Letter to our readers on coronavirus pandemic

Dear readers,

The last few weeks have been full of uncertainty for all of us when it comes to the COVID-19 health crisis. We take seriously our responsibility and the trust you place in us as your local news source, so we believe it’s important that we update you on how The Vindicator is covering the crisis so you and your loved ones can remain up-to-date and prepared in the coming weeks.

Internally, most of our staff is now working from home, with only essential employees at our main offices in downtown Warren. As a news organization, however, most of our reporters remain on the beat, covering all of the developments as they unfold. We are working hard to keep you updated on news of the day and stories about how our community is rising to the challenges we now face. We will continue to bring you the latest and most important local news each day both in print and online at www.vindy.com. Each day we assess how we can keep our employees safe and healthy so they may continue to bring you the latest local news on how COVID-19 is affecting and altering our way of life.

We are devoting significant reporting resources to coverage of the coronavirus — and to all local news of the day. Over the past week, for example, we’ve published more than 100 stories about COVID-19 — including dozens of unique stories about its impact on our region.

We’ve spoken to some who have survived the virus and, sadly, to family members of those who have not. We’ve covered how funeral homes are adjusting and how families are paying respects amid the governor’s order limiting gatherings. We’ve addressed the impact school closures will have on students and how teachers are adjusting to new ways of virtual teaching.

We’ve reported about businesses that are stepping up to manufacture and supply personal protection equipment. We’ve reported on unique ways our Valley has found to worship while maintaining social distance. We’ve shared stories about the growing unemployment numbers and economic stimulus plans being developed to assist. We’ve reported on how organizations, schools, restaurants, hospitals and other public buildings are disinfecting to keep us safe, and how local restaurants and small businesses are adjusting. And we’ve shared heartwarming stories about how we, in the Mahoning Valley, are rising up to assist those in need. And, of course, we’ve kept you up to date with information on cancellations, closures and event postponements.

Many other important local stories are planned in coming days and weeks.

To help you sort through all of this information, we’ve also added a section on our website that is labeled “COVID-19” and can be found at: https://www.vindy.com/news/covid19/. It is devoted solely to coverage of the pandemic. This section contains all of the latest local, state, national and international coverage of COVID-19 and how it is reshaping life across the globe. We’re continually updating this section so you can remain informed on everything from business closings to new numbers of those testing positive for the virus.

We want you and your loved ones to stay safe and to stay informed as we face this challenging time head-on — together. We will do our part to keep you up to date with local news from a staff that you can trust. Local news matters, now more than ever, and we work each day, in all that we do, to remain your trusted local news source.

Brenda J. Linert, editor


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