Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Dec. 18-24:


James Gifford and Holly Gifford to Chris Collins and Victoria Collins, 176 N. Edgehill Ave., $77,000

Adam J. Matthews to Raffaele G. and Amanda L. Mediati, 1629 Eastwind Place, $236,000

John C. Thomas et al., to Robert J. and Sarah E. Flynn, 4347 Timberbrook Drive, $100,000

Cynthia D’Amico and Joseph D’Amico to Ian E. Holden, 5637 Radcliffe Ave., $99,500

Debra D. Rossi to Kayla Miller, 2241 Breezewood Drive, $131,800

Brad W. Ruffner to Justin J. Cope, 3010 Redgate Lane, $69,000

Therese J. Congelio to Joshua R. and Tia M. Susany, 4508 Alderwood Drive, $90,000

John E. Jablonski to Donna Louise Kober and Joan Lynn Kober, 5713 Callaway Circle, $80,000

Joseph Borrows to Charles Bell, 216 Parkgate Ave., $57,500

Lewis W. Macklin to Washington Square Group LLC, 4568 Washington Square Drive, $66,000

Barbara A. Barringer to Justin E. Sikor, 293 S. Inglewood Ave., $93,500

Daniel M. Bondi and Linda J. Bondi to Anthony T. Secrest, 129 Fair Meadow Drive, $162,000

Jody A. Emrich to Geraldine R. Vasko, 4150 Claridge Drive, $145,000

Douglas E. Fink to Brandon J. Nulf, 4098 Burkey Road, $82,500

Edward M. Kershaw to Robert Hamner, 145 S. Roanoke Ave., $79,000

Michael P. Kampfer to Tyler Crockett and Ashlyn L. Chieffo, 1431 Bexley Drive, $119,000


AAA-REJ Investments LLC to Kevin M. Kennedy, 1251 Lake Front Blvd., $39,900

The Dr. Joseph Mersoi Family Trust to William M. and Catherine Kapton, 1505 West South Range Road, $240,000

Lynn A. White and Dorene A. White to Kevin O. Rudolph, 14025 Columbiana Canfield Road, $55,000

525 Land Corp LLC to John Decerbo, 80 Eastgate Industrial Drive, $59,500


Donald A. Quinn Sr. and Mary Quinn to Donald A. Quinn Jr. and Dristina J. Quinn, 13930 Ellsworth Road, $380,000


U.S. Bank N.A. to Vince Butler and Pete Mchugh, 527 Oakridge Drive, $75,000

Jesus M. Pedraza and Maria C. Pedraza to Christine Gonzalez and Nathen K. Butler, 40 Arlene Ave., $63,600

Michael L. Nicholson to Tubbs Investment Properties LLC, 715 E. Midlothian Blvd., $50,000

Tubbs Investment Proplerties LLC to Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance, 715 E. Midlothian Blvd., $54,000

Matthew R. Lorello to Forrest Riley and Tracey Riley, 4650 Canterbury Lane, $95,500

Kevin L. Rast and Kristen A. Rast to Divvy Homes Warehouse II LLC, 4863 Oak Knoll Drive, $175,000

Walnut Trace Development Company LLC to Linda J. Bishara and Charles N. Bishara, trustees, 7887 Walnut Street, $59,300

Frank and Helen Szalay to 7885 Southern Blvd LLC, 7887-7885 Southern Blvd., $500,000

Raffaele G. Mediati to Michael J. Minnie & Brooke Zackasee, 1815 Alverne Drive, $121,200

Miller Real Estate II LTD to Lori L. Gilbert, 428 Tudor Lane, $99,900

E K Land CO LLC to LOMC LLC, 7409-7915 West Blvd., $565,000

Richard W. and Jennifer L. Hunter to Shaun Heffner, 4567 Lockwood Blvd. $138,000

Terry Deuley II and Jennifer Deuley to Thomas A. Graham and Jaime R. Graham, 8109 Hunting Valley Drive, $245,000

James G. Grantz, trustee to Ballast Realty, LLC, 49 Roche Way, $350,000

Scott M. Byrns and Amanda Byrns to Julie B. Klimas and Matthew J. Maldorado, 7702 W. Parkside Drive, $170,000

Michele Platton to Erika L. Mapus and Stephen C. Mapus, 6927 Glenwood Ave., $32,000

Joseph J. Cheslik and Patricia L. Cheslik to Robert E. Dickson, 5700 Loretta Drive, $167,500

Nicholas H. Syrianoudis and Barbara Syrianoudis, by PSO to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 1854 Oles Ave., $34,700

Lisa M. Ahlquist to Bank of New York Mellon, $56,000

Paulerie Enterprises LLC to WC Holdings LLC, 755 Boardman Canfield Road, $62,000

Staley Wireless LP to 7889-7891 Southern Blvd LLC, 7889 Southern Blvd., $115,000

Cynthia R. Bresnahan to Christopher M. Roman and Brandi S. Roman, 110 Heather Creek Run, $283,000

Aaron M. Ashley to Jeffrey Tech, 7397 Sierra Madre Trail, $29,900

Neil Brian Parrish to Pavan Bhatia, 33 Willow Drive, $47,000

Cecilia Weaver to SN Properties LLC, 7902 Midgewood Drive, $180,000


Home Federal Savings and Loan Assn. to D.P. & J.L. Construction, Inc., 7985 Spartan Drive, $30,000

Moonstone Realty LLC to Bekhol Rental LLC, 101 16th Street, $71,000

Cathy Webster and Wm. Webster to James D. Tibbetts, 154 Lettie Ave., $24,000

Christopher Flasher and Christine L. Degenaro to Nicole Dimailo and James E. Fortnat, 633 Matawan Ave., $70,500


Justin Kyle McGeehan to Maroun R. Estephan, 74 N. Hillside Road, $153,000

Alexander S. Csernyik to Jacquelyn Oddo, 354 Neff Drive, $129,000

Antoinette L. Beard and Ralph A. Beard, trustees to Victor Fernandez and Dianne Brady-Fernandez, 151 Neff Court, $305,000

Tracy Wyant to Frank N. Mengor and Tiffany A. Mengor, 82 Morningview Circle, $245,000

NEO Group I LLC to MSA Properties LLC, 702 Sanderson Ave., $25,500

Canfield Township

Janet M. Luce to Lionel Colton Crissman and Emma Crissman, 8457 Gibson Rd., $167,000

Lorie A. Kollar to Staci M. Medved and Nathan M. Homan, 6117 Chidester Drive, $165,000

David L. and aren A. Leetch to Robin S. Ivany, 3591 Leffingwell Road, $135,000


P. Earl Corey to Lakefront Preserve LLC, Eureka Road/Danbury Way, $56,000


The Gordon R. Santee and Dorla J. Santee Fam. Rev. Trust, to Tarbrooke, LLC, W South Range Road, $248,042


Jayson P. Frenger and Becky L. Frenger to Joseph P. Mitchell and Ashley M. Mitchell, 7736 Roller Road, $169,000

Gail D. Pew to Sarah A. Morrissey-Custer, 12675 Lisbon Road, $125,000

Fadco Limited Partnership to WEB Property Group LLC, 240 High St., $82,500

Audra F. Hatch to Jared L. Fink, 7325 W. Calla Road, $159,900


Douglas A. Oblinger and Rosemary S. Oblinger to Jeovanna P. Padgett and Ronald D. Padgett, 3674 S Salem Warren Road, $235,000

Poland Township

Catherine T. Stacy-Hanley to Dean Marantas, Miller Road, $105,000

Angelina M. Laverini to Dylan J. Morgan, 6763 James Street, $150,000

Dennis A. Flynn and Mark L. Flynn, 36 Water Street, $53,650

Mary Ellen Barringer to Melvin Detweiler and Jenna Detweiler, Arrel Road, $180,000

Paolo J. Ricottilli and Lori Ricottilli to Matthew Lorello,2915 Palmarie Drive, $195,000

Michaelene Feschak to Ioannis M. Kalouris and Jennifer L. Kalouris, 3549 Hummingbird Hill Drive, $270,000

Wade B. Campbell to Jeffrey L. Hoffman and Xiaoli Li, 54 Hamilton Ave., $70,000

Carey Thake to Anthony J. Zuppo III and Taylor R. Zuppo, 2229 Knollwood Ave., $142,000


Rhonda R. Learn to Kyle Oyster and Makenzie Hurst, 186 E. Michigan Ave., $89,000

Sandra J. Manypenny to Carrie L. Walton, 686 W. Ohio Ave., $122,500

Davco Systems Inc. to Brandon Z. Ferry and Haley M. Hawkins, 256 E. Wisconsin Ave., $107,000


Jamie Evans Gady to Jennifer S. Marki and Timothy A. Marki, 5796 Columbiana Road, $225,000

Bruner Land Company Inc. to Alpha Pack K9 LLC, 553 N Summer Street, $47,900


Zayna Awadallah to John Giovanni, 561 Brandon Ave., $45,000


David J. Eggleston to Bryan Allen Layton and Juanida Samonia Layton, 4040 Southern Blvd., $38,000

US Bank N.A. to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp., 2215 Volney Road, $30,500

Josetta A. Ciambotti and James V. Ciambotti to Vessa Yankevich, 4222 Rush Blvd., $54,320

Harold Adams to Jessica L. Rosario and Hernan Rosario, 393 Redondo Road, $65,000

Anthony Stavropoulos, trustee to Tonya Traylor, 3865 Baymar Drive, $115,300

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. to Kyle L. Taylor and Kimberly M. Taylor, $87,500

Charles W. DePalmo to Leonardo De La Garza, 1537 Ohio Ave., $39,900

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to David Dilla, 3427 Shirley Road, $28,300

Ralph Don Stuckey to Shannon Stewart and Joe Ann Stewart, 542 Palmer Ave., $27,000

John S. Prodesky to Larry L. Meyer, 1127 S. Meridian Road, $70,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Dec. 4-10:


Mountain View Development Investment LLC to Phil’s Grasshopper’s Lawn & Landscaping LLC, N. Meridian Road, $106,700

Mountain View Development Investment LLC to Benjamin Dickey, N. Meridian Road, $66,000

Mountain View Development Investment LLC to The J. Arnold Property Management Group LLC, 10590 Columbiana Canfield Road, $533,500

EAS Management of the Valley LLC to Anthony P. D’Urso and Aubrey H. Jones, 4119 Woodmere Drive, $93,500

Robert M. Bezzarro, trustee to Tubbs Investment Properties LLC, 4572 Aspen Drive, $60,000

Esther McClain to Tibitha A. Matheney, trustee, 62 Kleber Ave., $60,000

Valorie Landis to Troy R. Folsom, 98 N. Main St., $50,500

Larry Feicht and Rebecca L. Feicht to Anthony J. Ward Jr., 6493 S. Timberidge Ave., $175,000

Richard Farina and Robin L. Farina to Christine Oneill, 1911 Fox Chase, $180,000

Franquie N. Yazbek to Hannah Victoria Napolitan, 5745 Callaway Circle, $96,000

Eileen F. Dyett to Richard A. Farina and Robin L. Farina, 5572 Madrid Drive, $102,500

Frank S. McNeal Family LP to Charles R. Pifer Jr., 3911 Cannon Road, $65,463

The Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to EAS Management of the Valley LLC, 169 N. Main St., $32,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to April A. Spencer, 4417 Warwick Drive S, $78,000

Beverly A. Amstutz and Shirley S. Wise to Jeffrey R. Radachy, 5632 Tarrytown Lane, $106,700


Gloria Lilley to Jason W. Cochran and Melanie R. Cochran, 15883 Berlin Station Road, $235,000


Barry K. Haughin and Patricia A. Haughin to Alan L. Murray Jr. and Marilyn E. Murray, 5210 Royal Palm Drive, $292,000

Goldhammer Investments Inc. to Carment D. Prova, 6911 Glenwood Ave., $113,000

Rebecca R. Kuehn and Douglas A. Kuehn to Erica L. Lundy and David Wenger, 4051 Windsor Road, $159,000

Richard E. Chrystal Wurm to Tam Chi Mai, 132 Creston Drive, $143,000

Frank E. Ansevin to Taylor D. Kuntz and Stacy M. Barrella, 399 Brookfield Ave., $146,000

Sarah L. Ondrey and Aaron J. Ondrey to Jacob Ryan Perez, 664 Cathyann Drive, $167,500

James R. Glenn and Catherine Lynn Cong to William J. Carroll and Linda F. Carroll, 470 Rockland Drive, $155,000

Diane L. Weinberger to William J. Jupp and Melissa M. Jupp, 7736 Silver Fox Drive, $175,400

Dennis D. Gonatas and Shari J. Gonatas to Megan Hagerty and David DeCarlo, 5533 Mill Creek Blvd., $180,000

Christopher Newman, trustee to Nathan Tacsik and Camille R. Tacsik, 4109 Lockwood Blvd, $187,500

Wesley D. Biser to Aaron Jon Ondrey and Sarah Lynn Ondrey, 59 N. Cadillac Drive, $129,000

Terrence A. Wolf to Ivan Markulin and Jana Strikic, 900 Pearson Circle, $50,000

Roy Cherol to Cynthia R. Bresnahan, 707 Cranberry Circle, $166,001

Raymond Scott Quashnie to Robert Miller, $4138 Oak Knoll Drive, $185,000

Robert Miller to David A. Hart and Denise M. Hart, 4138 Oak Knoll Drive, $195,000

James M. Klingersmith to Nikolas Ivan Fabianich, 446 Ewing Road, $139,000


Edward F. Lewis Jr. to Angela Lewis, 477 Blossom Ave., $27,000

Rainy Day Rentals Inc. to UBIQO Real Estate Inc., 80 Oxford St., $35,000


Garrett P. Hoelzel and Kimberly A. Hoelzel to Gary Dilisio and Ashley Dilisio, 450 Shadydale Drive, $309,900

Judith Ann McCartney to Testa Restoration LLC, 520 Sawmill Run Drive, $68,000

Chrysann Mitzel et al., to Robert A. Topoleski and Marjorie Topoleski, 20 Newton Square Drive, $147,900

Canfield Township

Jeffrey C. Stoffel to William E. Henry III, 7466 Youngstown Salem Rd., $225,000

Timothy A. Chesney and Jill Chesney to Adam A. Lonardo, 6607 Covington Cove, $375,000

Brian Bendict and Paula Baco to Brandon Kirnec, 7814 Tippecanoe Road, $114,900

Brian Benedict and Paula Baco to 7814 Tippecanoe Road, $114,900


David A. Blevins and Alissa H. Blevins to Joshua M. Faulkner and Taylor M. Morrison, 12226 Lisbon Road, $89,000

Michael A. Kalamets to Ronald L. Myers and Elizabeth A. Myers, 11062 Thomas Drive, $277,500

Daniel and Earla J. Dionisio to Michael Long, 10200 Washingtonville Road, $170,000


David W. Ewing and Gary Ewing to Bruner Land Company,Inc., Mahoning Ave., $62,500

James H. Davis, admin. to Bruner Land Company, Inc., Mahoning Ave., $62,500

Mark B. Bretschneider and Marjorie L. Bretschneider to Breakpoint Sales and Investing Three LLC, Lincoln Blvd., $110,000

New Middletown

Kevin E. and Nancy J. Barret to Jeremy R. and Clark and Richard B. Clark, 10785 Main St., $62,000

Poland Township

Timothy A. Marki and Jennifer S. Marki to Amanda Hermann and Jacob Jaros, 5 Johnston Place, $158,000

Robeson Land Co. LTD to DIBO Construction LLC, Chestnut Hill, $63,000

Karen Dillon, trustee to David M. Sedlacko and Tiffany N. Sedlacko, 205 Marion Drive, $170,000

John Edward Soroka to Dana M. Krantz, 2938 Palmarie Drive, $125,000

Kathleen Skoufatos to Adam Turner and Sara Turner, 3580 E. Peddlers Court, $390,000

Smith Township

John J. Admonius, trustee to Richard L. Watson and Cherrie Taylor, 27230 Alliance-Sebring Road, $37,570

Terry L. Scott to Steel Equipment Specialists LLC, Smith Township, $35,000


Estate of Frank J. Sybelnik to Sheree L. Mangerson, 187 Grimm Heights Ave., $99,000


Mary H. Krupa to Michael Finney and Kathleen Finney, 3317 Cricket Drive, $80,000

Top Notch Living LLC to Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance LLC, 1594 Craiglee Ave. $29,000

Equity First Funding LLC to JLI Real Estate Group LLC, 228 Bouquet Ave., $23,684

EROS 74 Investments LLC to Max Finance LLC, 1726 Mahoning Ave., $92,000

Jonathan P. Carbone to Ryley Andrew Sheptock, 3016 Louise Rita Court, $122,900

Lisa A. Mershimer to Karla A. Krickich, 1666 Meadowbrook Ave., $72,500

Funtulis Property Group LLc to Funtulis Enterprises LLC, 1638 Wakefield, $39,000

David A. Diyorio to Patricia L. Frye, 105 Cherokee, $123,000

Paul O. Neidlinger to EAS Management of the Valley LLC, 2722 Normandy Drive, $30,000

Roberto Mendo Palacios and Arlette Marisela Espana to Kaly Xiomary Velazquez Santiago, 2931 Idlewood Ave., $20,400

Elisabeth H. Williams and David J. Williams to Thaddeus L. Koenig and Sandra F. Koenig, 1625 Price Road, $80,000

Linda E. Kidd to Samantha R. Storehouse, 114 S. Osborne Ave., $43,500

I E Home Improvement Inc. to Arkeylla Thomas, W. Indianola Ave., $65,000

Five Caballeros Properties LLC to Youngoh RST Realty LLC. 134 E. Woodland Ave., $520,000

William Roesti and Eva Roesti to OPM Ohio 22 LLC, 2808 Zedaker St., $23,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Nov. 20-26:


Estate of Traian Foias to Zaac Development, Lot 13, N. Canfield Niles Road, $27,240

NEO Group 1, LLC to Jalex Home Group, LLC, 5611 Market St., $26,500

Matthew Futkos and Shelly Futkos to Jessica B. Myers, 2082 Woodgate St., $164,900

Matthew Browning and Katie Browning to Jared McHenry, 4829 New Road, $90,000

Brian T. Hughes and Kathleen A. Hughes to Mark O. Aber and Marianne Aber, 5285 N. Beacon Drive, $228,500

Dennis L. Zinz and Susan K. Zinz, Erin Cunningham, 3617 Kirk Road, $30,000

Nicolette Giordano to Michelle L. Haas, 3397 42nd St., $195,000

Manhattan Group LLC to Michael F. Crum, 1769 Paisley St., $62,000

Aaron Bragg and Cindy Bragg to Juliette G. Wells, 4247 New Road, $49,900

John C. David and Sharon E. Locke to Darlene Ann Kachelries, 4239 Claridge Drive, $80,000

Austintown Daycare and Learning Center Inc. to TRS Property Group LLC, 538 S. Canfield Niles Road, $120,000

James Langley to Gina Diane Lilja, 5674 Tulane Ave., $80,000


Antoinette Russo to Paranzino Enterprises LTD, 9990 Market St., $288,000

Charles A. Hedi Sr. to Mark S. Sounders, 14205 Columbiana Canfield Road, $39,000

Mary Jane McAdoo to Michael L. Nicholson Sr., 723 W. Garfield Road, $126,000

Darrin Beconder and Barbara Beconder to John Stanko and Jacqueline Stanko, 1125 Drake View Court, $389,000


Robert J. Romito and Lois A. Romito to Marissa Pay, 16441 Heiser Road, $164,900


Timothy G. Hallaman to Michael Ladesic, 4935 Simon Road, $90,000

David John Rapone and Angela M. Rapone to Jonathan Bacak, 1293 Valley View Drive, $163,500

Anthony S. and Bridgett K. Vercellino to Ryan Goettsch and Rachel Williams, 654 Angiline Drive, $149,900

Judith Toy et al. to CBJ North, LLC, 160 Terrace Drive, $32,000

Jeremy J. Vergallito to Taylor L. Sommers and Matthew R. Sommers, 788 Brookfield Ave., $135,900

Brent A. Marakas to Gregory Fiodorowicz, 7632 Hitchcock Road, $146,000

Lisa Lombardo to Isaac Schuster, 1852 Massachusetts Ave., Unit 8, $100,000

Estate of Mark E. Hallock to Curtis Beverly and Marolyn Beverly, 4567 Montrose Blvd., $125,000

Dennis J. Bilas to Christopher J. Gause, 830 Southwestern Run #84, $128,000

Christine Vath To DACOH Holdings, LLC., 5328 Youngstown Poland Road, $225,000

Cathy Gagliardi, trustee to Miranda Timmins, 242 Afton Ave., $56,000

Michael J. Pangio and Joann Pangio to Brandon M. Clevenger, 6993 Ronjoy Place, $125,000

Edna Bellato to Tammy K. Bellato and Dan L. Bruno, 5191 Lemoyne Ave., $91,794

Charles S. Colbert and Mollie J. Colbert to Brian Michael Battaglia and Kristina Gagliano, 680 Cathyann Drive, $205,000

Paul Miller and Dawn Miller to Issac Adu-Poku and Salomey Adu-Poku, 701 Cranberry Creek, $260,000

Douglas W. Wade and Karen L. Wade to Mo&Fahid LLC, 309 W. Midlothian Blvd., $75,000

Steve Cooper to Phillip A. Alfano, 1787 Lemont Drive, $125,500

Necia K. Hall-Zarrilli and Lawrence L. Zarrilli to Fred A. Peterson, 728 Cherlwood Court, $82,000

Landmark North Corporation to Onkaar Properties, LLC, Redtail Hawk Drive, $915,000


Wayne D. Bonner Sr. and Diane Bonner to Deutsche Bank Nat’l Trust Company, 526 Coitsville Road, $44,000

Wilma M. Tomocik to Robert Correa-Barcelo and Nicole M. Ramos Villafane, 615 Hyatt Ave., $45,500

Estate of Michelino Felice to Danielle Blair, 465 Park Drive, $72,900

Farmers Trust Company, trustee to Christopher R. Cousins, 721 Struthers Liberty Road, $79,000

Mark Marciano to Victor C. Harris Jr., 593 Blossom Ave., $110,000

Nicholas G. Mathews to Nick and Angie Manias, 678 Robinson Road, $115,000


Linda Iaderosa et al. to Mary C. Wright, 8 Hunters Woods Blvd., $195,500

Canfield Township

John Annichenni to Michael P. Conner and Kristen M. Held, 4275 Canfield Road, $84,700

Mark Richard Snyder to Robert and Nicole M. Fagan, 8074 W. Western Reserve Road, $145,000

Lisseli J. Baich and Brian J. Skelnar to Megan E. Tomaino, 6405 Farmington Circle, $225,000

Craig Beach

Redmond Rentals Property Management, LLC to JG Real Estate Enterprises, LLC, 17586 Normandy Road, $62,500

Douglas P. Volchko Jr. to Michael J. Decker, 17530 Normandy Road, $125,000


Brenda A. Carmendy to Theodore M. Nedzelski, 7579 Duck Creek Road, $164,000


Steve Howell to Nya Beconder, 389 N. Arrowhead Bay Drive, $118,000

Louis Nudo to Darrin Scott Burnside and Andrea D. Burnside, 18 Town Square Blvd., $173,000


David Clay Vernon and Shirley Jean Vernon to James Smith and Brenda Smith, 16049 Cleveland East Liverpool Road, $213,000


U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., trustee to Christian Moore, 14483 Lisbon Road, $47,000

Velma P. Blosser, trustee to Andrew R. Witmer, 7580 W. Pine Lake Road, $75,000


George M. Yuahs to Jonathan G. Philips and Astrid E. Philips, 11269 Gladstone Road, $32,500


Rose Mary Stefano to Annette M. Iudiciani, 233 Park Ave., $50,000


Nicky V. and Cristiana Marinescu to Amazing Grace Lane Lion, LLC, 1330 N.E. River Road, $92,500

Jennifer R. Martin and Bruce W. Martin, by PSO to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 14335 North Palmyra Road, $100,000

Jeffrey A. Basile Sr. and Tina A. Basile to Brian V. Arquilla and Amy A. Arquilla, N. Palmyra Road, $42,311.50

Poland Township

Nicholas M. Sferra to Collin M. Gilbert, 6616 Katahdin Drive, $184,650

Louie Mancini, trustee to Thomas R. Pastello Jr., 257 Sheridan Road, $112,000

The Peek Family Trust to Jeffrey M. Delluomo and Gianna K. Dellumo, 3957 Via Siena, $470,000

Linda P. Christ to Krystal Naples, 6600 Pacifica Drive, $252,500

Kenneth J. Carlisle and Caitlin Carlisle to Matthew Virostek and Caitlin Carlisle, 350 N. Main St., $160,000

John Huffman Given to Andrew J. Pascarella, 2464 Lyon Blvd., $74,000

Kingston Properties LLC to Tara L. and Antonio J. Frias, 23 Island Drive, $136,900

John H. Yerian III and Louise L. Yerian to Jeffrey A. Mitch and Christine Mitch, 33 Audubon Lane, $420,000


Brenda S. Smith and Bret E. Smith to Connie Wardrop, 330 E. Ohio Ave., $35,000

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee to Lonny Robertson, 136 E. Indiana Ave., $36,000


Michelle L. Kitzmiller & David L. Furcolow Jr. to Daniel E. Egan, 21896 Harrisburg-Westville Road, $87,000

Carla L. Leatherbarrow to Richard C. King, 17104 Harrisburg Westville Road, $145,000

Jason D. Starcher to Morgan K. Barry and Kyle W. Barry, 18047 5th St., $105,000


Greenheart Companies, LLC to Nikitas Skoufatos and Katheleen A. Skoufatos, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, $287,500


Tomko Family Trust to Marilynne Joyce Wamer, 313 Deer Creek Drive, $212,000

KKJ Holdings Co. LLC to Ricardo Hernandez and Angela Hernandez, 149 Sexton St., $35,000

Carrie M. Ramos to Christina M. Haas, 466 Judith Lane, $87,500

Michelle Haas to Kevin M. Karas, 475 Judith Lane, $65,000

Nick Kaczmark to Cynthia Halloran, 476 Elm St., $30,000


Norman D. Snyder Sr. and Barbara L. Snyder to U.S. Bank N.A., 415 N. Hazelwood Ave., $26,000

David Hassay to EROS 74 Investments LLC, 1726 Mahoning Ave., $45,000

Simcha Vashulem LLC to YLP LLC, 267-269 and 273-275 N. Heights Ave., $85,000

William S. Duritza to Marie A. Delphry, 1534 Brownlee Ave., $65,000

David W. Coffey to Dominic B. Cooper and Giuseppe Musumed, 273 Outlook Ave., $31,000

Northwest Properties of Youngstown LLC to Michael S. Diehl, 37 Fairlawn Ave., $64,000

Youngstown First National to Big Blue Properties, LLC Series XXI, 1 W. Federal St. & 15 Market St., $1,140,000

Jon Bennehoof, administrator to Nailed It Properties, LLC, 2661 Rexford Road, $35,000

EROS 74 Investments LLC to Primavera 29 LLC, 3935 Rush Blvd., $56,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. to Marco Govoni, 135 E. Philadelphia Ave., $30,000

Small Village Property LLC to Kevin Kirkland, 722 Steel St., $24,750


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