Andrews Court #1, $115,000

CTW Development Corporation to Alan N. Ewing and Linda K. Ewing, 6857 Langston Run, $149,900

James E. Morton to Jestine Aliff and Timothy James Aliff, 7348 S. Raccoon Road, $293,550

Robert and Jean Shackelford to John T. Weber and Darlene D. Weber, 7550 Lydia Lane, $327,294

Indra P. Limbu and Pratima Ingnam to Joseph Lombardo, 4797 N. Aspen Court, $365,000

Gregory B. Iaderosa to Vincent J. Malkovits and Michelle Malkovits, 7140 St. Ursula Drive, $515,000

Jawad E. Francis and Jennifer Ghassan Wakim-Francis to Michael F. Hritz and Marianne Hritz, 1665 Gully Top Lane, $475,000

Craig Beach

RSBN Holdings LTD to Joseph P. Bell et al., 17854 Lundys Lane, $129,400

Jeremy Pape and Amy Pape to Christine T. Dean and Nicholas A. Dean, 9999 Laurel Ave., $27,000


Kevin J. Mercer and Karen S. Mercer to Richard W. Stockburger and Carly Stockburger, 4701 S. Duck Creek Road, $345,000


Allen M. and Kathryn K. ZIegler to Charles C. and Gail L. Warren, 106 S. Bayshore Drive, $395,000


Timothy J. Wack to Katie L. Griffith and Brian S. Griffith, 15814 Salem-Alliance Road, $117,500


James E. Haywood Sr. to Patricia Hirst et al.,, 6987 W. South Range Road, $170,000

David A. Slagle and Deborah A. Slagle to James A. Myers and Ann Marie Myers, 11937 Lisbon Road, $115,000


Tari F. Turkali to Scott Landy and Jamie Walton, 3147 S. Lipkey Road, $219,900

Anthony J. and Rochelle L. Gaglione to Paul A. Lyden and Laura A. Lyden, S. Salem Warren Road, $260,000

Ronald D. Griswold and Linda C. Griswold to Bedex Enterprises LLC, 12111 Commissioner Drive, $315,000


Michael Lattanzio to Joseph P. Lattanzio, 670 Cooper Ave., $65,000


David J. Pico and Margaret E. Pico to Allen Hodgkinson and Regina Hodgkinson, 257 Pico St., $28,000

Dominic Precurato to John J. Johnson, Forest St., $40,000

New Middletown

Edward Vinkler to Kathy Burke, 10406 Struthers Road, $75,500

Landis Rentals LTD to Ronald C. Latessa Sr. and Cynthia A. Latessa, 170 Sandy Court, Unit 16, $222,000


Nicholas Shirilla, trustee, to Ronald J. Rowe, 74 Centennial Drive, $155,000

Daniel Hinds and Shena Hinds to Randy Ohlin and Christine D’Amico, 8467 North Lima Road, $277,500

Terry L. Ryan and Tina M. Ryan to Anna L. DAmato and Mary J. DAmato, 7938 Eastbrooke Trail, $342,000

Thomas M. Vasvari and Amanda Vasvari to Joshua J. Wolk and Melinda A. Sobolosky, 8630 Suncrest Court, $187,000

Douglas R. Gough and Dana M. Gough to Andrew C. Bull and Heeyong You, 116 E. McKinley Way, $175,000

Jennifer M. Jones to Katherine A. Cougras, 8771 Chesterton Drive, $174,900

Donald G. Cicoretti to Giuliana L. Davanzo, Lawn Street, $24,340

John S. Smrek to Stephanie Gennaro, 8811 Woodland Drive, $225,000

John Sennett Evans and Irene B. Evans, trustee, to Dale A. Schaller and Janice E. Schaller, 42 Greystone Drive, $210,000

Muhannad Kassawat to Mark and Charon Cuprick, 2481 Shepherds Ridge, $303,000

Carol J. Kleshock to Erik Smith, 6214 Quarry Road, $68,000

Michael J. Hurtuk to Robert and Michelle Bower, 7400 Struthers Road, $313,500


Michael Carver to Robert L. Seevers and Stephanie Haslar-Seevers, 340 S. 18th St., $70,000


Philomena Winyard to Jacob N. and Megan N. Stracola, 1210 E. Calla Road, $109,900


The Dexter Group Trust, C/O Wilmington Savings Fund to Arendt Powell Holdings LLC, 250 Wilson St., $34,485

Mary A. Delino to Joseph Tiberio Jr., 263 W. Hopewell Drive, $110,000

Eric R. Houck, trustee, to Jessica P. Gassner, 252 Iroquois St., $87,000

Shawna Horvath to Tara M. Horvath, 64 Center St., $60,000

Jacqueline E. Flowers to Mary Faria, 201 Center St., $70,000

Karen and John Klem to John Giannior, 581 Elm St., $76,000


Debra A. Brown to Melissa Tate, 68 Lansdowne Blvd., $25,000

Christine M. Donaldson to Grant Creek Properties LLC, 903 E. Philadelphia Ave., $34,500

JacMac LLC to Suncara Housing LLC, 2519 Ohio Ave., $60,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation to Jasmine Venable, 3512 Shirley Road, $75,000

Hood Maintenance Group LLC to Eros 74 Investments LLC, 2625 Hunter Ave., $25,000

Paul Latimer Jr. to Gregory Smith and Lamarcus Smith, 201 Ravenwood Ave., $25,000

Cynthia M. Whalen to Matthew Lucas, 4728 Sheridan Road, $118,000

Michele Metzinger to Brenda Hellman, 2718 Jean St., $21,000

Eros 74 Investments LLC to Ohio Star LLC, 962 Cornell Ave., $53,000

Eros 74 Investments LLC to Ohio Star LLC, 203 E. Avondale Ave., $48,000

Estate of Irma M. Schilling to Tonya Webb, 3470 Kingston Lane, $117,000

Joseph Rapovy to JMJ 5761 Real Estate Holdings LLC, 2534 S. Schenley Ave., $70,000

Jean Schaefer to JAYFAB LLC, 2843 Vestal Road, $38,000

Nathaniel J. Wolford and Emily D. Wolford to Robert M. Gordon Jr., 3325 Ambert St., $40,000

Julie L. Spayd to Vicky Roselle, 141 N. Brockway Ave., $28,000

Carmen J. Arsuffi to William Rodney Hart and Kitty Jane Hart, 3927 Sheridan Road, $71,500

Jennifer Meyers and Marilyn Meyers to Wanda N. Gallego-Roche, 1916 W. Midlothian Blvd., $76,000

Audrey M. Tate to Arnold Harold Dixon, 91 Elliot Lane, $30,000


Paula Y. Merkich to Nicholas A. Richards, 916 Lincoln, $89,900

Higher Investments Inc to Andrew J. Steen and Kathy T. Steen, 1130 Shannon, $103,500


Michael A. Adams to Anthony Superak, 1715 Warner, $318,000

Michael B. Cheney to Amanda B. Markowitz, 601 E. Liberty, $133,500

Olga Carbone to Gregory W. Lindsay and Michelle M. Rusu, White Oak, $25,500

Michael A. Bortos and Julie M. Connell to Phillip J. Seidler, 547 Gladys, $116,500

Gary M. Gawdyda to Michael Brock Cheney and April K. Cheney, 1144 Palmetto, $239,900

Michael G. Padenich Jr. to Joslynn Properties LLC, 264 W. Liberty, $64,000

Brandon Nutter to Stephen Rosse and Mackenzie Roose, 825 E. Liberty, $155,000

Jason Matthew Bednar to Renee DelGadillo, 1122 Waugh, $118,000

Richard M. Stanford and Lindsay L. Stanford to Adam R. Kahl and Heather J. Kahl, 7544 Catherine, $196,000

PNC Bank National Association to Jamie Mausser, 239 Princeton, $50,350

Timothy E. Ladig and Stephanie M. Ladig to Steven Dobbins and Elizabeth Dobbins, Rebecca, $131,000

Chestnut Investments of Ohio LLC to Frederick Housel, 5790 Chestnut Ridge, $287,950

Katie Marsh to Adam W. Gann, 2507 Seifert Lewis, $145,000

William Bennett to Gary M. Gawdyda and Patricia A. Van Valien, 1045 Palmetto, $193,000

Emily Boatwright to Derrick Peters, 6519 Rachellen, $20,000

Daniel J. Wargo and Helga Wargo to Tari F. Kopelos, 54 Timber Circle Drive, $235,900

Dale A. Schaller and Janice E. Schaller to Mary Kathleen Campbell, 457 Helen, $215,000


Antoinette S. Clark to Alexander P. Applegate, 2840 Logan Way, $142,500

Edward Hamrock to Jason Rock and Kristen Rock, 569 Northlawn, $149,900

Jeffrey A. Chinchic to Michael J. Janovich and Nicole M. Janovich, 955 Adrian Circle, $53,000

Christopher R. Vesey to Jason D. Patello and Crystal Patello, 2259 East Arms, $169,900

Eleanor S. Gudzinas to Matthew T. Hepfl and Jessica M. Hepfl, 40 Euclid, $48,230


Phyllis Jean Bradley to Richard K. Foster and Heather R. Foster, 1849 Warner, $175,000

Janet Berlin to John N. Adams and Gidgett M. Boyd, 4660 Smith Stewart, $145,000

David A. Thompson to Ronald H. Hunt and Deborah C. Hunt, 305 Youngstown Kingsville, $39,000


Eric K. Moore to Richard J. Moore, 1458 Morris, $140,000

Matthew M. Wilcox and Courtney M. Wilcox to Justin J. Shilling and Brooke Taylor Milani, 2473 Spruce, $114,000

Anthony J. Maffei to Randal E. Henning, 2084 Ohltown McDonald, $143,100

Trina Badanjek to Michael Lee Bowser and Babette Marie Bowser, Emert, $87,900

Justine N. Kagy to Justin L. Campbell, 1253 Ashland, $70,000

James J. Pirko to PNC Bank National Association, Bianco, $40,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded Sept. 14-18:


David K. Yukon and Melina M. Yukon et al. to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Cranberry Drive, $98,000

Gary L. Galloway to Joshua Kersner, 288 Rome Drive, $171,000

Samantha Desmond to Breanna Newell, 5680 Vassar Ave., $143,500

Estate of Margaret Brooks to Henry A. Meckler, 3441 Briarwood Lane, $135,000

Donald Brunetti to Amanda M. Burbrink, 3828 Ayrshire Drive, $115,000

Kelly J. Pompura to Taylor J. Warmouth, 160 N. Edgehill Ave., $75,000

NEO Group 1 LLC to William J. DiRenzo, 177 Idaho Road, $22,000

Jonathan R. Rook to Michael J. Miller and Megan E. Miller, 5674 Radcliffe Ave., $118,500

Judith Livermore to Taylor L. Gregory and Parker Clegg, 4227 Carlisle Ave., $98,000

Allan D. and Peggy D. McElwee to Robert P. and Susan R. Reardon, 5378 N. Beacon Drive, $245,000

Brian R. Jones to Floyd Michael McGhee, 5680 Tulane Ave., $129,000

Shirley Hood to David Yadiel Castro and Jessica Castro, 3662 Bryant Drive, $144,000

Jalal Jalali and Badrolsadat Noorbakhsh to Neflee R. Vazquez and Erica N. Vazquez, 287 Athens Drive, $175,000

Pelican Park Plaza Inc. to Alcyon Realty LLC 1681 S. Raccoon Road, $175,000

Richard M. Larson and Christine A. Larson to James N. Boggs III and Chloe Boggs, 3117 Meanderwood Drive, $199,000


Elizabeth A. Clark to Ted Cisine, trustee, 1855 Mallard Lane, $290,500

William Ageran and Cheron L. German to David Nevin Hawkins, 13251 Old Hickory Court, $382,000

Robert L. Halstead, trustee, to Lindsay M. August, 9800 South Ave., $112,000

Chander M. Kohli to Keith A. Reichard and Mary Sarah Cernica Reichard, Cherry Hills Drive, $38,000

Douglas Neuman, successor trustee, to Kenneth C. McGarry and Terry G. McGarry, 3230 Paradise Ave., $175,000


Denise A. Kriebel to Justin Bircher, 15098 W. Western Reserve Road, $215,000


James J. and Gloria A. Naumoff to Lisa Havlin, 6336 Tara Drive, $219,000

George Hendricks to Chemical Bank, 154 Erskine Ave., $38,800

Gathering Group LTD to Eric H. Relves, 4108 Stratford Road, $168,900

Adele M. Lipare, trustee to Mark Kellerman, 73 Southwoods Ave., $95,000

Jennine M. Ead to Esther S. Stamford, 5706 Glenwood Ave., $129,500

Carl L. Saviers and Tami L. Saviers to Patrick M. Komara, 1834 Lemont Drive, $115,000

Huntington National Bank, trustee, to David G. Markota and Marianne Markota, 1000 Westport Drive, $168,000

Mary Ann Pavalko to Steven P. Held Sr. and Mary Ellen Held, 668 Angiline Drive, $145,000

Anthony J. Cavalier to Jessica L. Bottomlee, 3946 Stratmore Ave., $79,900

Mark R. Ogden and Debra J. Ogden to Dakota Gooding and Peter Fountain, 4629 Yarmouth Lane, $128,000

Edward Kurt Albaugh to Dzu Doan and Rose P. Duong, 6140 West Blvd., $175,000

Mary Maradani to David L. and Cynthia M. Young, 849 Glenbrook Road, $189,000

Gary W.Snyder to Holly McGowan and John McGowan, 804 Brookfield Ave., $230,000

Debra L. Oster to Candice L. Keller, 141 Alburn Drive, $135,000

Hiznay Enterprises LLC to Keystone Investment Propeties LLC, 200 Meadowbrook Ave., $125,000

Robert P. Reardon and Sue R. Reardon to James M. Thompson, 732 Cheriwood Court, $123,900

Thomas L. Caputo and Margaret P. Caputo to Adam McIntyre and Rose McIntyre, 443 Indianola Road, $164,000

Warren R. and Patricia A. Wilding to Gloria Williams, 7626 Red Fox Drive, $183,000

David McClinsey and Leslie McClinsey to Colin Reidy and Emily Witmer, 138 Maple Drive, $122,500

Christopher Shipley and Melissa Shipley to Anton Kosmin and Alexandra Kosmina, 4180 Arden Blvd., $70,000

Samuel J. Jordon Jr. to Maha Jaafar, 163 Indianola Road, $52,000

Robert J. and Diane M. Pavlich to Phillip M. and Randi Bechtel, 1954 Cover Drive, $125,000

Joann Tkach, trustee, to Arlene R. Marcella and Joseph C. Parker, 4423 Crimson Trail, $224,900

Lisa Noel Stickle to Nicholas W. Ayers and Rachael Z. Ayers, 4827 Brookwood Road, $168,000

Chemical Bank to Dawn DeLorenzo LLC, 7215-7217 Pennsylvania Ave., $90,000

Applewood Realty Management LLC to Suleiman Holdings Inc., 5100-5102 Market St., $90,000

Gina M. Schiavone to Gladys Velez, 38 E. Western Reserve Road, $165,000

Maria E. Salser to Corinne Milentijevic, 26 Marlindale Ave., $139,500

Donna First and Ronald First to Green Meadow Properties LLC, 159 Island Drive, $122,000

John R. Janoso Jr. and Dina L. Janoso to Richard Eugene Breese, 900 Pearson Circle, Unit 4, $58,000

Karrie and Scott Wiand to Patrick Quinn, 64 Runnermeded Drive, $160,000


New Englewood Properties LLC to Three Kingz LLC, 631 Tenney Ave., $19,927


American Cancer Society Inc. to Redands Corp., 525 N. Broad St., $40,000

Jack J. Ross and Barbara J. Ross to Colleen E. Shaughnessy, 200 Indian Lake Blvd., $138,200

Thomas A. Dechellis and Annn K. Dombroski to Donald Anthony DeChellis Jr., $205,000

Bradley W. Kinkade, trustee and Traci L. DeCapua, trustee, to Christy L. Ditosto and Anthony Ditosto Jr., 355 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $218,000

Don P. Dragish and Georgia M. Dragish to Don P. Dragish Jr. and Tasha Dragish, 150 Brookpark Drive, $160,000

Yogesh Uppal and Bharati Uppal to David M. Klacik, 81 Montgomery Drive, $264,000

Jonathan Italiano to Brett R. Joint and Jung Y Buyn, 216 Sawmill Run Drive, $300,000

Thomas G. Bailey et al. to Norma Canfield, 501 Stoneybrook Lane, $219,000

Norma L. Canfield and Samantha Rogers to John Paris and Deborah Mesnyak, 221A Talsman Drive, $117,000

Skyline 115 LLC to Marissa Rochelle Pence, 115 Skyline Ave., $172,000

Canfield Township

Mark S. Tomko to Kathleen Garritano, 6520 St. Andrews Drive, Unit 3, $160,000

Ronald M. Creatore, trustee, to Ravinder K. Singh and Tejdeep Singh, 7404 Drury Lane, $523,000

John J. and Antoinette Annichenni to Daniel J. Zarlenga Jr., 4282 Burgett Lane, $146,000

Richard Samuel McCarthy, trustee to Geraldine Castor, 4300 Westford Place, $200,000

Dicioccio Construction LTD to Aaron Miller, 3901 Mary Way, $75,000

Simon Westbury LLC to Ryan M. Catlin and Tiffani L. Catlin, Orchard Park Drive, $70,000

CTW Development Corp. to Gayle A. Juliano, trustee, 6875 Langston Run, $149,900

Laurna R. McClintock to Alez Tzquierdo, 4900 S. Turner Road, $192,000

Gregory T. and Nancy S. Pauley to Daniel J. and Rachel M. O’Neill, 7790 Memory Lane, $485,000

Lesley M. Kerr to Clint Linhart, 7772 N. Palmyra Road, $182,000

Craig Beach

Richard H. Bailey and Barbara L. Frick to D&C Residential Rentals LLC, 17373 Glenwood Ave., $195,000

Chris Roman, PSO to U.S. Bank Trust N.A., 1661 Triumph Ave., $53,355

Barbara J. Sands to Anita Marie Metheny, 18001 Glendale Drive, $96,000

Lynn M. Schneider and Elaine R. Schneider to Gene Jaroslow Senczyszak and Geri Lyn Senczyszak, Redwood Road, $131,000


Daniel M. Kopp to Mark Tumney and Stephanie Tumney, 11160 Berlin Station Road, $140,000


Lakefron Preserve LLC to Gregory H. Gillis and Patricia M. Gillis, 789 Radcliffe Pass, $60,000

Gregory S. and Cindy S. Mulch to Timothy and Caitlin Reash, 123 S. Bayshore Drive, $130,750


Benny L. Yarber to Robin Solomon, 26 Elruth, $125,000


C&D Apartments to J&A Apartments, 15986 Alliance Salem Road, $75,000

Johnathan R. McDevitt to Ryan R. Huschka, 14698 Country Club Lane, $109,000


James D. and Judith A. Smith to Robert D. and Travis D. Trummer, 5000 & 520 W. Main St., $89,900


David E. Seiple to Joseph Bednarik, 7049 Pine Grove, $25,000

Curtis E. Myers to Mario Larouche and Debra Larouche, 3796 Orchard, $27,000

Riley Construction of Ohio LLC to Ronald Bell and Kathleen M. Bell, 5901 Mount Everett, $161,000

Esther F. Fry-Tarasi to Sat Holdings LLC, Union, $55,000

Soloman Guan Investments LLC to Sarah A. Wiscott and Jason D. Read, 326 Princeton, $129,900


Naser Y. Alwanni to Melanie S. Arnio, 278 Potters Circle, $215,000

Joseph Michael Castor Jr. to Benjamin R. Volsin, 924 Pinescrest, $124,900


William E. Garretson III to Steve M. Foit, 325 Nebraska, $128,000


Frank A. D’Apolito and Valerie S. D’Apolito to James Hammond and Kerry Hammond, 17931 Mahoning Ave., $262,500

Thomas L. and Beverly H. McCloskey to Andrew J. Feil, 2120 S. Duck Creek Road, $230,000

Joseph A. Blumetti and Ann Marie Blumetti to SSKB Realty LLC, 990 NE River Road, $1,600,000

New Middletown

F. Joann Thompson and John Helvak to Dan Crump and Natalie Crump, 8 Woodland Drive, $124,500


Stephen J. Higgins and Charlotte M. Higgins to Justin M. Hephner and Stephanie E. Hephner, 6249 New Castle Road, $219,900

Joseph W. and Ann Marie Fire to Paul P. and Laura Macejko, 6374 New Castle Road, $71,000

John S. Evan and Nurit Evan to Michael A. Angelo and Beth E. Angelo, 3569 Dobbins Road, $330,000

Brian Havlin and Lisa M. Havlin to Brianne Marie Doran and Laurie Ann Thomas, 4025 Via Cassia, $435,000

Weston R. Wagner to Julianna Marie Yillani, 22 Delaware Ave., $123,500

Donald Hays and Sandra Hays to Michael A. Gentile Sr., Struthers Road, $69,001

Daniel J. and Rachel M. O’Neill to Peter A. Perry and Allison Alexandria Daprile Perry, 2967 Olde Winter Trail, $320,300

John Cossentino to Florine Cossentino, 2573 Spitler Road, $55,000

Donald A. Adams and Janet L. Adams to John R. Berndt, 5217 Kennedy Road, $163,000


Peak Odell II LLC to Jeremy Hanson, 17223 5th St., $42,5400

Loren E. Rhodes to Patrick B. Cuffe and Tracy Cuffe, 20645 N. Benton Road, $115,000

Sam Kitzmiller to Coty Jay Bates, Alliance-Sebring Road, $75,000


Karen E. Hiscox, trustee to Colleen Fakner, 135 E. Maryland Ave., $85,000

Phillip L. Kirkham to William R. Ross, 235 W. Vermont Ave., $40,000

Wade Norman Souders and Eva Marie Souders to John W. Milburn and Judy A. Milburn, 631 W. Ohio Ave., $140,000

Danny R. Lashley Sr., executor to Herron & Sons LLC, 359 E. Ohio Ave., $23,000


Michael J. Boyce and Teresa L. Boyce to Colin Zane Brooks, 11553 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $140,000

Aaron and Sylvia Stamp to Juan Vazquez, Brungard Road, $25,000

David A. Blower to James M. and Ashley J. Gobel, E. Garfield Road, $42,000


Mary Beth Bundy to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, 102 Creed St., $36,000

Margaret Bergman Markulin to Rene A. Edgell, 44 Eve Drive, $94,103

Gary T. Gray to Melissa A. Boggess, 499 Poland Ave., $62,000


Robert William Picken and Cherilyn Sue Picken to Judith Kyle, 1734 Shannon Circle, $105,000


John Longo et al. to U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, 1944 Overlook Ave., $30,000

1427 Humbolt Avenue LLC to EROS 74 Investments LLC, 1427 Humbolt Ave., $33,000

Rosemary A. Ensley to Brian Svetlak, 1632 Country Club Ave., $56,000

Mary Jo Kovachik and Janet Barilliare to Stephanie L. McGeehen, 3311 Quentin Drive, $81,500

S.G.C. Realty Company to Schwebel Baking Company, 920 East Midlothian Blvd., $600,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Xavier Laboy Montanez and Avelisse M. Lopez, 239 S. Jackson St., $35,000

Patti J. Hendricks to Mary A. Tarantine and Frank James Tarantine, trustees, 1235 Cherokee Drive, $70,000

Pete McHugh to Eros 74 Investments LLC, 18 S. Whitney Ave., $22,000

John Plesea and Jordan Plesea to Lauren Polcha, 3502 Sunnybrooke Drive, $99,000

John Joseph Tokich to Mariah F. Peek, 522 Mona Lane, $85,000

Robert Kanotz to Rowbilly Properties LLC, 439 Elberen St., $32,000

Ollie Properties LLC to BND OH Investments Inc, 2740 E. Midlothian Blvd., $25,500

Ollie Properties LLC to BND OH Investments Inc., 1621 Manhattan Ave., $25,000

3419 Lenox Avenue LLC to BND OH Investments Inc., 13419 Lenox Ave., $50,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation to Tamika D. Alexander, 911 Canfield Road, $90,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Rachelle Gomez Rodriguez, 1590 Council Rock, $31,861

Frank Sculli et al. to Mary Ellen Sprague, 970 Old Furnace Road, $138,000

Anthony L. Ciayarella and Tammy L. Ciayarella to Joseph P. Carrier Jr., 2403 Bears Den Road, $140,000

Michael Bowell to Frank and Annette Divito, 1875 S. Schenley Ave., $45,000


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