Property transfers

Property transfers recorded July 6-10:


SBN Housing LLC to Alexandra Pasula, 473 Westgate Blvd., $69,900

Melissa M. Setting and Christopher Carpenter to Kelsey S. Wickline, 490 Southward Drive, $91,200

Jacqueline K. Owens and Kenneth Greier to Joseph Falasca, 1534 Pimlico Drive, $120,000

EK Land Co. LLC To Ma Salud Gray, 4779 Shadow Oaks Drive, $149,000

RS Westside Holdings LLC and NEO Group 1 LLC to Todd D. Worona, 1380 Yolanda Place, $101,000

Richard M. Kukura Jr. and Allison M. Kukura to Zachary T. Leger and Sarah M. Leger, 5698 Cider Mill Crossing, $225,000

James Check to Nicole Kolenich, 3350 S. Canfield Niles Road, $167,000

Brianna R. Ozias to Andrew J. Garris, 55 N. Turner Road, $79,900

Diane M. Federico and Kathleen Dellaria to Katherine E. Sargent and Richard A. Sargent, 119 Hickory Lane, $1490,000

David P. Gorrell to Michael D. Messuri, 4467 New Road, $117,000

Richard Carrera et al. to Yoon Soon Lee, 5731 Colgate Drive, $125,000


Kathleen M. Moran, executor to Herman J. Lehman and Karen V. Lehman, 12355 Cook Road, $185,000

Barbara McCann Lehnerd to Edward J. Carlon and Nancy Duby Carlon, 695 E. Western Reserve Road 503, $135,000

The Griffis Family Trust to Nancy Komlang, 695 E. Western Reserve Road, $121,500

Brian Nord to Rick J. Zupko Jr., 695 E. Western Reserve Road #1503, $128,000

Raymond Sabatino and Alexis Sabatino to Matt C. Hutchinson and Annalee E. Hutchinson, 9665 Cherry Hills Drive, $430,000


Amanda M. Crowl-Boyer to Linda M. Sarver, 8566 Glenwood Ave., Unit 2, $111,000

Ma Salud Gray to Samantha B. Pauletich, 7670 E. Parkside Drive, $215,000

Brent Pavicic to Ashawa D. Gibbs, 80 Robin Hood Drive, $195,000

Rahsie L. Garner to John C. Saxon II and Keri A. Saxon, 240 Forest Park Drive, $76,500

August J. Seckler and Charles Seckler to Steve P. Kunkle and Constance S. Hall, 815 Mathews Road, $142,000

Elisa J. Merva to Danielle Ann Dilisio, 4723 Simon Road, $78,000

CTW Development Corp. to Lloyd M. Yazbek and Linda Yazbek, Saddlebrook Drive, $82,000

Mark Williams to Joshua J. Noble, 7388 Indian Trail, $264,500

Joseph J. Ganz and Kelly Oko to Brandon A. Pasvanis and Kristen E. Hommel, 674 Oakridge Drive, $149,000

Richard E. and Nicolette M. Papik to William J. and Emily A. Kraynak, 7900 Walnut Street, $177,500

Thomas J. and Laura Cotterman to Tylor Allman and Natasha E. Stear, 35 Buena Vista Ave., $118,000

Charles W. Hagman to Michael T. Vodhanel, 3992 S. Schenley Ave., $118,000

John A. Ealy and Barbara E. Ealy to Dominik Klingshirn and Alexandra Klingshirn, 5640 Bonnell Drive, $237,000

NEC Real Estate Holdings LLC to George Baal, 945 Moyer Ave., $74,900

Michelena M. Fata to Robert James Hill and Roberta Hill, 8466 Hitchcock Road, $202,000

Canfield Properties LLC and Colonial Apartments Investments LLC to G.A.I. Capital Group LLC, 71 Lemans Drive, $210,000

SAB Investments LLC to G.A.I. Capital Group LLC, 7456 & 7457 E. Huntington Drive, $750,000

Monte R. and Rose M. Smallwood to Goldhammer Investments LLC, $72,500

Candace R. Broomfield to Kristen Hale, 6949 Tippecanoe Road, $93,500

Wyley Ashdon LLC to Dakota Smith and Blake E. Smith, 305 Meadowbrook Ave., $85,000

Michael P. Zembower Jr. to Samantha Thackston and Charles Thackston, 6060 Sheridan Road, $182,000

Barbara Ann Ferro to Anthony P. Napolitano, 6654 Ron Joy Drive, $149,000

Michael G. Gentile to Jared and Mary Kate Sliwinski, 5657 Bonnell Drive, $222,000

Edward P. Tamulonis and Lauren D. Tamulonis to Carl Inskeep and Kayla Inskeep, 1779 Island Drive, $232,000

Phillip Reda and Sandra Reda to Robin M. Smail and Joshua E. Smail, 464 Presidential Court, $300,000

David Frease and Linda Frease, trustees to Carmen E. Henderson, 8495 Ivy Hill Drive, $395,000


Eric R. LaRocca to Aaron E. Todessa, 158 Piccadilly St., $45,000


Canfield Properties LLC to G.A.I. Capital Group LLC, 13 Lisbon St., $370,000

Stonebridge Land Corp. to John Albert Ealy and Barbara Elaine Elay, $280,000

Canfield Township

Ronald M. Jones and Roberta Jones-Kitchkoff to Dylan C. and Ashely Marie Halladay, 4078 Adeer Drive, $212,000

Rebecca Hemmen to Richard R. and Marife J. Campbell, 4358 Meadowview Drive, $174,650

JP Ohio Real Estate LLC to JNLT Realm LLC, 5741 Shields Road, $465,000

Simon Westbury LLC to John Catsonis, Orchard Park Drive, $68,500

Stephen J. and Lara K. Hlaudy to Mark A. Dickerhoof and Sarah C. Cusick, 4166 Burgett Lane, $265,000

Stephen J. and Lara K. Hlaudy to Paul A. and Karen E. Kalosky, 4188 Burgett Lane, $111,500

Gloria Paplow to Ikremah Omran and Ami Omran, 6788 Kyle Ridge Pointe, $549,000


Joann A. Kesterson to Michael S. and Kaulene Bertchtold, 220 N. Hubbard Road, $128,800

Craig Beach

Harold Hannah to Brandon Vayner, 1652 Jersey Street, $250,000


Robert A. Dickason to Pamela Jean Garvey, 901 Ward Ave., $87,500

Mary Ann Clark to Shawn M. Huff and Lisa A. Huff, 974 Lincoln, $94,993


Lara J. Guest to Scott B. and Julie A. Rockwell, 14780 Country Club Lane, $306,000


Brian K. and Loreen F. Beabout to Michael T. Hudak, 7855 Roller Road, $430,000


TAK Real Estate LLC to Julie Sweeney, 7787 Arthur, $61,500

Anne V. Boncyk to Timothy T. Miller and Carol J. Miller, 19 Timber Lake, $160,000

Polly A. Davis to Michael Vernille, 708 Ava Court, $226,000

Amy Jo Arnio and Donald R. Thompson to Tylor D. Loveless, 128 Moore Ave., $84,000


US Bank to Phillip J. and Jessica L. Campbell, 13055 N. Palmyra Road, $215,000


Benita M. Penner to Britain R. Wetzel, 3506 Somerset Unit B, $103,790

Aliza Kinast and Aliza S. Levy to Shannon A. Taylor and John C. Taylor, 5791 Lamplighter Drive, $210,000

Joseph A. Marsco and Sarah J. Yazbek to 2921 Belmont Ave. LLC, 2921 Belmont Ave., $90,000

Marjorie Mae Pemberton to Churchill Real Estate LLC, 1615 Churchill Road, $52,677

Jennifer A. Henry to Michael T. White and Allison N. White, 162 Warner Road, $185,000

Larry W. Boss and Jodi J. Boss to Daniel S. Delliquadri, 103 Warner Road, $88,500

Samuel E. Vinion Sr. to Rebekah Viszneki and Timothy Pitzer, 5893 Sampson Drive, $179,500

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC to Stephany Qiquyi Lu, 432 Montrose Drive, $81,500

John Sliwinski and Mildred Sliwinski to John Sliwinski and Mildred Sliwinski, 1699 Shannon Road, $37,500

John Sliwinski and Mildred Sliwinski to Joseph A. Cornicello, 1699 Shannon Road, $37,500


Karen Ramunno Naples to Noelia Reyes, 22 W. Wood St., $89,000


Thelma Nicholas to Michaelanne Day, 2272 Heston Drive, $154,000

MPG Development Inc. to Edward P. Tamulonis and Lauren D. Tamulonis, 568 Lakeside Blvd., $220,000

New Middletown

Jeremy R. Clark and Richard B. Clark to Florence A. Johnston, 10785 Main St., $154,000

James M. Zubick to Joseph James Yuhas, 62 Woodland Drive, $124,900

Landis Rentals LTD to Dorothy L. Stacy, 170 Sandy Court, Unit 22, $195,000


Steven T. Pavlich to Robert J. and Diane M. Pavlich, 6168 Apache Lane, $130,000

Stephen R. Studzinski and Dianne R. Studzinski, Albert J. Sumell, 3185 Saginaw Drive, $178,000

Anthony Machi to Micah G. Marshall and Alana D. Marshall, 105 Nesbitt St., $189,900

Charles R. Mills to Corey Joseph Stouffer, 5537 Walnut Grove Circle, $250,000

Margaret A. Ceremuga to Larry Ross, 655 N. Main St., $213,500


Miller Real Estate II LTD to Robert James Sevenich, 770 S. 14th Street, $120,000

James Robert Workman to Carol Prell, 146 W. Maryland Ave., $50,000


Billy H. Kent and Penny J. Kent to US Bank N.A., 1195 S. Johnson Road, $34,667


William C. Sicafuse III to Kenneth B. Murdock and Kristen Murdock, 11244 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $153,000

Joyce E. and Russell E. Ohlin to Vincent and Maria Chirchiglia, Lot 27, Tree Line Trail, $27,500

Joseph S. and Carolyn L. Blasko to Joel Alexander Wharry, 5784 E. Middletown Road, $113,000


David Brumert and Bridget L. Brumert to Ryan and Michelle Rogalski, 616 W. Wilson St., $105,000

Gary Patrick Yemma to Tonyai O’Connor, 71 Iroquois St., $94,500

Thomas G. Delost to Mario Larouche and Debra Larouche, 533 Spring St., $40,000

Angela Marie Wilson and Paula Jean Meyers to Shirley Marie Zoblisien, 214 Smithfield St., $90,000

Steven A. French to Mohammed A. Hassan, 39 Grandview Ave., $34,000


Claudette E. Poe to Michelle Lee Baumgartner, 1590 Salt Springs Road, $205,000


Sun Ray Homes LLC to Anthony T. Darwin, 549 Cameron Ave., $24,900

Jubilee Urban Renewal to Jacquelyn C. Jackson, 334 Chicago, $25,000

Michael D. Wheatley and Sheryl L. Wheatley to United Branch LLC, 145 E. Midlothian Blvd., $125,000

Jeffrey L. and Tshuna N. Yancey to Berry Home Enterprises LLC, 927 Bonnie Brae Ave., $25,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation to H&C Rental Properties LLC, 984 Bears Den Road, $85,000

Kellie C. Cardarelli to Charles L. Humes Jr., 34 N. Bon Air Ave., $25,000

Greater Phoenix Real Estate and Alliance LLC to Stephany Qiouyi Lu, 2561 Sierra Drive, $71,000

Alice L. Marshall to Erica N. Schatzel, 3652 Hopkins Road, $79,000

Gary M. Crim Inc. to Timothy Village and Shanno Tofil VIllage, 259 E. Midlothian Blvd., $22,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Ariel R. Perez Latoni, 1465 Victor Ave., $29,000

Claudio Benedetti to BND OH Investments LLC, 85 Fernwood Ave., $35,000

Remarkables LLC to BND OH Investments Inc., 902 E. Boston Ave., $26,000

Isaac B. Fleshman to LDDG Estates, LLC, 452 W. Princeton Ave., $23,000

Mary C. Serrata and John E. Serrata Jr. to Patricia Dickey, 141 N. Dunlap Ave., $42,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded June 29-July 3:


Justin M. and Mallory L. Silvestri to Daniel Joseph Belinky, 112 Hickory Lane, $133,000

Milton C. Alcrim Jr. and Marilyn Alcrim to John D. Little III and Teliya M. Little, 3820 Artmar Drive, $103,000

Daniel S. Kulick and Judith L. Kulick to Anthony R. Carmendy, 6455 Calvary Court, $247,000

RS Westside Holding and NEO Group 1 to Trevor J. Toy and Lisa A. Riley, 5527 Cider Mill Crossing, $205,000

Andrew Solomon and Erica Solomon to Jacqueline Marie Podolsky, 1558 Pimlico Place, Unit 13, $185,000

Nicole A. Wilps to Jonathon A. Meier, 4260 Wedgewood Drive, $119,000

Keith T. Holley and Stacy D. Holley to Michael Balog and Jeannette Sylvester, 4994 E. Rockwell Road, $172,000


Robert Bowman to Gerald M. and Jodi Kronstain, 11030 Dewiler Road, $222,000


Rachael T. Hagler to Karen S. Hammond, 1752 Lynn Mar Ave., $92,500

Justin Hardwick and Alexis Terhanko to Jonal Pierre and Angel Pierre, 141 S. Cadillac Driv,e $130,000

Michael A. Laricca to Robert B. Buckner, 648 Oakridge Drive, $117,000

Timothy and Nancy Oslin to Cheryl Ann and Thomas Ferguson, 763 Crestview Drive, $179,500

Daniel Baker and Tessa N. Baker to Jamal Pendleton, 7465 Ranier Trail, $126,000

Kathleen Ann DeSerio to Nicole Pavlansky, 7488 Huntington Drive No. 4, $119,800

Joyce A. Joyce to Daniel J. Segool Jr., 361 Afton Ave., $90,000

Roberta Eastman, trustee, to Curtis A. Jones, 263 Mill Creek Drive, $121,000

Mario D. Hernandez and Nicole K. Hernandez to Randi Searfoss, 7611 Huntington Drive, $144,900

Rob and Diane Gresko to David A. Schragal Jr., 844 Indianola Road, $145,000

James A. Colla Jr. to Michael J. Martin, 8022 Glenwood Ave., $243,500


Christopher Barda and Amie Barda to William J. Barnett and Megan M. Meek, 66 Indian Lake Blvd., $154,500

Charlotte P. Goske, trustee, to Kathleen A. Holden, 14A Hunters Woods, $185,000

Karl M. Butz and Lanette R. Butz, 30 Lake Wobegon Court, $460,5000

Karen Naughton and Susan Donnelly, trustees, to Daniel F. and Venera Tasiemski, 284 Colonial Drive, $285,000

Canfield Township

David A. Anderson to Katlin J. Gonzalez, 3765 Mercedes Place No. 2, $129,500

Larry M. Mentzer and Linda R. Mentzer to Alyscam LLC, 5149 Messerly Road, $380,000

Ronald D. Griswold and Linda C. Griswold to Luni Properties LLC, 4044 St. Andrews Court No. 2, $90,000

The Florence V. Libb Trust to John K. Skok, W. Western Reserve Road, $127,500

Heather F. Anderson to Kathleen M. Medure, 6675 Seville Drive No. 4, $130,000

Craig Beach

Polly A. Vance to Kristina M. Urick, 17423 Wick St., $104,000


Barbara J. Kurtz to Andrew J. Schenker and Dominique Schenker, Crumlin, $84,000


Jeffrey S. Peterson and James A. Peterson to Kyle Kroynovich, 265 Fifth, $82,000

Jacqueline Venzeio to Edward F. Devine, 35 Moore, $20,000

Thomas McFarland and Debra McFarland to Gino A. Minniti and Kaitlyn Taylor Srock, 518 Dorchester, $150,000

Timothy T. Miller and Carol Jean Miller to Melinda H. Brooks Jr. and Dennis Brooks, 54 Forest Hill, $185,000

Patsy J. Villano to Jeffrey G. Tetrick and Marsha J. Tetrick, 25 Viola, $133,000

Susan A. Paris to Tiffany V. Froggett, 2139 Stiver, $97,000

Diana L. Keenan to Zachary A. Roose, Moore, $69,900

Willem I. Smith and Claire M. Smith to Wade A. Smith and Jessica L. Smith, 3334 Roseview, $136,000


Richard S. Rosine Jr. and Velino Jo Taylor to Brndon J. Rice, 498 Murray Hill, $79,000

Robert D. Meek and Annette J. Meek to Luis Ortiz, 442 Richards, $131,650

Daniel P. Frazzini to Sean P. Linnen, 4353 Sampson, $45,000


Jennifer Ann Hughes to John A. Utz, 2608 Grandview Road, $93,366

Scott A. Catania and Michele A. Catania to Shirley Anne Cline, 165 Forest Street, $272,760

New Middletown

Joseph E. and Nancy J. O’Neil to Adam and Maria Severa, 4766 E. Middletown Road, $164,500


Michael D. Ramun and Renee M. DiSalvo to Thomas J. Shaffer and Micheleen R. Shaffer, 7227 Yellow Creek Drive, $350,000

William D. Seiner and Jane A. Seiner to Lisa Taylor and Kevin J. Taylor, 3633 Timberbrooke Trail, $332,000

Elaine P. Klacik to Cheryl A. Guerriero, 4 Ohio Ave., $60,500

James E. Guy and Sandra J. Guy to Ronald V. Brewer III, 15 Michigan Ave., $189,900

Anna Marie Day to William T. Gaffney, 4347 Dobbins Road, $200,000

Reid A. Lamport and Shayla A. Lamport to Mark J. Pavicic, 3142 Howell Drive, $155,000

Azka and Nadeem Malik to Robert H. Francis and Adrianne M. Detesco, 8593 Raintree Run, $330,000

J Kolarik LLC to Amy Jo Williams, 41 Renwick Drive, $92,351


Jennifer L. Bonar and Payge R. Lottman to Diana L. Gates, 1150 E. Maryland Ave., $75,000

Thomas S. Cardinal and Cynthia Cardinal to Steven C. Young and Victoria L. Young, 265 E. Vermont Ave., $69,900

Kenneth J. Cardinal, executor, to Frederick T. Van Brunt Jr., 345 W. Oregon Ave., $56,100


Estate of Judity A. Handwork to Raymond L. Fellows and Koby R. Fellows, 11261 Beard St., $67,415


Shirley J. and Eugene J. Fray to Thelma Petreck, 509 Sexton St., $47,000

Doug R. Leonard to Vincent J. Zimbardi, 506 W. Como Ave., $60,000

Nicholas Agnone to Lisa L. Vulovich, 74 Herman St., $49,000

Melissa Shurilla to Charles A. Toth, 501 Audrey Lane, $35,000


Shawn DeJane Sugar to 623 Olive LLC, Niles McDonald, $20,350

Ralph’s Mobile Sales Inc. to Ackworth Enterprises LLC, 527 Youngstown Warren, $575,000


Arthur R. Ward Jr. to Lauren N. Kowal, 408 Winchester Ave., $42,000

Makenzie L. Zocolo to Ryan D. Cook, 2215 Cranbrook Drive, $90,000

Michael Sultan to Kay F. Porter, 3543 La Salle Ave., $26,900

EROS 74 Investments LLC to McKinley Star Investment Inc., 1932 Connecticut Ave., $52,000

Marlene M. Santor to Cathy Sue Duggar, 1665 Meadowbrook Ave., $69,900

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Wesley Melendez Maldonado, 415 W. Myrtle Ave., $25,000

CITIMORTGAGE Inc. to Teed Wafle and Associates LLC, 2271 Fifth Ave., $65,300

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded June 22-26:


Kimberly S. Gray to Robert A. Wojtczak, 4721 Kirk Road, $135,000

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Paul William Wright IV, 1313 Cross Cove, $239,995

Daniel Schmidt Sr. and Phyllis C. Schmidt to Walter Stone and Jeanette Stone, 1275 Cavalcade Drive, $123,000

Daniel C. Annichenni to Nicole Marie Liberto and Philip S. Liberto, 4605 Lanterman Road, $240,000

Christopher M. Miller to Jaroslaw Sukmanowsky, 3655 Meander Reserve, $217,000

Anthony H. Knapick and Erica L. Knapick, 52 Rockdale Ave., $79,900

Phyllis Rossi to Bmore Homes LLC, 1251 Cavalcade Drive, $70,700

Denise A. Cooper to Joseph R. Nickell, 5342 W. Rockwell Road, $135,000

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Go America LLC, 5328 Baker Street, $49,855

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Mark R. Ogden and Debra J. Ogden, 1225 Signature Drive, $199,000


Estate of Ronald G. Woods Sr. to Michael D. Sharp, 3585 Western Reserve Road, $150,000

James Bott to Yan Wei Li, 187 Nila Drive, $60,000

Christopher Thompson to Michael Jeffreys and Lindsey Jeffreys, 14213 Eureka Road, $350,000

Tonya M. O’Connor to John D. Naughton and Joann Naughton, 29 Cedars Place, $347,500


Michael Loftus to Annah E. Davis, 1887 Lynn Mar Ave., Youngstown, $105,000

Mary Ann Jenkins to First York Financial LLC, 70 Woodrow Ave., $32,500

Patricia H. Batrtoli, trustee, to Adam C. Miller and Carrie E. Miller, 160 Green Garden Drive, $175,000

Mark A. DeSalvo II and Jillian M. DeSalvo to Steve Homer Ryals and Deborah Ryals, 6247 Appleridge Drive, $164,900

Pete Ramos and Susan E. Ramos to Crystal Bell, 4010 Sunset Blvd., $86,200

Matthew J. Burns to Kerry S, Shugart, 6608 Glenwood Ave., $132,000

Anna Liptak to Jason Harter, 745 Havenwood Drive, $180,000

Daniel D. Baker III and Georgeanne W. Baker to William Miller and Maranda J. Miller, 136 Brainard Drive, $130,000

Judith Vangorder by Terri Vangorder Toto, 1767 Island Drive, $232,000

Christopher L. Swyers to Chelsea R. Johnson, 5621 Gilbert Drive, $135,000

Awadalla Properties LLC to SCSW Realty Company LLC, 725 Boardman Canfield Road, $130,000

Debra J. Dolanski to Lisa B. Piccone, 8125 Hunting Valley Drive, $280,000

Robert D. Reents to Zachary Taylor Fellows and Shannon Troy, $99,500

Estate of Margaret Mary Santry to Allison R. Danks, 126 Carter Circle, $98,000

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Daniel D. Baker III and Georgeanne Baker, 97 Lost Creek Drive, $253,586

Gatchel Enterprises LTD to Lisa M. Evangelista, 1283 Red Tail Hawk Drive, Unit No. 5, $119,000

Robert W. Cregar, trustee to Raymond L. Lonsway, 6732 Appleridge Circle, $127,000

Helen Fliotsos to Andrea Svoboda, 4714 Brookwood Road, $143,000

Mark Gravley to Mandy L. Creatura, 8 Bob White Court, $109,000

Karen A. Burns et al., to Anthony A. Pacella, 739 Crestview Drive, $110,000


John and Patty Snitzer to Alyssa R. Smith, 630 Devitt Ave., $30,000

Francisco Mercado Reveron to Argelios Santos and Silva Santos, 403 Whipple Ave., $55,000

John J. Stanec Jr. and Joann Reno to Ralph E. Klingensmith, 648 Chapel Lane, $87,000


Kay A. Hedl to John Navarro and Bienvenido Navarro, 120 Talsman Drive, Unit No. 3, $121,500

Michael I. and Patricia E. Bundy to Thomas and Kathy Shook, 71 Talsman Drive, Unit No. 2, $210,000

The William T. Simons Revocable Living Trust to Joshua D. McHenry, 511 N. Briarcliff Drive, $183,500

Geraldine E. Walter, trustee, to Michael L. Bundy and Patricia E. Bundy, 127 Talsman Drive, $185,000

Daniel P. Fennema and Dannielle P. Fennema to Tyler J. Grover and Peyton E. Menosky, 21 Montgomery Drive, $237,000

Chad Cromwell and Julie Cromwell to Richard M. Kukura and Allsion M. Kukura, 71 Montgomery Drive, $237,000

Jamie W. Rice to Joshua and Tara Bishopm 724 Eighth St., $167,500

Canfield Township

GRPL Enterprises Inc. to Domenica J. Russo and Genarro Russo, trustee, 1210 Fox Den Trail, $50,000

John D. Brazelton and Kimberly A. Brazelton to Margarita A. Gutierrez, 4224 Sugarbush Drive, $400,000

Beth Ann McFall and Terry Lynn Softich to Kevin Smidt and Denise M. Smidt, 3856 McCarty Drive, $140,000

DiCiccio Construction LTD to Steve J. Dunn and Jennifer L. Dunn, 3973 Mary Way, $60,000

Michael A. Briggs to Laura L. Cassidy et al., 8241 Akron Canfield Road, $236,000

Craig Beach

John M. Bosela and Linda Bosela to Rusty W. Johnston and Lisa D. Johnston, Glenwood Avenue, $30,000


Tod M. Latell to Rebecca J. Garrett, 1116 Washington, $99,999

Ray H. Saviers to Alfred L. Falgiani Jr., 10 Kline, $36,000

Dennis J. Courtney and Mary Ann Courtney to Sarah D. Houston, 223 Liberty, $133,000

Paul E. Gerthung and Mary T. Gerthung to Sami Yacoub, 916 Highland, $89,900


Steven E. Chamberlain to Aaron M. Merrill and Stephanie Faye Merrill, 7350 W. Garfield Road, $245,000

Deborah C. Riffle to Schaefer Family Crop Farms LLC, Lisbon Road, $475,000


Thomas R. Wess and Mandy J. Wess to Clay Ruffo, 26 Princeton, $128,500

Hometown Services LLC to Michael Quaglia, 1010 Doris, $115,000

Marie J. Kowalski to James G. Morrison III and Nadine Nevarez, 3685 Homewood, $76,000

Thomas G. Raseta and Sheri Lee Raseta to Joshua Sloan and Karen Sloan, 263 Hager, $134,000

Joshua D. Wingard and Lydea R. Kraynak to Drew Vaccaro and Richelle Vaccaro, 895 Elmwood, $144,000

Ryan B. Hovis to William Paul Wittenauer and Nancy D. Wittenauer, 880 Elaine Court, $240,000

Robert M. Motok and Monica A. Motok to Rebecca Lynne Terry, 3203 Seifert Lewis, $72,905


Andrew Carreras to Jesse Stamm and Jaemi Stamm, 11212 Mahoning Ave., $116,000

William H. Hidasey to Jeremiah Herr, 13180 Silica Road, $175,000


George B. Chernisky to Justin T. Peigowski and Debra L. Fabian, 364 Beverly Hills, $96,153

Olga D. Malmisur to Diann Wess and Thomas Raymond Wess, 910 Ravine, $220,000


Theresa Darnley to Benjamin Percy Plant and Natalie Renae Plant, Pennsylvania, $92,000

Annemarie Roman to DJWATT Properties LLC, 807 Iowa, $135,500


Amy P. Friedrich to Mandie L. Hiznay and James C. Hiznay, Lot No. 18 Heritage Trail, $25,000

Brian M. Byrne to Lisa Folkwein, 93 Renwick Drive, $96,000

William J. Shipsky to Diann Barns, 3055 Howell Drive, $73,858

Rebekah S. Delatore, trustee, to Jessica E. Neuhart and David D. Nardozzi, 8685 Raintree Run, $480,000

Jonea Shade to Barbara A. Howells and Robert Howells, 31 Greystone Drive, $162,827

Jerry Seem and Patricia B. Seem to Alyscam LLC, 57 Water Street, $120,000

Viive M. Clayton, trustee, to Michael R. Hanuscak and Tara L. Hanuscak, 35 Green Meadow Acres Place, $530,000

M. Walker Investments LLC to Rami E. Chammas and Nina Petro, 2869 Algonquin Drive, $175,000


Stephen D. Runion et al. to 563 W. Georgia Ave. LLC, 563 W. Georgia Ave., $53,125

Wayne L. and Cheryl L. Drennen to Melanie K. and Kaley J. Hagman, 136 Kentucky Ave., $120,000


Thomas J. Savaet and Linda K. Savaet to Brandon McCoy and Rochelle McCoy, 6055 E. Middletown Road, $260,000


Frank Margiotta and Robin Margiotta to Zachary William Johnson, 63 Grandview Ave., $42,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to PQR OH Investments Inc., 60 Grandview Ave., $34,000

Dean A. Bradley and Pamela D. Bradley to Samantha Mulichak, 532 W. Harvey St., $126,000

Karen D. Schoenfeld and Susan E. Wonderly to Edward J. Shuttleworth, 391 Poland Ave., $59,900

Michelle I. Winebold to Annamarie Calo, 332 Deer Creek Drive, $282,500


Guy L. Brown to Ryan R. Smith and Jessica Smith, 3687 Niles Carver, $230,000

Philip F. Burbridge and Loraine Y. Burbridge to Melissa D. Berg, 1462 Burnett, $68,000


Martha A. Harvey to Thakur Contractor LLC, 124 Halleck St., $24,500

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to M. Walker Investments LLC, 2384 Chaney Circle, $31,175

Charles J. Papas to Heartland Property Group LLC, 1500 Hillsdale Ave., $30,000

Shadetree Holdings LLC to Kimberly Clark, 3619 Dover Road, $30,000

Shadetree Holdings LLC to Kimberly Clark, 65 W. Indianola, $40,000

Elsa Higby to Suzanne Murphy, 1832 Selma Ave., $50,000

Blue Eagle Enterprises Inc. to Bruce O. Thompson, 1955 S. Schenley Ave., $46,250

McConnell Investments LTD to BND OH Investments Inc., 533 Miller St., $26,000

Maria N. Pflug to Cara N. Sinchak, 2645 Brunswick Road, $81,000

Michele McCabe to Ethereum Solution LLC, 1559 Wakefield Ave., $30,357

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Milagros Roman, 530 Plum Street, $25,000

Patrick Whitely to BND OH Investments Inc., 1647 Wellington Ave., $27,000

Donald 1957 Co. LLC to Robert B. Cozad Jr., 1957 Donald, $29,435

Frank Petrakos to Cory Salata Rongo, 1428 Cascade Drive, $155,000

EROS 74 Investments LLC to GFJ 1972 Inc., 917 E. Philadelphia Ave., $63,000

Ramesh Bunraj and Haimwattie Bunraj to Nubia Morgan, 1669 Lynn Ave., $68,900

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded June 15-19:


Jane L. Fretlose to Jessica Driscoll-Owens and Jacob Driscoll-Owens, 234 S. Yorkshire Blvd., $90,000

Phil Miner to Merril Blotzer and Charlene Blotzer, 4222 Central Ave., $124,000

Lisa M. Durkin to Joseph A. D’Andrea, 4661 Westwood Ave., $135,000

Belinda Pearce to Nicole M. Mosora, 1281 Signature Drive, $128,500

BB&R Consulting LLC to Linda A. Weaver, trustee, 1257 Mulberry Run, $245,000

Daniel L. Miller and Kathy L. Miller to Mark S. Kellerman, 2135 Elm Trace Street, $64,000

Robert L. Carney to William Moyer, 244 S. Roanoke Ave., $56,000

Adeline Suhovecky and Jennifer Gallo to Kristy Pietrouski, 5760 Yorktown Lane, $113,500

U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., trustee to Michael R. Weaver and Jennie L. Weaver, 1525 Pimlico Drive, $299,990

Mark J. and Carrie L. Hagan to Jessica Rachael Smith, 2433 Frostwood Drive, $170,000

Philip S. Liberto to Alexis Marie Stano, 120 Parkgate Ave., $81,620


Angel Lots LLC to Greenheart Companies LLC, Lot 7 Mallard Landing, $48,000

Morey Enterprises LLC to Houses 4 You LLC, 10160 New Buffalo Road, $90,000

Trisha J. Irons and Todd J. Irons to Cheryl Thompson, 3626 W. South Range Road, $375,000

Gary S. and Gloria S. Delost to James E. and Judith A. Cook, 415 Laird Ave., $67,000


Michael T. and Abbey M. Clint to Jacob, Hannah and Robert Guthrie, 15800 Shilling Road, $176,500


Roberta J. Roberts to Jackilyn J. Wilmes, 24 Melrose Ave., $83,000

James DiMuzio to Ryan Case, Berklee Drive, $35,000

William T. & Victoria Whitely to William A. Beam, 931 Pearson Circle #4, $64,000

Hasheen A. Wilson to Felicia A. Turner, 465 Brookfield Ave., $128,500

Jeanmarie DeLisio to Charles S. Koulianos and Joey Koulianos, 90 Red Grouse Court, $275,000

Serkan Guler, trustee to Equitas Properties LLC, 6636 South Ave., $1,456,000

Joseph M. Williams to Earl B. Bunts, 7210 Claybourne Ave., $78,500

Donna J. Hinderliter to Jeffrey T. Baker and Anna Elise Baker, 1739 Alverne Drive, $155,500

Jason A. and Nicole Hagerty to Justin and Alexis Hardwick, 141 Forest Garden Drive, $220,000

Donald C. Malasky, trustee to Joseph and Cynthia D’Amico, 4455 Lockwood Blvd. $75,000

Kyle and Christen Raybuck to Zachary R. Machuga and Emilee C. Croutch, 6449 West Blvd., $155,000

Long Cove Hldgs 6 LLC to Xi Huang and Yanhong Li, 930 Trailwood Drive, $815,000

Scott M. Gibson to Lewis R. and Melody J. Cutter, 4948 Grover Drive, $88,000

Nicolle D. Zvara to Carl D. and Josephine A. Rafoth, 7735 Crimson Trail, $168,900


John and Patty Snitzer to Alyssa R. Smith, 630 Devitt Ave., $30,000

Francisco Mercado Reveron to Argelios Santos and Silva Santos, 403 Whipple Ave., $55,000


Estate of Joyce Overly to William A. and Evelyn P. Davis, 10 Lakeview Circle, $170,000

Patrick J. Finn and Courtney Kathleen Finn to Julia L. Meissner, 3701 Shields Road, $121,000

Julie A. Gulu to Thomas Benyo, 159 Callahan Road, $167,000

Patricia Mae Kyprianou to Cheryl Thompson, 210 Glenview Road, $174,000

J. Daniel EIcher and Margaret M. Eicher to Paul B. Crisp and Tia M. Crisp, 203 Brookpark Drive, $282,000

James Rhiel to Marsha Ann Robinson and Richard Louis Bodo Jr., 20 Parkside Circle, $120,000

Canfield Township

DiCioccio Construction LTD to Anne Marie Martin and Mackenzie M. Gatchel, 3914 Mary Way, $56,500

Charles E. Dunlap, trustee to Julie A. Zircher, 5501 Bay Hill Drive, $375,000

James F. Pompoco Jr. to Heartwood Homes & Properties LTD, 3820 Indian Run Drive, $41,100

DiCioccio Construction LTD to Tom Kaleel, 3955 Mary Way, $60,000

Estate of Helena M. Moore to Leonard Interchange LLC, 7552 W. Akron Canfield Road, $220,000

Emilio Cruz and Carolyn Cappabianca to Kyle Raybuck and Christen Raybuck, 3875 Fairway Drive, $273,000


Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3538 to Emmanouil G. Trikilis, 5664 McCartney Road, $75,000

Pete M. Nicolaou and Dorothy A. Nicolaou to Christopher M. McCullough, 4446 Oak Street, $280,000

Craig Beach

Susan E. Bonner to Adeline H. Barone and Dominic M. Barone, 1940 Triumph Ave., $122,000


Brian S. Lindberg and Laura A. Carver to Joshua Kotanichek, 8659 S. Salem Warren Road, $295,000


James and Nina Melfi to James N. Melfi, 35 Hickory Trace, $115,000

Michael Donahue to Kathleen A. Sutton, 842 Woodlawn, $92,000

Kenneth Moran to VT Larney LTD, 914 Washington, $55,000

Kimberlee A. Skiba to Dawn Helterbran, 416 Elruth, $120,000

Frank J. Restaino and Doreen Caudill to RTM Development LLC, 15 Navajo, $186,500


Lynne P. Almasy and Karen L. Angel to Adam T. Chaney, 43 Clingan, $90,000

Todd Coonce and Rodney Coonce to Taylor F. Doss, 3410 Bell Wick, $78,000

Russell A. Howard Sr. and Dolly A. Howard to Jeremiah Real Estate Enterprises LLC, 15 McKinley, $50,000


Budd Brothers to Robert V. Stahl, 100 N. Lipkey Road, $45,000

Dennis P. and Lucille P. Orr to A&H Liberty Investment LLC, 35 S. Salem Warren Road, $360,000

Joshua T. Richmond to Alexis Converse and Melissa Converse, 2135 S. Duck Creek Road, $163,000


Kathy Battisti to Keith Thomas Easton and Theresa Easton, 5400 Sampson, $210,000

Joe Koch Construction Inc to Kenneth E. Smith and Audrey A. Smith, 216 Terra Bella Drive, $335,940

Richard E. Seawood and Carol A. Seawood to Anthony DeFrance, 3390 Fifth, $122,000

Adrain N. Dietz and Carol A. Dietz to Church Hill United Methodist, 4725 East, $100,500

William A. Swann III and Donna J. Swann to Nikitas Tsikouris, 441 Arbor Circle, $122,000

Pamela Joy Casey and Christoffer Michael Casey to Ralph M. Achten and Shawna L. Achten, 2521 Cardinal, $60,000

Kasey M. Smith and Gage Schlagel to James P. Adams Jr. and Jaquayla L. Adams, 1136 Academy, $156,000

Nejia Hamdi to Ryan R. Davis, 262 Richards, $88,000


Joshua M. Weiss to Nicholas B. Tamarkin, 504 Marshall, $92,000


Thomas R. Neuman and Eileen S. Kelley to Brock Generalovich and Stacy Generalovich, 16832 Summerset Drive, $300,000

John C. Fulton to Thomas and Lindsey E. Hill, 17985 Lawnview Ave., $88,4500

Gary D. Nagy to Eric D. Nicholas, 14651 Creed Road, $260,000

James Dye and Rene Dye to Amber R. Menegay and Tylor A. Dorsey, Edna Street, $350,000

New Middletown

Rodney K. Bowyer Sr. to Justin J. Ladesic, 127 Mapleview Court, $125,000


Renaldo Saunders and Wanda L. Saunders to Thomas J. Bakalar, 2922 Red Maple Lane, $188,000

Mary Jayne Brown and Vernon L. Brown to Amanda Berend, 144 N. Main Street, $115,000

Dibo Construction LLC to Sukhvinder Multani and Gurpreet Kaur, 3305 Chestnut Hill, $451,100

Richard N. Peduzzi and Loreta J. Peduzzi to Taam Properties LLC, 7184 Oak Drive, $105,000

Eleanora Yacoub to Robert and Diane V. Gresko, 66 Fieldstone Drive, $230,000

Jeffrey A. Stockdale to Dorothy Harnichar, 7007 Clingan Road, $150,000

MMaroni LLC to Jordan Baker, 190 Edna Street, $125,000

Carbon Hills Georgia LLC to Emmanuel Katsaros and Melissa Katsaros, 3699 Polo Blvd., $65,000

David J. Mitchell to Brandon A. Garwood and Emily R. Garwood, 3803 Tuscany Creek, $548,000


John I. Ruehle and Patricia L. Ruehle to Amanda L. Carcelli and Jonathon A. James, 276 E. Michigan Ave., $83,000


Erick Cyders and Alaynna Cyders to Richard Scott, 845 North Johnson Road, $122,000

Matthew S. Hunt and Amy S. Hunt to Drew Scott Fetters and Jessica Lynn Fetters, 11242 Island Creek Drive, $141,000


Kimberly Fassos to Adrianna M. Caruso and Michael Sobnosky, 9880 Deltona Drive, $143,000


Jordan R. Ryan to Benjamin H. Basista, 83 Hopewell Drive, $115,000

Jacqueline M. Sturm to Raymond J. Valo and Jessica Lynn Bartles, 523 Geneva Ave., $110,000

Nicole R. Heasler to Alexander J. Bucher, 230 Maplewood Ave., $51,000

Nevada Algo Trading LLC to Mark Douglass Sr., 64 Walnut Street, $33,000


Joshua T. Goppert and Amanda D. Goppert to Nancy E. Beatty and Amanda E. Beatty, 1960 Warren, $190,000


Joseph D’Amico and Cynthia D’Amico to Jessie Soeun and Katalin Bacha, 3232 Oran Drive, $101,000

Mary Jane Roman to Thomas D. Korchnak, 1947 Brownlee Ave., $72,000

WLG Residential Properties LLC to Meghan Finley, 2692 Rexford Road, $76,000

Daniel J. Kirk to Wayne Lewis, 2726 Shady Run Road, $21,500

Leshauna Postell to Alexis Nolasco, 631 La Clede Court, $29,000

William E. McCoy and Catherine E. McCoy to Michele Cowden, 2564 E. Midlothian Blvd., $33,900

Daniel Masi and Anna Marie Masi to Katherine Stash, 271 E. Judson Ave., $24,000

Carla E. Pecchio-Bowen and Dawn Michelle Roberts to Kristen N. Verina and Andrew Peters, 2133 Coleman Drive, $86,000

Tejwantie Narine to Brenda Marie Tickerhoof, 138 N. Brockway Ave., $22,500

William J. Lowery etal to Julia Gunger, 3621 Stratmore Ave., $55,000


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