Clunkers not allowed to be parked in Struthers

STRUTHERS — The city now has legislation dealing with junk cars parked on properties throughout the city.

By unanimous vote of council members, it is now unlawful to park, store or keep any vehicle that is unlicensed, abandoned, disabled or unusable.

“My office is solely focused on moving the city forward,” said Joe Rudzik, code enforcement director.

“In this instance we will be asking residential and commercial properties to remove anything not in use or stored unlawfully,” he explained last week, adding: “If unwilling or unable to meet our city standards, we will remove at our convenience.”

The legislation states that tarps, blankets or “anything of the sort not designed specifically for covering and storing a vehicle” are not allowed.

A first offense is a minor misdemeanor, with a second offense resulting in a fourth-degree misdemeanor.

Determining the offense will be at the discretion of the safety service director or Rudzik.

Read more in Monday’s Vindicator.


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