Property transfers

Property transfers recorded July 13-17:


IT’S FIVE OCLOCK SOMEWHERE LLC to Bobby Brown and Hannah Hoy, 5193 Pinecrest Ave., $109,500

Jason Shina to Michael R. Macinga and Kelly M. Cagley, 1284 Cross Cove, $225,000

Rosemary Boccieri to Thomas M. Crozier and Kimmie J. Crozier, 234 Wilcox Road, $148,000

Hakem Khaldoun Almhairat to Terry and Aracely Wright, 181 N. Main Street, $67,320

William E. Davis Jr. to Ben and Stevie Stryffeler, 5085 E. Rockwell Road, $118,000


Gary D. Church and Elizabeth K. Church to Gabrielle Turek and Ronald E. Turek, 3850 W. Calla Road, $265,000

Don A. and Jean D. Snavely to Gary and Elizabeth Church, 15011 Mystic Rock Road, $285,000


John E. Heasley and Lisa Pavel to Charles and Kimberly S. Crawford, 424 Indianola Road, $115,000

Gathering Group LTD to Kyle P. Forward and Shelby N. Arquilla, 33 Marlindale Ave., $92,640

Charles J. Reilly and Teresa E. Reilly to Kip T. Danks, 1558 Rose Hedge Drive,


Bishara Ohio Property LLC to Travis Lynch and Brittny Lynch, 8411 Crystal Drive, $250,000

White Rentals LLC to Stephanie T. Henry, 86 Erskine Ave., $80,000

Curtiss Brent Cunningham and Debra Gene Cunningham to Munir M. Khalil and Dana Omar, 488 Presidential Drive, $330,000

Jessica M. Lanese to Samantha L. Womer et al., 7602 Red Fox Drive, $112,000

Sudha K. Shah and Kirit R. Shah to Joseph Thorne, 7445 Huntington Drive, $132,000

David A. Storey to Denise Yovanovich, 4569 New England Blvd., $142,000

Jacqueline M. Bucci, trustee to Linda Serenko, 7350 Eisenhower Drive 2, $92,000

Joseph V. Marzano and Kimberly M. Marzano to Issac N. Foor and Cassandra L. Bennett, 6259 Appleridge Drive, $183,000

Regina Marie Musser to Kathleen and Daniel Terreri, 5200 West Blvd., $49,500

Victoria L. Branca to Michael Gentile and Doris J. Gentile, 1264 Valley View Drive, $161,264

John L. Cullen to Adrianna Ambrosia, 1436 Turnberry Drive, $165,000

Maria C. Kurelko to Adam J. Reslifo, 749 Teakwood Drive, $184,900


Kevin S. Firm to Grace Elizabeth Brown, 652 Chapel Lane, $87,500

Tiffany M. Layton to Curtis P. and Donna R. Moore, 629 Sanderson Ave., $55,000

James P. Rosenberg, executor to Cheryl Mincher, 457 Whipple Ave., $22,000

Wilfredo and Anna Lorenzo to Leticia Novoa and Yesika Marcano, 693 12th St., $28,000


Gary A. Pittman III and Stephanie Pittman to Jerry L. Triscuit and Kim R. Triscuit, 230 Neff Drive, $249,000

Jeffrey M. Buchanan and Jennifer D. Holliday-Buchanan to Travis Milburn and Samantha Milburn, 880 Blueberry Hill Drive, $274,000

Thomas G. and Kathy Shook to Cody Paul Wheeler and Jessica Lynn Wheeler, 30 Canterbury Court, $280,000

Kimberely A. Hodge to Joseph F. Bier, 308 Crimson Circle, $155,500

Canfield Township

Adam J. Madgar and Allison L. Madgar to Shawn C. Clark and Mary E. Deley, 3915 Fairway Drive, $387,500

Sandra Daniels to Daniel B. Franklin and Tammy Sue Graber-Franklin, 5797 Calico Lane, $260,000

Mark J. Bleggi to Alexis L. Bleggi, 4650 Championship Court, Unit 14, $192,100

Anthony L. Russo and Catherine A. Russo to Adam Jason Madgar, 6820 Kyle Ridge Pointe, $560,000

John J. Dobran Jr. et al. to Jennifer A. Henry, 3755 Mercedes Place No. 1, $172,000

Lisa M. Rouse to James M. Houck, 3649 Indian Run Drive, $85,100

Toni DiMargio Cohen, trustee to EAS Management of the Valley LLC, 3647 Tippecanoe Place, $261,000

GRPL Enterprises Inc. to William D. Angela M. DiFrangia, 4637 Legacy Drive, $410,000


Melany M. Suchora to Jeffrey L. Glunt, 526 Forsythe Drive, $95,000

Ann Blazina to Cierra Hauach and Donald A. Ceo Jr., 215 Main St., $65,000

Chelsea Guerrieri to Nicole M. Hyland, 961 Lawrence Ave., $93,000

Kyle Swift to Lisa Tabor, 437 Liberty St., $96,900

Shane A. Wyatt and Cassandra L. Wyatt to Michael David Cornelius, 530 Prospect St., $98,500


Allison Ester to Kyle S. Hallas and Ashley J. Hallas and Kyle S. Hallas, 12862 W. Calla Road, $392,000


Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corp. to Quality Metals Inc., Mahoning Avenue, $90,000


Estelle Silverman to James P. Burnette Sr. and Robinette Burnette, 18 Walker Circle, $180,000


Mark Rosa and Millagros Rosa to Matthew R. Miller and Mary Beth Miller, 495 Second St., $66,000


Mark C. Tepsich and Lisa D. Tepsich to Kevin Ague and Mary Ague, 249 Ohio Ave., $70,000


Virginia A. Grumney to Angela McBeth and William McBeth, 5347 Pritchard Ohltown Road, $125,000

Timothy O. King and Mary Ann King to Robert H. Pierce and Kelly A. Pierce, Dock Side Road, $73,000

Eric Marshall Damron to David B. Simmons II and Esther J. Simmons, 16726 Oakwood Drive, $40,500

Daniel and Jacqueline A. DeAngelo to Joell A. Stebelton, 17109 Pointview Ave., $230,000

New Middletown

James S. and Rhonda S. Mills to Sydney N. Benton, 10602 Struthers Road, $117,000


Matthew J. and Krista M. Beard to Tyler Eliason and Natalie N. Dragovich, 8425 Weathered Wood Trail, $248,500

Kip T. Danks to Robert Rivera and Sara Pascarella, 7360 Clovermeade Ave., $120,000

Brandon A. Garwood and Emily Garwood to Lawrence N. Pawlik, 8350 Hilltop Drive, $250,000

Laurie M. Hayes to David J. Baker and Gina M. Torek, 3312 Ridgely Park, $285,100

Richard and Gwendolyn Bennett Family Trust to Green Meadows Properties LLC, 56 Audubon Lane, $164,250


Gary L. and Sami R. Barker to Chad M. and Deborah A. Herbert, 206 E. Michigan Ave., $85,000


The Estate of Donald Ray Beck to Edward L. Blake and Monika B. Blake, 20806 Oak St., $42,000


Vincent M. and Cynthia D. CHaszeyka to Kent A. Slagle-Hilderbrand and Kelsey Wormley, 6119 Columbiana Road, $205,897

Nancy K. McCrea to Mark D. Mannerino and Taryn S. Mannerino, 14637 Petersburg Unity Road, $125,000

Eugenio J. Orta and Jennifer R. Campos to Paul J. Gavin and Amy Jo Gavin, 10345 Carrousel Woods Drive, $280,000

Jeffrey M. Simon, trustee to Elisabeth H. Youngs and Thomas S. Boniface, 9500 Springfield Road, $545,000


Thomas E. Battison to BND OH Investments Inc,, 444-448 Fairgreen Ave., $44,900

NEO Group 1 LLC to BND OH Investments Inc., 1556 Wellington Ave., $30,000

Eric Hansen to EROS 74 Investments Inc., 203 E. Avondale Ave., $24,000

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to Robert J. Naef, 854 E. Florida Ave., $23,000

LaToya R. Allen to Heather and Andrew Borgerding, 131 E. Auburndale Ave., $25,000

Sarah Ann Miller to Michael Bednarik, 3448 McCartney Road, $90,000

Guy C. Maiorana Jr. et al. to Mitchell D. Franko, 2442 Chaney Circle, $67,500

Alex Agustin Sevilla Melendez to Nelson Hiram Cardenales Rivera, 154 Greenley Lane, $40,000

Douglas Neuman, trustee to Christopher P. Cruciger, 1523 Medford Ave., $29,000

Charles Seckler to Suzanne Cavalier and Kathleen Cavalier, 2501 Gladwae Drive, $131,000

Keiona Delaine to Daniel P. Roth and Natalie A. Roth, 59 Wesley Ave., $30,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Jonathan M. Cruz Rivera and Maldonado Vega, 1714 Lansdowne Blvd., $25,000

Phillip W. House Jr. to Clifton and Desate Burkley, 436 Bradley Lane, $36,125

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Maria C. Rodriquez, 161 S. Bruce St., $31,000

Yi C. Fu to Timothy A. Krake, 345 N. Portland Ave., $22,900

Ralph J. Testa II to Ralph E. Dingess Jr. and Vicki L. Dingess, 3740 Sunnybrooke Drive, $107,500


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